Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 and Focus Product Scheme FPS


FPS reward scheme as new shape in new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20?


The new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 is being declared on 1st April, 2015.

Foreign Trade Policy schemesWhat is Focus Product Scheme FPS? How does Focus Product Scheme work as a reward scheme under Foreign Trade Policy?

The reward scheme, Focus Product Scheme was introduced and operationalized in 11th September, 2014 under the guidance of Foreign Trade Policy with annual supplements later. The exporters are entitled to avail duty credit Scrip of 2%, 5% and additional 2% depends up on nature of exports with volume.

On 13th October,2011, in the annual supplement of Foreign Trade Policy, a new scheme had been introduced - Special Bonus Benefit Scheme – SBBS. Under this scheme 50 products of engineering, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors have been granted duty credit @ 1% of the value. This scheme was available on exports made on or after 01.10.2011 and would automatically expired/abolished on 31.03.2012.

Would you think a new scheme is introduced in lieu of Focus Product Scheme FPS under new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 (FTP 2015-20)? Share your experience in availing FPS reward scheme under Foreign Trade Policy.

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karthik: what are the documents need to avil this scheme


Ganesh Kumar: Please include Tractor & Engineering parts against H.S.Code : 87081010,87089900,87081090 & 84682090 for exporting countries : ITALY,TURKEY & U.S.A. At present above products not cover in any scheme.

sameer agarwal: Please allow in current FTP policy 2014-19 chapeter 57/37D same scheme FPS according FTP policy 2009-14.

sunil lahori: please declare sez as focus port and allow focus incentives for export from sez it will increase export of sez more then 100% of exsisting turnover sunil

RAMACHANDRA RAO BONI: I just want to know what is rate of FPS on export of ferro alloys prodcuts

nakul goyal : I am a Chartered Accountant in practice from Ludhiana. As you know Ludhiana is India's one of the major export hub and looking at the potential I wanna pursue my private practice in this field but from the past 3 years I am more into income tax and service tax . Although I have read the FTP Policy and Procedures but still I am far away from practical knowledge so what should I do.

dilip Bhatt: Dear Sir, Any new focus scheme for year 2015-20. in new ftp for Engineering goods. Thanks. Dilip Bhatt

Nandakumar: Dear Sir, FPS scheme eligibility for 100% EOU unit. Kindly guide me. Regards, D.Nandakumar

balagi: Sir, we are exporting educational books to U A E.Please advise what benefits, we are getting from government.

Mudit Jain : I am an Auditor of a respected export house. I need to verify the FOCUS incentive obtained by them from Govt. and any pendency thereon So can you guide me through it.

Hari: AM Harivignesh from Tamilnadu. I have a doubt in focus license. As i was looking for the answer, i found your blog and email id. It would be great and valuable, if you kindly answer my doubt. Am going to import a machine (Non woven printingmachine) from china. Now, i have a friend in sea freight company service who has been saying me, he will get duty free machine clearance as he has "FOcUS LICENSE". Is it possible to import the machine under this license? And the license doesn't belong to him, he is getting from other person it seems. What will be the benefit to other person (Third party) if he uses the license and does charge only 5% of the duty value.

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