Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20)

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Update: 01st  April 2015 – Click here to read Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20 (FTP 2015-20) Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20


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Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20) ready to launch



Foreign Trade Policy 2014-19Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 of India is ready to declare on 1st of April, 2015 at Vigyan Bhawan  at 3.30PM.


The new foreign trade policy 2015-2020 is kept ready to make necessary shape after forming new Government,on 1st of April, 2015. However, the validity of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 will be with effect from  the first notification at the time of  declaration of FTP 2015-20.   The FTP 2015-20 comes in to force with effect from 01st April 2015. 

Changes in schemes and incentives are expected in new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20. However, the status quo might be maintained under some of the schemes. The priorities of policies taken by new government also are likely to be incorporated in new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20).


The new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20) is made product wise and location wise and tried to maximize the foreign trade from the country. Although some exporters could not make benefit out of Foreign Trade Policy of 2009 -14, those exporters can contact local office of Director General of Foreign Trade DGFT to get assistance.


Pre policy suggestions to Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20)have been sent from different government departments concerned, Export Promotion Councils, Commodity Boards, Manufacturer’s associations, Traders forum, and other export promotion agencies of government and non government to the concerned authorities to shape new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020. Customs and Banking related matters also have been updated after discussing all concerned to mold Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20) in such a way to safeguard exporters of the county by resolving their previous issues under Foreign Trade Policy. Federation of Indian Exporters Association has submitted their reports in regional wise to strengthen the contents of new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20). We expect most of the recommendations and suggestions on the issues have been incorporated in new foreign trade policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20).


The Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 has been designed by including long term and medium term strategy to boost overall growth of India’s foreign trade by enhancing trade competitiveness.


Foreign Trade Policy 2014-19

By implementing Foreign Trade Policy FTP 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20), the India’s share in world trade is expected to double from the present level of 3% by the year 2020. By taking measures for import substitution at one side, the forthcoming Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20) focuses on increasing exports at the present scenario of increasing current account deficit CAD. We also expect, the new Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20) includes necessary measures to boost productivity and earn exportable surplus at competitive rates in exports.


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Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 (FTP 2015-20)


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Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, SFIS


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Pdf format of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, Highlights


Exchange rate in e BRC as per Foreign Trade Policy of India


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Update on 01st April, 2015:  Click here to read  Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20




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Pankaj Pandya: Dear sir Advance license eodc and epcg license eodc issued from dgft he have been more than take time We request you it will be do short time issue eodc, if possible online application dgft website. so it will be do the fast work. time saveing Pankaj Pandya

UDAY KOTIAN: please added the ground nut kernal in appendix 37a of vkguy

UDAY KOTIAN: dear sir, export of cumin seed,fennel seed,dill seed,coriander,seeds,sesame seeds,fenugreek seeds, cassia powder all spice items added in appendix 37a

Manish Kaushik: As per current Policy,Adv. Authorisation Validity of Import is 12 Months and EOP is 18 Months. Plz. enhance the time period for making Import also. 18 months for Import & 18 Moths for Export after that Exporter is eligible to take Revalidation & Export Obligation Period for 06 months.

Navneet Verma: Sir This is in connection of Budgetary Notification ( Union of India) 2014-2015 which envisages " Manufacturer can sell/export in retail in course of E-Commerce. We look for a suitable Policy directive for export of Pharmaceutical Products in course of E-Commerce. The volume of this export is around Rs.1400 Crores and is done under MSME & SME sector which has been recently circumvented by the State FDA of Maharashtra though State Govt. do not have jurisdiction over export ( List-1, Entry 41, VII Schedule Constitution of India) and whereas every importing country has a well defined system of allowing import of unregistered Pharmaceutical products for bonafide medicinal use. The current exercise of Maharashtra State FDA was at the behest of USFDA and the trade delegates visiting India to negotiate the matter of TRIPS but the core intention was to prohibit export of Indian Generics competing with their Major Pharma companies who are lobbying in India. Does our policy addresses our national interest or is succumb to US pressure to the detriment of India Trade of SME & MSME?

Abraham Thomas: Sir, In chapter 8, under Deemed Exports, section 8.2 (f), please specify that International Competetive Bidding (ICB) shall mean the inclusion of at least one foreign bidder. The invitation to foreign bidders may be through newspapers, e-bidding, or any other accepted standard industry practices.

Shibtosh Banerjee: would we benefit about the concessional excise duty against the project import?

Samir Banerjee: The SAD refund still in SAD condition. Why it is necessary to realize SAD refund from the specific port of import. This could be easily interconnected with all ports be it wet or dry. Suppose a trader clears the import from Mumbai Port and bring by surface transport to Delhi or any other place, now to get the SAD refund the trader has to run to the port of import.It is not only cumbersome but an additional cost. A inter port connectivity need to be established so that SAD refund can be applied or availed from any port.

Samir Banerjee: Do these State Metro Projects are notified under Foreign Trade Policy Chapter 8, if not these should be brought into the umbrella of Notified Projects to entitle for EPCG Licence and Deemed Duty Drawback.

Samir Banerjee: Dear Sir, Why the meat product kept out of the ambit of Incremental Export Incentive? They should be compensated through some other form of incentives, after all they are one of the largest Forex earner.

Natleo: dear sir, i am an office in automotive industry doing major exports - say arround 80 crores per annum. will any one suggest any small book to understand the incentives, schemes available under ftp. please suggest with regards Natleo

PARDEEP SHARMA: As per current Policy,Adv. Authorisation Validity of Import is 12 Months and EOP is 18 Months. Plz. enhance the time period for making Import also. 18 months for Import & 18 Moths for Export after that Exporter is eligible to take Revalidation & Export Obligation Period for 06 months.


Vinod Jawale: Dear Sir, We have handling custom clearance of one air import shipment for Dr. B.A.M.U, Aurangabad and as per the old FTP /DGFT there is no need for separate IEC for Institutions importing research equipments from various origins. But now as per the customs deptt. there is a change in new FTP and value cap is in place for importing material/ equipment i.e. INR. 2000/- CIF on common IEC listed on the site of DGFT. The said shipment is on hold from 1 & 1/2 months at air cargo complex for formalities. I would like to know, if we can go for separate IEC for Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad in DGFT, Mumbai and if yes, what all documents are required. Pls. advise.

S.D.Bhtia: Sir, an open meet with DGFT may be organised in every regional office with in one month & hear exporter seperately also without any local officer of regional office to avoid from curruption.


sureshkumar: Dear Sir, Kindly add Black Pepper in Appendix 37A VKGUY. Though all other Spices are getting benefits.

parveen goel - DELHI MARBLE DEALERS ASS.: many thanks Nirmala sitharaman ji to meet with stakeholders in Marble sector, to listen and assurance of transparent policy for import of Rough marble blocks. in the period of previous cong. govt., it is another SCAM like allocation of Coal. Allocation cretria of license to import rough marble blocks is framed only to benefit a handful rich people from mining loby of rajasthan

venkat: All export reward incentives (FMS & FPS) will be automatically credited to exporter bank account like duty drawback

Ashwini H: An open meet with DGFT may be organised in every regional office with in one month & hear exporter seperately also without any local officer of regional office to avoid from curruption. And also increase FPS & FMS rate

ashok mehta: sir, time limit for filing applications for chapter 3 and 4 benefits should be increased as in most of the shipments, exporter do not get the relevant documents from Banks, customs etc. Any exporter who is willing to avail consultancy in connection with export benefits, claims etc may also contact us as we have been doing it for the last 40 years with very reasonable charges.

rajesh : In FTP 2014-19, GOVT should reduce dependence on Imports. Only RAW materials should be allowed to import and that too in a very restricted way. Imports of finished goods should be discouraged totally. This will help the Govt to reduce current account deficit , CAD. Trading community should start making their dependence on local manufactured goods and not on cheap imports, which not only increase CAD but also destroys local manufacturing. India should not be made a dump cheaper imported goods but must be a country to manufacture cheaper and quality goods. In last two consecutive years imports of finished marble was 85 and 67 percent of raw materials imported in value terms. While being WTO COMPATIBLE our Government should find a way that how we can save local manufacturing against such cheap imports and this is indispensable in present sluggish market conditions.Revival of industry will able to bring prosperity in country whereas cheap imports will only increase current account deficit.

ram kheratkar: dear sir, pls launch foreign trade policy 2014-19 as early because of export house certificate renewal by 30/09/2014. because so many permission valid till 30/09/2014.

B.K LAKHANPAL: Dear sir, it is for your kind information that my self served Marble company from last 32 year as a Factory Manager and know that every IMPORT Company misusing the import license for there personal benefits not employee benefit. every employer sale there license to earn black money in crore and crore. So make a system by which every industrial use there license by proper information to govt of India. i have so many factor to tell you but not able to mentioned in this short paragraph.

RAJENDRA: DTA sale from EOU unit similar product world to be removed and condition of 90% goods to be sold under concessionational rate at DTA to be removed.

Firoz Ahmed: For Agarwood (aquilaria malaccensis) species, it will be free from appendix II of CITES enlist and DGFT and also free for exim under Forest Certificate by DFO for the cultivated products, which was effected as Agarwood is in the schdule of endangers species.

VED PRAKASH SHARMA: My suggestion to remove the average export maintain in EPCG & actual export to be increase from 6 time to 8 time. It means only actual export documents to be submitted at the time of redemption of EPCG licence

sanjay goyal: dear sir, pls launch foreign trade policy 2014-19 as early because of rough marble block import Authorisation letter is about to expire on 30/09/2014.. so many permission valid till 30/09/2014.

sanjay goyal: dear sir, pls launch foreign trade policy 2014-19 as early because of rough marble block import Authorisation letter is about to expire on 30/09/2014.. so many permission valid till 30/09/2014.

Vinod Luthra: The policy should be titled EXPORT POLICY 2014-15. Import wherever necessary e.g. high technology,raw material not available in India etc. should be approved by the Board of Import on case by case.

Rajesh .k : After a decade, the most delayed FTP is being announced by grace of God. Makers does not understand perhaps meaning of a financial year, secondly people are more apprehensive about makers of policy who may take a view of supporting trading and not be coercive against unnecessary imports. In national interest they should allow only raw materials in very restrictive way, may be by ONLY a quota system but MUST totally discourage imports of trading goods/finished goods and also finding some way to defend in WTO but must work in national interest. Which all seems doubtful as there is a rumor that in order to show themselves as honest people they will take wrong decisions for is in GOD'S hand.

SHANKAR: DGFT/concerned Regional Offices may start communication preferably through email for all the deficiencies they raise for applications submitted in different schemes. They can direct the Exporters/Importers to scan/attach the reply on their letter head duly signed by the authorised signatory. However on any decisive issues they can ask for manually signed letter to be submitted at the counters before releasing respective entitlements. All despatch of Original Authorisations/Scrips after despatching through Speed Post they should update the speed post airway bill number and date of despatch to the concerned Exporters/Importers through ECOM mail inbox on a daily basis. Presently it is always very difficult to know the status of despatch of any documents from Regional offices of DGFT.

RAJENDRA BOTHRA: while using the reward scrips ( FMS/ FPS/ VKGUY LIC )at customs, all these licences carry different custom notn no, which is no way concerned with debit in import bill of entry of importer. ( utilisation ) along with FOB value of the scrips, which is also not needed in import B/e. so all these is to change in import software at NIC / Delhi

Samir Banerjee: We have been clearing un-accompanied baggage consignments from ICD. Like commercial consignments, provision should be created to file check list of baggage declaration on line to save time and most importantly the amount of applicable duty can be intimated to the passenger. If passenger needs any clarification regarding valuation, he may directly communicate with the Custom Authorities. This has observed, specially in case of foreign nationals, they spend lot of time at port to get their baggage examined, they feel very un-comfortable and which gives adverse impact on working of customs.

JIGNESH MEHTA: We request you expand all Chapter -3 Schemes and benefit as Exporter need more boosting and if Govt need to achieve the target of Export Incentatives has to be offer in reasonable level also govt should think about the service provider we are Exim Consultants in Gujarat and paying reasonable amt of Service tax so govt need to offer more befit to exporter so scope of service provider will be increase.

Girish Shah: Sir, if import by debit of duty under duty credit scrip; confusion for fixation of Brand Rate of Duty Drawback. Dept. officers reluctant for fixation of brand rate if duty debited through duty credit scrips

Vinod Kumar: Dear sir Please clarify the benefit on export incremental benefit.

D.SRIHARI RAO Kakinada: the benefits of incentives given to exporters should be passed to the workers .i.e 100% implementation of Provident Fund to all workers. Now a days the exporters collecting the PF from the employee along with employer share also. Thus the employee is paying both sides causing the the reduction of his salary. The new policy must be in such a way that the DGFT should issue the VKUY licences to the exporters against the Letter from P.F commissioner indicating that the exporter is implementing 100% P.F scheme in the industry. It wil be helpful to lakhs of small employees/workers. The foreigen agencies conducting the social audit in the industries must insist the Letter from P.F./ESI departments along with lists of workers. The foreign agencies sould not blindly depend the lists supplied by the exporter to get the rating. E Brc has become a problem to the exporters to receive the incentives from DGFT. the mistakes being done by the bankers while uploading the realisation details.and the rectification of the mistakes taking several months. The banker must be held responsible for interest payment for his mistakes/and there upon delay.

Samir Banerjee: The import baggage clearance at ports are completely manual and time consuming. As per the prevailing procedure the passenger needs to be present at the time of inspection and valuation and they need to wait 4-5 hrs at port to get the formalities completed, which is cumbersome for the passengers, specially for foreign nationals. The frequency of foreign national with employment visa has been increased considerably, but to tackle the load, there is no fast track solution. This area needs to be looked after and on line system should be created to submit baggage Declaration and also the assessment should be done as in the case of normal import.The passenger is like importer and when the passenger appointing CHA to clear the shipment, there is no need of passenger to be present at the time of inspection or assessment, provided if any dispute or irregularities observed. The image of Indian Customs being dented, it needs a quick reform to make life of passenger comfortable. The only way it is possible to carry out entire activities online. This will not only speed up the work, but also prevent corruption, which is rampant,because there is no standard format to do the valuation of goods, which leads to under the table dealing

MUKESH KUMAR: Dear Sir, Please inform launch New Foreign Trade Policy 2014-2019 because we know that reduced export incentives benefit or increase. Thanking you very much. with regards

Dinesh Master : import of Lead Ore is Freely allowed or Not and what is the Duty. If it is imported from Yuganda S.A. is there any prefrencial rate of duty ???

Samir Banerjee: The FTP 2014-19 seems to be in lurch. Huge number of investor, entrepreneurs are waiting for new FTP for the period 2014-19. Each day delay causing massive loss to ex-chequer. Can anyone justify with logic why this delay? The life of FTP 2009-14 exhausted March 2014. It was in the public domain that new Government will introduce the FTP 2014-19 after forming the government. Now almost eight months have passed, still there is no sign of new policy. It is un-necessary creating doubt and uncertainty in the mind of investor & entrepreneurs. Can this be considered also act of policy paralysis? Being a layman I don't know the answer. Can anyone enlighten me why this delay?

Mukesh Mandwal: Can a EOU Unit opt for Advance Authorisation for a DTA unit as supporting manufacturer.

Care Clearing: Can a service provider import a CG for their own use on payment of applicable duty,then re export to third country for undertaking another service project in that country and again re import the same after 3 to 4 years after completion of the project?

Rajendra Bothra: while debiting duty credit scrip ( FMS/ FPS/ VKGUY )in import bill of entry & when we club two scheme of lic like FPS & VKGUY in the same bill of entry, then we need to spilt the quantity of our import item as per lic value, which is totally baseless system created by data management (NIC ). filing of bill of entry in imports must be in easy format & lic debit details must be clearly visible rather than confusing in notn no of each scheme lic & FOB value of each scrip, whcih is no way connected with import details.

Rajendra Bothra: govt has to withdraw 4% SAD from the customduty on all import item, which is prevailing at present. SAD is refundable to a merchant importer by submitting proof of VAT payments of that particular bill of entry at customs .its a burdon to custom officials to check & relase SAD duty as well as to importer to keep track of each refund. in nut shell, govt is also not benefitting from this exercise at all.


Shiva: Dear Sir, Please make some good decision for Non ferrous metals. I mean MSME. is not making that much money & working under pressure. Please make a boon to this industry and give us some incentives and less duty factor so that we export as well import at huge level and the international business should go high and high.INDIA must have to show a big good change under this government. Kindly do the needful

YOGESH JOSHI: Sir, Please minimized procedure for avail of export incentive for boost exports, if it is possible please release export incentive through single window for minimized overhead hidden expenses. Thanks N Regards Yogesh Joshi Vallabhi Impex Gujarat-India

pawan: Respected Madam, SION in case of agricultural products may please be waived off. In standardised herbal extracts, active ingreadient in herbs varies a lot. Value addition ( say 10% minimum ) of import value, clause may please be added . Warm Regards

Dr T T Patil: Dear SIR, We are planning to set up JV Project in Maharashtra for manufacturing of Specialty Water Soluble Fertilizers. These fertilisers are out of Govt. subsidies but we can use subsidised a fertilisers as row materials for Customised production for sales only in India. This project also aims to export part of fertilisers Globally. 1. Please clarify whether export will be allowed and do we require to take GOI permissions. 2. Is there is export duties and to what extent? 3. What incentives are available for exports, import of plant machinery as capital goods. Dr T T Patil Ph.D ( Agriculture)

P. Chandrasekaran: Dear Sir, Shall we claim duty credit scripts on Incremental Export Incentive Scheme for f/y 2014-15?

D.M.PARGHI: june 29 I fully agree and endorse the views of mr. sharma. VED PRAKASH SHARMA Says : Wednesday, September 24, 2014 My suggestion to remove the average export maintain in EPCG & actual export to be increase from 6 time to 8 time. It means only actual export documents to be submitted at the time of redemption of EPCG licence

ARS Business consulting : I want to know by you what is the current Import Export Policies in india. Because I am starting my new Import Export business. So please help me

M.A.R.SHAIKH : Well I just want to confirm in new foreign trade policy FTP 2015-2020 is there an exemption for Bank guarantee for B17, if the exporter is One Star Export House.

sk eqbal: Can anyone please tell me how to export agarwood and please sepcify if there is any difficulties for the same. HS code -12119080... thank you

Vysyaraju Madhava Raju: One of our associate company is in the business of "Rental of vessels with crew" and is eligible for the rewards under "Services Exports from India Scheme"(SEIS) " of FTP-2015-20. Can you please guide us from Whom we have to claim this benefit and the procedure if any?

Prem Sarda - Pune: FTP should have a section to let users understand how to avail the benefits. I've visited DGFT but people there are busy on Whatsapp and are least interested in giving any information. Can some one give me step by step information on how we can get benefits from exporting our engineering services to oil and gas industry. Prem

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