Shipping lines

What are shipping lines?

A shipping line is a company or organisation that owns and works vessels, in charge for the handling with and transporting of freight or cargo on board their ships.  Shipping lines global shipping services may covers all major international trade routes so that traders or potential suppliers can transport their cargo appropriately as convenience. They deal with the cargo from point of origin (port) to destination (port), transiting regular routes on fixed schedules on board their own vessels. A shipping line may only be concerned during the process when the cargo is consolidated to the time when the cargo is deconsolidated.



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BNREDDY: What could be my best approach to find an Almond and dry fruit importer, who is licensed to import Almonds from U.S to India.

Ashok: I am working in automobile company. I need your suggestion i exported one consignment in Italy but due to some mistake in Packaging list(weight difference). I got a detention charge from MSC. Can you guide me. Can i waive off my charges from MSC? Is any procedure?

bahar: the company started working with efficient staffs. We are offering the below services with the best competitive rates in the shortest transit time: 1. Freight Forwarding 2. Custom Brokerage 3. Rail Expeditor agency 4. Reefer Services 5. Air &Sea Charters 6. Multi-modal transportation KGP Group is mainly working on transportation of shipment to/from Caucasia, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey and moving petrochemical and chemical cargos (in Iso Tank) via Iran to/from any point all around the world and vice versa. I hope you can check our services then we have a long mutual cooperation with each other .Also for transiting some special cargoes such as fruits and chemical cargoes via Iran we should put deposit as guarantee in Iran custom and we prefer to inform you that we are ready to handle it .

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