HS Code for live sheep and live goats


HS CODE  010420 stands for which product? Product code 010410 against which commodity? Commodity code 010410 meant for which product?  Export goods code for Sheep,Goats.  Import goods code for Sheep,Goats.  Merchandise code for Sheep,Goats.   Goods code for 010420 for which merchandise?


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Chapter 01 live animals
0104  sheep and goats, live

010410  Sheep

010420  Goats


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What is the HS code for Sheep,Goats? What is HTS code  for Sheep,Goats?  HS name for Sheep,Goats? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Sheep,Goats.  What is the Product code for import of Sheep,Goats. How to get product code for export of  Sheep,Goats.  How to find commodity code  to import Sheep,Goats. How to get commodity code to export Sheep,Goats.  


Ubaid Bashir : I have to export sheeps what is procedure for that?

Karthikeyan Rajan : At present, I am working in Ethiopia, Africa. We are interested to Import live goats from Ethiopia into India for commercial purpose. Could you please guide, whether India will allow us to import live goats? Here, in Ethiopia there is no restrictions on the export of live animals.

javid: At present, I am working in india. We are interested to export live goats from india into united arab emirates for commercial purpose. Could you please guide, whether India will allow us to export live goats & sheep? Here, in india there is what is procedure for that export of live animals.to united arab emirates plz help me out.

JAASIM TRADING COMPANY: Weare interested to exports live sheep & goats from India to UAE, KSA for commercial purpose. Could any one give the details about the exports.

Roshan wagh : sir, I want to export live goats plz give me information

SALEEM DADAN: We are Ghaswala Dairy Fresh located at Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Planning to get 200 heads live goats imported to india for dairy purpose. Could you please help us in getting the goat imported. Can you breif us your service awaiting for your reply With Regards,

Raghuraman C: Sir, We propose to export live sheep & goats from India by air to UAE, on commercial basis. Could any one give particulars and procedures of exports. Regards Raghuraman C

Ibrahim Mohammed : My name is mohammed Ibrahim I am indian working in dubai.there I saw sheep but this breed is of Pakistan and I would like to import it in India

Mragendra: I have gone through the above discussions of export of goats and sheeps from India. Well, the export procedure for goats and sheep are same as it is for other items. However, while doing such export one should keep in mind that the port is declared for export of all type of goods, there is eminent facility of unloading stocking and loading with the airlines and cargo port , port should make arrangement for medical officer for their vaccinations and the most important that try to select export port where you dont have much interference of Jain community becoz this is the only problem of agitation which has been faced by the exporters in past. Any other query is most welcome.

Ajayreddy: India has live animals import is ban r allowed

nitin zanke: I purchase boer goats from south africa then what is the process

Magesh: What is the process to export the live goat \Sheep from India to UAE or Dubai?

Shemul Khan: I want to buy live Goat from India. My country Bangladesh. How to Buy??

bharat kapoor: want to import goats from india. what's the procedure.

abishek: And I want to import live goats from south Africa This is my first time in import export I want to import live goats using an agent with his license so any one in your contact who can help me Or any other suggestion

hanif: . I want to import live goat from South Africa, I made my IEC certificate and do not know the further procedure to import , can you plz help me with the licence required ( where to make these licence) and all other formalities regarding import or can you help me with any persons contact number who can help me with the procedure .. plz help me ... awating for your reply

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