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Complete process in importation to Bangladesh


How to import to Bangladesh? What are the import procedures in Bangladesh to move goods?  Explain about import registration process, cargo movement to Bangladesh from overseas countries, Import delivery process in Bangladesh etc.


This post explains about step by step procedures that need to be finished with Bangladesh government authority for importation to Bangladesh.


If you need to import goods or services, a onetime registration procedure is being completed in most of the countries.  Such import export licence may be obtained from concerned government department of Bangladesh if required.

Ministry of Commerce Of Bangladesh is the Ministry responsible or issues Import Registration Certificate (IRC) to qualified persons who applied for import. In the ministry, Office of Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCI&E) is the incumbent office whose main functions regards;

a)      Issuance of Industrial & Commercial Import Registration Certificate (IRC).

b)      Issuance of Export Registration Certificate (ERC).

c)       Issuance of Indenting Registration Certificate (Indenting RC).

d)      Issuance of Import Permit (IP).

e)      Issuance of Export Permit (EP).

f)       Prior permission for Import.

g)      Issuance of permit involved in national & international trade fair etc.

h)      Issuance of Import cum Export permits.

i)        Issuance of Export cum Import permits.

j)        Issuance of explanation regarding Import policy.


The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the apex authority for tax administration in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Customs is the official customs department of the country which works under NBR.

All goods imported into Bangladesh must be declared and needs to be given at customs office with other basic and important documents.

For imported goods into Bangladesh, shipping agents presents their manifest data (containing description of imported goods by ship) electronically to the Customs authority. Once the Import General Manifest (IGM) is submitted online, the nominated C&F Agent (or the importer himself) finishes the goods declaration i.e, Bill of Entry or B/E from their own premises and presents the goods declaration to Customs systems through ASYCUDA World. The declaration or B/E has to be made in a particular format, known as Single Administrative Document (SAD).


For the most part in all nations there are three phases of process for import. One time enrolment method to acquire import permit, documentation required for importation and Import customs clearance procedures. Point by point data on these three phases of imports has been specified independently in this site. You may click underneath those data connects to find out about well ordered techniques on the most proficient method to import:


License required for Import

Import documents required

Import Customs Process



This post explains about different phases in import process that every importer needs to go through in Bangladesh.



The following details also clarify:


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