Export Registration process in Bangladesh


Permit and registration required to export goods from Bangladesh


What are the procedures for registration as an exporter in Bangladesh? How to start an export business in Bangladesh? How to gather the status of an exporter in Bangladesh? How to get export licence in Bangladesh? What are the certification formalities to export to Bangladesh?


This post explains about export registration procedures to be obtained from Bangladesh government authority to export from Bangladesh.


If you need to export goods or services, a onetime registration procedure is being completed in most of the countries.  Such export licence may be obtained from concerned government department if required in Bangladesh.


The authority or Ministry which issues Export Registration Certificate (ERC) to eligible persons who applied for export is the Ministry of Commerce Of Bangladesh. In the ministry, Office of Chief Controller of Imports and Exports (CCI&E) is the predominant office and whose main functions regards;

a)      Issuance of Export Registration Certificate (ERC). 

b)      Issuance of Industrial & Commercial Import Registration Certificate (IRC).

c)       Issuance of Import Permit (IP).

d)      Issuance of Export Permit (EP).

e)      Issuance of Indenting Registration Certificate (Indenting RC).

f)       Prior permission for Import.

g)      Issuance of permit involved in national & international trade fair etc.

h)      Issuance of Export cum Import permits.

i)        Issuance of Import cum Export permits.

j)        Issuance of explanation regarding Import policy.


Licensing procedure to export goods to a country is almost same worldwide.  Detailed information on how to obtain a licence to export to a country is explained in separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Export Licence and registration procedures



The details given here explains about export registration procedures to be obtained from Bangladesh government authority to export from Bangladesh.


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BIDESH GHOSH: I Want to know about I & E process of Bangladesh from India.

Md. Shamsul Alam: I want to get taro export license from Bangladesh. Destination country South Korea. Please let me know what is the process here and what documentation required. Thank you. Regards, Shamsul

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