Difference between exports and re-exports


Difference between exports and re-exports

What does the term Exports mean? What is Re Exports? How to differentiate between re exports and exports?

What does Export mean?

In a simple language, exports mean movement of goods out of a country.

Difference between exports and re-exports copy

I have written a detailed article and redefined exports and imports in this website. You can go through the same to have a good idea of the meaning of exports and exports in simple and easy to understand.

Here, let us discuss the difference between exports and re exports.

I will explain the difference between re exports and exports in a simple language to make you easy to understand.

If you categories exports as ‘export of domestic goods’ and export of ‘foreign goods’, the difference between export and re export makes easier to follow. In simple terms, exports mean export of domestic goods moved out to a foreign country. Re-exports means export of foreign goods which already imported to the country from a foreign country.

Let me simplify once again about exports and re exports below.

If any goods manufactured within the country which moves outside the country, such movement of goods are called ‘exports’. However, if any goods already imported in to a country and the same goods are again exported to either to same country or to some other country, such movement of goods is called ‘Re export’.

I hope, you have a good idea about the difference between exports and re exports in international trade.

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khateeb: can exports exceed gdp?

BHASKER DURAIRAJ: We have imported one machine 10 years ago, now we want to sell the same to other party who are in outside of India. My Qs is how to arrive the value of the goods if depriciation vlue is Zero. Please explain.

ayesha aqeel: awesome

jasminder singh: i am a trader or a merchant exporter of auto parts. I have an order of engine parts from one of my party in usa. But the item which my customer wants are not available in india but i can buy from a factory in china. So i propose to first import the item from china and then re export to usa. Now my main purpose is to not to pay import duty when the goods arrive in delhi airport. Since the goods are being imported only for the sole purpose to export them in turn. Is there any way i can be exempted of the import duty. Can you please guide me on this subject about the various options i have. I will be very thankful for your advice. It is also very urgent because my party in USA is very impatient to get the goods.

Admin: jasminder singh, Learn more about TRIANGULAR SHIPMENT PROCEDURES in this website

Md. Kutub Uddin : I have gone through your article in the internet on the above subject which basically was on import duty calculation. Sir, I think that you are a vast learned man in this field. I am a Bangladeshi and I am very much interest to become your student through internet knowledge sharing on import-export business which may be a great component to change my life.I hope you will not deny my proposal.

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