Re warehousing procedures under STP and EOU units.

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Re warehousing procedures under STP and EOU units.

EOU and STP procedures under import clearance.

How to obtain Re-warehousing certificate under import of goods under STP or EOU? How does re-warehousing formalities work under an EOU or STP units.

Re warehousing procedures under STP and EOU units.

Re warehousing procedures under STP and EOU units copy

As I have explained in my other articles in the same website, the location of STP unit or EOU unit is a customs bonded area. Any goods coming in to the said area and moving outside the said area has to be intimated to customs with necessary formalities. If any goods are consumed, such information also to be filed in specified format and proper accounts registers are to be maintained against each items of inward and outward.

Once after obtaining import certificate from STPI/EOU to import goods, the units under STP or EOU arranges to import goods from overseas. Once after arrival of goods at destination customs location, the importer or their authorized customs house agent completes necessary import customs clearance procedures under EOU or STP. Once after completion of ‘pass out order’ procedures with destination customs location, the imported goods are moved to EOU/STP unit premises which are customs bonded area. This movement is effected under B17 bond executed with customs by EOU or STP units.

Once after arrival of goods at STP or EOU premises, an intimation regarding arrival of goods at STP / EOU unit is effected to EOU/STP customs authorities. The EOU / STP authorities issues re-warehousing certificate after satisfying on arrival of such goods on physical verification of goods at STP / EOU premises. Necessary bond registers have to be maintained for each entry or removal of goods.

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GOPINATH KULKARNI: We have CT3 form from customer for dispatch the material .My question is while dispatching the material we require to prepare a AR3 form ?

shafiuddin: We are the beginners I have some questions please find you could help us , 1.How is the export market for vegetables and fruits, Demanding items if any 2. Can we register our firm on my residence (House) or it is necessary to do it in only in the shops or complex is there any legal problems if so.

Rahul awhad : We need your help in terms of same that we are going to start new business in to import export.

Jayakrishna Naidu: I happened to go through your website "How to export" and found it useful. I had a query related to exports and would like to have your valuable comments. If a company wishes to clear goods on stock transfer basis to a bonded warehouse (third party service provider) outside India and later sell to customers outside India in some other country other than the country in which the bonded warehouse is located, what would be the procedure for such exports.My concern was when the export would be effected there is no sale transaction in the first leg ie from India to bonded warehouse and no identified customer. It is only in the second leg ie sale to customers by way of supply from bonded warehouse and Invoice raised by Indian shipper/exporter.In such circumstances would Customs permit the exports particularly when there is no identified buyer and there can be no guarantee for remittance except that the shipper/exporter may state that it would be able to get the remittance.

raju: presently we are facing an issue about how to export the goods to US. basically we are in the field of trailers and UL CERTIFIED tank manufacturers from last 15 years. presently we have a order for exports. so please would you able to suggest, how we can handle and care should be taken to dispatch the goods?

VAIDYANATHEN S G : request you to let us know wht could be the documents require for bond cancellation. At present RWC abolished. In place of RWC wht could be documents to get from Vendor for bond cancellation.

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