How to set up an import export firm in India Part 2


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How to set up an export import firm in India – Part 2.


How to obtain IEC numberThis article is a continuation of my first article about Setting up an Export Import Firm in India. If you have not gone through my first article ‘How to set up an export import firm in India – Part 1’, you can click here to read.


Now let us continue with the procedures and formalities to start an import export firm in India.




If your firm is engaged in a partnership, you need to a have a partnership agreement between partners with terms and conditions as per partnership Act. The complete details of terms and conditions among partners with share of profit are mentioned clearly in the agreement.

I personally suggest you to get the partnership agreement registered with the authorities to settle dispute among partners if arises in future.





Open with a bank who got effective export import services who does not delay in crediting foreign exchange etc…. preferably with a bank with exclusive international business.


How to obtain an IEC number with DGFT with branch code


If you need to export or import from India, you need to obtain an Import export Code IEC from Director General of Foreign trade within the jurisdiction office of your firm situates. Without an IEC code, no movement of goods from/to the country to outside is allowed.


DGFT procedures to obtain an IEC number are too liberalized now days. As per the recent notification, the following documents are required to obtain an Import Export Code. However, you may cross check for further update with DGFT before applying for import export code.


1. Bank receipt / demand draft against application fee. This fee is INR 1000.00 while writing this article. You may re-clarify with DGFT before applying.

2. Application form in prescribed format issued by DGFT for issue of Import Export Code number. This application for is prescribed in Appendix 21B.2.

3. Please attest the application for IEC with you banker where in you have opened current account in the name of firm to operate export import activities.

4. Self attested copy of Permanent Account Number PAN issued by income tax authorities.

5. Two copies of passport size photographs of the applicant. You need to attest the said passport size photographs with your authorized bank.

6. If any partner or partners are non resident interest or holding in the firm or company exists with repatriation benefits, you need to attach a self certified copy of Reserve Bank of India approval on the same.


When can an IEC obtained after submitting documents.

Normally, if all documents are in order, Import Export Code is issued by DGFT within two working days. However, by taking in to consideration of transit time, you can expect to receive IE code through post office to your official address within 10 days after submitting documents subjected, all submitted documents for Import Export Code are in order.


I have written a detailed article about   procedures and formalities to obtain Import Export Code in this web blog. You may click here to read How to get IEC number to start Import Export business?

AD code - Authorized Dealer Code - registration with customs.


Once you obtained IEC if you intend to do export or import, you need to register your IEC and Authorized dealer code details with the port through which you are exporting or importing. If you are going to export by sea, you need to register with sea port customs and if by air, with airport customs also. You can appoint a customs house agent to get the job done on behalf of you.


What are the formalities for AD code and IEC registration with customs: What CHA does with your documents for registration.


Along with the Authorized AD code letter received from your bank though which you are going to transact your foreign trade; you need to attach a copy of IEC with a covering letter on your letter to be applied with customs officials. The customs officials normally finish these formalities within an hour.



how to set up an export company in India

In this article I have explained about the procedures and formalities to set up an export import company in India. Do you  wish to add more information to update this article about setting up an import export firm in India?  Share below your thoughts about starting an export import company in India.


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Shyam Reddy: Dear Sir , I have confusion with AD Code. Do I need to ask the Bank-Branch for there (Banks) AD CODE or Do I need to get my own AD Code From BANK . I hope you understand my query.

Bhagwan Upadhye: It is excellent website & a Guaidence for Begniers. Also it clarifies all quires. Can you specify me I want to start a export Firm as Merchant Exporter in propriertership name. Can I apply for seperate PAN in name of firm. also any Govt lience required other than IEC code & bank account. Since no Givt lience requ, my Bank is demanding any Givt proof such as Service tax no, VAT number, Salestax number etc Pl guide

sachin patil: Thanks for giving,such a helpful information.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Sham Reddy, Authorized dealer code is the code number of your banker authorized as per banking regulations all over world

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Bhagawan Upadhye, Under a Proprietership concern, your individual PAN is treated as firm's PAN, as you are the sole owner of Firm. Although you are a sole proprietor of the company, all necessary documentations under government guidelines are to be followed.

kishan bagthariya: dear sir, right now i am doing outsourcing of bearings and auto parts in India. i do not have my manufacturing plant. i have deal with the local manufactures, they provide me the products and i sell it to my customer with my own brand name. but now i want to export bearings and auto parts. can i do that?

Ashok: Dear Surendran, I registered a company with Pvt Ltd. I would like to apply IEC code, but my registered company is totally differs from which I am going to import. Do I need separate company registration? or Can I import with the same company incorporation? Thanks, Ashok

Rajan: hello, I want to start a export import business but i don't now how to start, to whom i contact what are the document are need to start this business. peace give me some guide so i can do some thing. To start peace.

Admin: Hi Rajan, Read articles in this website, gently start export import business.

Deepak Singh: Excellent information for beginners.Its really very useful tips.thanks

sandeep: Dear sir, As I m a beginner in entrepreneur world, I want assitence of your. how to start export import. Provide some guidelines

National Airlink (India) Pvt. Ltd. : I have read in details about the Operations of Import/Export Business and found informations and Contents to be very precise to start up the Business. I am also looking for Such type of Business where scope is unlimited and great challanging one.First of all, to brief abount myself, I am in Travel and Tour Business since 1998 and have direct agencies of all Airlines catering all our Corporate Clients. Now to divert my line of business, I have choosen Import/Export Business. Now how to go about and all legal Formalities are all provided in your Site. Now how to get details of manufacturers who exports / import their products. Do we need to start with one product say Stationery Items which we want to import from outside and sell in india. Then how to get the details. Please guide.

Jayasree: Great information. Will help the budding exporters. Can you suggest me a suitable bank to open current account. Thank You

abhay aughade: I am working with Import Company in Mumbai . I am handling Import & bank department of the company. I visited your website through google.Sir its really good & details information you are providing which so many people in the field dont know. May I request you to please arrange a book form of all the information on your websit.

subhangi: sir hello i can start my online stores in other countries but i don,t know what i do which paper i need andi don,t know shipping information i have know idea how i sell my products direct storekeeper in other countries to india please sir give me the detail information sir i am waiting your answer thanks2

Rajesh Dhanda: Sir I am grocery shop keaper and studing import export I have no manufacturing trading etc of any product but I got I e code recently now but I do I want to become as exporter I have no money for this please sugest me for my best future

Ramesh: Hi, I have got AD code letter from my branch. Now could i register my IE Code with the customs myself or through CHA? What are the paper i should take with me while going for registration? Please reply ASAP. Thanks

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paras tandon: Hello sir, Thank you for these information, it will definitely help all of us in our business. i will say people who want to start new business here be together and share your future plans about this busines. i am saying this because if 2 people are here any they both want to do a same product business be together and buy thing together bec for example-if you buying alone 1000boxes that will cost you Rs1 per box if you buying together like- 2500 Box it will cost you Rs0.85 . if you are also new please mail me your contact details at i also want to start my business here in India.

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rahul: Can I have two different banks AD code register at custom? Kindly explain?

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Ganesh B: Need the procedure for registration of import & export trading license

Kamal Kr. Das: I just got my trade license from local municipal corporation and applied for current account. Initially I start to sell garments in local marker through so called push selling but I want to upgrade my business in international label by importing from other country and sell it to India. Please advise can I use my existing trade license and current account to apply for export and import license ? Thanks !

philippe Lim: I have a little question. How a small business expand their market oversea without having presence abroad? For instance, a pool table company based in India, and want to sell it's goods in the south east Asia. the company create an website, and start it's e-commerce. And it got a first client who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How should the company send the pool table to his clients if the clients don't have the import license, therefore can't be the consignee for the shipment? I deeply hope that help me clarify this situation.


Trupti: If we'll export through air; then is it compulsory to hire CHA ?

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Deepak Agarwal : As per i study your article, i want your help because i want to start my own export business i have no idea about this business so please help me. I am from jaipur. Now, i am doing my own property business but i want to chance this business.

sandeep melwan : I m sandeep melwan going to import supermarket display racks from china. What will be the procedure for this? How much time and charges it will take. Kindly help me

Deepak Agarwal : As per I read your Profile in Google please suggest me how to start import/export business. I am 25 years.old.

Rupak Samal : I am Rupak Samal, Can I know the how to apply for IEC licence? And what is the process?

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Rajnish verma: My query is ,being a trader if i want to import iron scrap, i need excise number for it? 2/second ,can i get excise number though i have no manufacturing unit ? if yes , will CVD/excise duty of 12.5 % be refunded /adjusted when i sell my product to end user who is having excise registration number 3.what tax can i get refunded/adjusted when i sell/invoice my product to end user ?Please advice

Ambiga: IE code online application process

Bharath Bk : I would like to know about how to do import and export business,so please give some valuable information.

Jaspal singh: Wonderful information

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Samiulla: I would like to know about import and export business please give me some valuable information from the basics..thank you

John: Plz tell me the payment conditions. When I export a particular product like wild honey.

John: I want to export Red Chilly from south india to south africa. I have registered my own firm, got IE code. I already in touch with the buyer with FCL. Now I don't know the details of the payments. Tell me how to deal this one plz.....

Snehangshu Dey : I want to start an export import business . I have my own relatives in USA and Singapore I want to business with them. But I have some question So how can I register my sole proprietorship company ? Later can I changed it sole proprietorship to Pvt. Ltd company is it possible in the same name ? Is trade licence and company registration same ..? Next question where can I get digital signature ..for IEA code ? Please reply me all my quarry I really interested in foreign business . Give me your contact number where can I reach you anytime for further details .

Bob : I would like to import Indian MANGO from india. what type of export import license i need.

Eagle Trading: ¡Escritura asombrosa! Gracias por un blog tan interesante sobre la empresa importadora y exportadora y el contenido proporcionado es extremadamente bueno. Sigue publicando un blog tan increíble, definitivamente lo compartiré con mis amigos.

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amruth: would like to know about export import license registration as a biggner. I have a furniture buyer from Poland. Kindly advice me how to start my export business and what is basic requirements/ terms to be follow. How to get verious license s which needed for business. I will be very thankful to you for your help.

christopher: I wanted to start my own business in Import and Export since there are so many information in the internet, i could find how to get the Licence done for this business and not get much information in how to start it step by step. Here is where i was browsing the net where i stumbled on your website, so i thought to get in touch with you. Could you please guide me through as for the below doubts which i need to get a better understanding. On which product should i invest for good profit. Which countries to trade.How to find buyers etc.

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