Update: 01st April, 2015. Click here to read latest update to obtain IEC number (Importer Exporter Code) as per Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 


Please find extraction of notification of DGFT on IEC applications online processing and issue of e IECs in digital format:

DGFT operationalises online filing of IEC applications online processing and issue of e IECs in digital format

Date : 03 Feb 2015
Location : New Delhi

Directorate General of Foreign Trade has started operationalising online filing of Importer Exporter Code (IEC) applications, online processing and issue of e-IECs in digital format. Now new entrepreneurs/exporters/importers can apply online for issue of new IEC from the comfort of their home/IT Kiosk with no more visits to the Regional Authority's office required, and upload the documents and pay the required fee through Net banking.

Even the processing of such applications by Regional Authority of DGFT would be done online (no paper work in the office; less storage space required and no misplaced documents) and the digitally signed e-IEC (no more IECs in physical form) would be issued/emailed to the applicants within two working days.

In case the application is incomplete or otherwise ineligible, the same shall be rejected and an auto generated Rejection letter/email (with reasons for rejection) would be sent to the applicant - within two working days only. There would not be any 'Deficiencies letters' now (no more discretion at the level of RAs and consequent elimination of possible delays and corruption).

Efforts are underway to allow/enable payment of fee through Debit/Credit cards, which would further facilitate this process. Once implemented the Online system would be made mandatory. However, till such time payment through Debit/Credit cards is enabled, the existing offline/manual system has also been allowed side by side, in order to facilitate those applicants who do not have Net banking facility.

Efforts are also underway for message exchange/integration of our system with Income Tax department and Ministry of Corporate Affair for verification of PAN and DIN/CIN details respectively. Once implemented, this would further reduce the processing time of e-IEC applications at RA level (possibly one day only).

This is an important and path breaking initiative by Department of Commerce/DGFT towards "Digital India" vision of Prime Minister of India and "Ease of Doing Business".

how to get IEC code for Export Import



What is IEC code  and How to obtain Import Export Code number?


I have explained briefly about Import Export Code number under my article  - How to set up an export import firm in India.  However, some of the readers need more clarifications about IE code and here,  I have included their doubts about IEC number.  Read below about Import Export Code number in detail.


What is IE CODE number used in Export Import business?
IEC Stands for IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE  which contains 10 digit number issued by Director General of Foreign Trade,  Department of Commerce, Government of India.


Who  requires an Importer  Exporter  Code ?
Any bona fide person/ company starting a venture for International trade of Export and Import.  If any foreign transfer on account of business, IEC number is mandatory.


Can Export /Import be made without Importer Exporter Code ?
No. IEC forms a primary document for recognition by Govt. of India as Exporter / Importer.  However, if value of goods is very law, the concerned customs officer may  permit first export (only one time)   by imposing penal charges.


Click here to get guidelines  to obtain IEC


What are the benefits of Importer exporter code ?
Import Export Code number is the primary proof of a firm as an Exporter/Importer in India.   IEC number can be submitted with government authorities as a proof of exporter/importer to obtain various benefits on their exports / imports from DGFT, customs, Export Promotion Council etc.


Where to obtain an IEC ?
IEC number is issued by Directory General of Foreign Trade at each regional offices where the exporter/importer situates.


How to apply for an Importer Exporter Code?
The necessary application for Import Export Code number can be downloaded from DGFT website and follow  procedures.


Can I   apply Import Export Code application by  online?
Yes, the application can be filed   for issue of new Importer Exporter code.


Do I need to fill Aayaat-Niryaat Form after submission of online data ?
No, after filing application online, take a print out and attach the necessary documents submit. There is no additional requirements for filling form.


What are the documents needed for an Importer Exporter Code application ?

Document are listed below (Please reconfirm with the authorities, as these information can be changed amended time to time)

1.Bank Receipt / Demand Draft details evidencing payment of application fee of Rs. 1000/-. DD should be in favour  of Zonal JDGFT, New Delhi.

2. Certificate from the Banker of the applicant firm in the format given in Appendix 18 A (Part B).

3. Self-certified copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Income Tax Authorities.

4. Two copies of passport size photographs of the applicant. Photograph on the bankers certificate should be attested by the banker of applicant.

5. Self-addressed envelope duly stamped for Rs.25/-  (Amount may differ time to time; you may get exact amount from issuing authority)

6. These documents may be kept securely in a file cover.


Can Bank Certificate be from any of my current accounts  in the same name of firm to apply for IEC number?

No, such bank certificate should be the bank through which you are going to transact your export import procedures and formalities with foreign buyers.

Why  is  addressed and stamped envelope  required along with application for Import Export Code number?
The letter containing the IEC number is sent to the applicant in such envelope.


Should I need to attest PAN number from any gazette officers/notary  while applying for Import Export Code number?
No, you can self attest the copy of PAN, when applying for IEC code number.


What is the fee for fresh Importer Exporter code Application?

Application fee is Rs. 1000/- which can be paid through Demand Draft / Pay Order  to apply for IEC code.(Amount may differ time to time; you may get exact amount from issuing authority)


What is fee for Modification in Importer Exporter Code?
No fee is chargeable for modification in Importer Exporter Code, if informed within 90 days of such changes. After 90 days, a fee of Rs.1000/- charged.


What is the fee for issuance of duplicate Importer Exporter Code ?
Rs.200/- payable in for D.D./TR. (Amount may differ time to time; you may get exact amount from issuing authority)


Is PAN Number / PAN card is essential in IEC? What are the alternatives?
Yes, PAN is mandatory. Photocopy of PAN card has to be submitted along with the application of IEC. If PAN card is not issued to the applicant then a copy of PAN allotment letter from I.T. Department will also be accepted.

Do I have to show PAN Card for verification in IEC?

     No. Only one IEC would be issued against a single PAN number. Any proprietor can have only one IEC number and in case there are more than one IECs allotted to a proprietor, the same may be surrendered to the Regional Office for cancellation.


What is the duration of  to get an IEC after filing application for Import Export Code number ?

       Normally IEC number is issued within a couple of days, if all documents are in order.  However, you can expect IEC number by post within 10 days by mail.


Can IEC be hand delivered / over the counter?
No, IEC’s issued are dispatched through Speed Post.


Why IEC number is sent by mail?
As per the authorities, this is one of the procedures for address verification of  Exporter/Importer.


Is there any Tatkal Scheme in Import Export Code number?
No. As explained above, the authorities issues Import Export Code number within hours of receipt of proper applications.


How many days are required to send the data to Customs?
The data is automatically transmitted electronically on the day of issue of IEC.


Should I need to register  Import Export Code number once again with concerned customs department to do exports and importer?

No. However, you may cross check  and confirm about such electronic transition from DGFT to CUSTOMS about the details of your  Import export code number.


Does Custom department use IEC?

Yes, IEC number need to be reflected in all  customs documents  related to exports and imports

Click here to get guidelines  to obtain IEC


Can one check their IEC status at Customs on line?
Yes. Click on IEC (BIN) Status to know the status at Customs.

 How to obtain IEC number

What does the word “Online” means in IEC?

The word “Online” means that the IEC issued by our office has been accepted by Customs.

Can I know the file number of IEC application ?

Yes, Click on option “Find Your File No, (Fresh IEC)”.


Can I know the status of IEC application through the website?

Yes, Click on option “Status of IEC application”.


Can IEC  data be modified after submission of application through the website?

No, only before submission data can be modified.


NRI – How an applicant (NRI) can apply IEC?

NRI has to follow the normal application procedure. In addition permission from RBI/FIPB is needed in some cases.


Documents requited to be submitted  for a foreign national for obtaining IEC (documents needed)?

Board Resolution, Memorandum of Association, copy of Passport are required.


Do Foreigners require residence in India  to obtain Import Export Code number?

Not necessary.


Can I surrender Import Export Code number if I do not wish to operate as Exporter Importer?

Yes, you can surrender such Import Export Code number to the concerned authorities.  The issuing authority shall cancel such IEC and transmit electronically to DGFT and customs authorities.


In case the IEC is received undelivered, what are the documents required for proving the genuineness of the firm?

        Information to Post Office, copy of Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, copy of Rent Deed etc. (any one) is required to confirm about the genuineness of the address.


Why PAN  Card’s (both side) is required?

          To identify issuing authority’s address.


Does one need authority letter at the time of submission of application of IEC?



What are the  documents required for issue of Duplicate IEC ?

        Dully filled application form along with application fee of Rs.200/-, a copy of FIR and an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.10/- duly notarized. 

Can a we apply online for issue of duplicate IEC?


Click below to download application for IEC in India

Can a Public Limited Co. / Private Limited Co./ Partnership obtain different IECs for different concerns owned by it ?

     No. However, the name of each concern owned by such a company may be included in the IEC of the firm in whose name PAN exists, as a branch.


Whether IEC has to be revalidated after a period of time?

     No, IEC  need not be revalidated  if the PAN is incorporated in it, but the same needs to be updated for changes in name / address / constitution.


What is to be done after obtaining the amended / online/new IEC?

    The Exporter / Importer should check the “BUSINESS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER” on IEC STATUS AT CUSTOMS (BIN) for new IEC holders /IECs updated with PAN and on VIEW YOUR IEC in case of modified IECs. The above status should also be confirmed from the EDI system of the concerned Customs authority before effecting any Import or Export.

I need to import goods for personal purpose , not related to trade,agriculture or manufacture.  Should I need to obtain Import Export Code number?
No, import of personal purpose not related to trade,agriculture or manufacture  is exempted to obtain Import Export Code number.

How to get IEC code in India

I would like to import goods from Nepal with a CIF value of single transaction about INR 20000.00 .  Should I need an Import Export Code number?
No, Import from Nepal with CIF value of single transaction below INR 25000  is exempted from obtaining IEC  number. (Please reconfirm the value, which may be amended time to time by government)


I need to export  goods for personal purpose , not related to trade,agriculture or manufacture.  Should I need to obtain Import Export Code number?
No, export of personal purpose not related to trade,agriculture or manufacture  is exempted to obtain Import Export Code number.


I would like to export  goods to Nepal with a CIF value of single transaction about INR 20000.00 .  Should I need an Import Export Code number?
No, export to Nepal with CIF value of single transaction below INR 25000  is exempted from obtaining IEC  number. (Please reconfirm the value, which may be amended time to time by government)


I  need to export or import goods from Myanmar through Indo-Myanmar border areas with a CIF value of single transaction consignment  for Rs. 25000.00.  Should I need Import Export Code number?
No , export or import goods from Myanmar through Indo-Myanmar border areas with a CIF value of single transaction consignment  for Rs. 25000.00 is exempted to obtain Import Export Code number.


Is the requirement of IEC item based?
No, IEC is permanent document issued to the Importer /Exporter only once and the same is not item based. The Exporter / Importer can venture into any item of Import / Export based on the IEC issued.


Is any Importer / Exporter exempted from obtaining IEC No.?

       Yes, the categories of importers or exporters shown at Para 2.8 of Hand Book of Procedures Vol.1 (2002-2007) are exempted from obtaining IEC No.

Click below to download application for IEC in India

 What should an exporter do if he does not wish to operate the allotted IEC Number?

He may surrender the original IEC by informing this office and on receipt of such intimation; this office shall immediately cancel the same and electronically transmit.


Click below to download application for IEC in India


Update: 01st April, 2015. Click here to read latest update to obtain IEC number (Importer Exporter Code) as per Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 



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The contents of application of Import Export Code is given below, you may reconfirm the latest application from authorities directly. These are only for information purpose, and  necessary proper form of application for Import Export Code can be downloaded from the official website of DGFT.


Click below to download application for IEC in India


 ANF 2 A


Application Form for Issue / Modification in Importer Exporter

Code Number (IEC)



Part A




To be filled by the Issuing Authority



IEC Details--


i. IEC Number

ii. Date of Issue

iii. Issuing Authority




To be filled by the applicants



Note: Please state ‘Not Applicable’ wherever the information / data is not applicable to you.


Fields marked * are optional. All others are mandatory


1. Applicant Firm Details


i. Name

ii. Address

(Registered Office in case of Companies and

Head Office in case of Others)

iii. Address of all Branches / Divisions / Units / Factories

located in India & abroad (attach extra sheet if required)

iv. Telephone*

v. Email address (for correspondence with DGFT)*



2. Details of Proprietor / Partners / Directors / Karta / Trustee

of the applicant firm (attach extra sheet if required)


Total Number of Partners / Directors / Karta / Trustee

in the applicant firm

Following information may be provided for each Proprietor / Partners / Directors / Karta / Trustee

of the applicant firm

i. Name

ii. Father's Name

iii. Residential Address

iv. Telephone


Photograph of the



photograph should

be used on the

Bank Certificate.


3. Nature of Concern (please tick)

( v )

i. Government Undertaking

ii. Public Limited Company

iii. Private Limited Company

iv. Proprietorship

v. Partnership

vi. Others


4. Type of Exporter (please tick)

( v )

i. Merchant Exporter

ii. Manufacturer Exporter

iii. Service Provider

iv. Others (please specify)

v. Merchant cum Manufacturer



5. Bank Account Details


i. Name of the Bank

ii. Address of the Bank

iii. Type of Bank Account

iv. Bank Account Number

v. Year of opening Bank Account


6. PAN Details


i. PAN Number

ii. Issuing Authority




8. Application Fee Details


Amount (Rs)—Rupees

Demand Draft

Date of Issue

Name of the Bank and its Branch on which drawn




Signature of the Applicant Place

Name Date


Official Address


Residential Address

Email Address







Part B







(To be issued on the official letter head of the Bank)




Ref No. ...........................








(Name and address of the licensing authority)



Sir/ Madam,



We certify that M/s...................................................................... (Name and Address of the applicant) are

maintaining a Savings Bank Account / Current Account (tick whichever is applicable) No. ........................ with us

since ..................









Photograph of the







Note: The Banker must identify and attest the photograph.





(Signature of the Banker)

Name ...............................

Designation ………………


Date: ...................

Place: ...................






Part C


For Modification of Import Export Code Number


IEC Number-


1- Details of Modification


SN Details of Modification required

Existing details Modification required

Modification -1

Modification -2

Modification -3




2. Documents to be submitted in support of the claim


a. In case of Proprietorship firms, please furnish documentary evidence regarding

i. Date of Birth of individual

ii. Number of IECs held along with their details


b. In case of Companies, please furnish documentary evidence regarding

i. Date of incorporation

c. In case of others

i. Date of formation






Signature of the Applicant Place

Name Date


Official Address


Residential Address

Email Address






1. I/We hereby declare that the particulars and the statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of

my/our knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed or held there from.

2. I/We fully understand that any information furnished in the application if found incorrect or false will render me/us liable for

any penal action or other consequences as may be prescribed in law or otherwise warranted.

3. I/We undertake to abide by the provisions of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992, the Rules and

Orders framed there under, the Foreign Trade Policy, the Handbook of Procedures and the ITC(HS) Classification of

Export & Import Items.

4. 4.

a. I/We hereby certify that the firm/company for whom the application has been made has not been penalized under the

Customs Act, Excise Act, Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act 1992 and FERA/FEMA

b. I/We hereby certify that none of the Proprietor/ Partner(s)/ Director(s)/Karta/Trustee of the firm/company, as the case may

be, is/are a Proprietor/Partner(s)/Director(s)/Karta/Trustee in any other firm/Company which(i) has come to the adverse

notice of DGFT, (ii). is in the caution list of RBI,

c. /We hereby certify that neither the Registered Office/Head Office of the firm/company nor any of its Branch

Office(s)/Unit(s)/Division(s) has been declared a defaulter and has otherwise been made ineligible for undertaking

import/export under any of the provisions of the Policy.


5-NRI interest in the firm-Kindly tick one of the following:


(i) There is no non-resident interest in the firm/company and no non resident investment with or without repatriation benefits has

been made in the firm/company; or

(ii)There is non-resident interest in the firm/company and non resident investment without repatriation benefits in the firm/company

is held with the general/specific permission of RBI; or

(iii)There is non-resident interest in the firm/company and non-resident investment with repatriation benefits in the firm/company is

held with the specific permission of RBI.

In case of NRI interest/holding with repatriation benefits in the firm/company, please furnish

i. RBI Approval Number

ii. RBI Approval Date


6. I/We hereby declare that I/We have not obtained nor applied for issuance of an Importer Exporter Code Number in the

name of our Registered/Head Office or any of our Branch(s)/Unit(s)/Division(s) to any other Licensing Authority.


7. I hereby certify that I am authorised to verify and sign this declaration as per Paragraph 9.9 of the Policy.


Signature of the Applicant Place

Name Date


Official Address


Residential Address

Email Address





A-Applying for new IEC number- Kindly fill Part A, B & D of this application form


1. One copy of the application must be submitted.

2. Each individual page of the application has to be signed by the applicant.

3. Application must be accompanied by documents as per details given below:

I) Demand Draft of Rs. 250 evidencing payment of application fee in favor of the concerned

regional office of DGFT. Money can also be paid through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

II) Certificate from the Banker of the applicant firm in the specified format

III) Self certified copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by Income Tax Authorities.

IV) Two copies of passport size photographs of the applicant

V) Photograph on the banker’s certificate should be attested by the banker of the applicant.

VI) Self addressed envelope and stamp of Rs.30.

VII) These documents may be kept secured in a file cover.


The above documents may be sent by post or hand delivered at the concerned regional DGFT office.


B-Applying for modification of existing IEC number- Kindly fill Part A, C & D of

this application form

1. Only one copy of the application should be submitted.

2. Each individual page of the application has to be signed by the applicant.

3. Application must be accompanied by documents as per details given below:


A-Documentary Proof :

a. In case of Proprietorship firms, please furnish

i. Date of Birth of individual

ii. Number of IECs held along with their details


b. In case of Companies, please furnish

Date of incorporation


c. In case of others

Date of formation


B-Demand Draft details evidencing payment of application fee in terms of Appendix 21B. (No fee is payable for

modification/amendment if such application is made in 60 days. Otherwise, a fee of Rs.200 may be paid in form of demand

draft. No fee is required for inclusion of PAN no. in the old IEC.


4. Original copy of existing IEC.


Click below to download application for IEC in India

IEC Duplicate Affidavit









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Sree Suresh: Dear sir nice to meet you. I am recently starting one minerals and metals trading company that is UNIQUE IMPORTS & EXPORTS based at Guntur in ANDHRA PRADESH. Iam registered this company commercial tax deportment only, i have PAN no.Now i want to applying for IEC code. one small quotation sir with out IEC no I eligible to trade the domestic materials? like copper material? could you please give the reply sir. Thank you sree Suresh

ASHOK SHETH: Dear sir, THE information is more than sufficient. only I WANT to know whether any other code is to be obtained form RBI ? ONLY CODE ISSUED BY DGFT IS FINAL. WITH REGARDS. TKU.

murtaza: Dear sir I have lost my iec code. Can it be tracked by the firm name or any other way.If so can you please guide me.

INAYATHULLAh: what procedures to open bank account for IEC code ?

Admin: Hi Inayathullah, Open a current account with bank and gently go ahead to apply IEC

tinish: Sir, i have a pan card already showing my home address, but the address of my firm is different...Can i apply through this pan card for IEC code?

Admin: Hi Tinish, If you are applying for IEC as Proprietership, your personal PAN is treated for your business

Rajnish Kumar: Dear Sir, the information given is very much useful to a beginner. I just want to know that can a new person (who has just started his company & his company turnover is nil) apply for the IEC Code?

shankar: Dear Sir, I already have an IEC code applied using my OBC bank account. However I am not able to operate my OBC bank account through the internet. Can I change the bank account to my ICICI bank account and export through that? What is the procedure to do this? Thank you.

S.Anand: I have an agreement with a foreign co for whom I have to do testing of their material (related to construction chemicals)and send them the test reports.for this purpose they shall ship the required raw material .The value of each consignment shall not exceed 400 $ (two to three consignment /year).The material is not for sale .only for testing purpose.Is IEcode necessary . Regards

hemant gaikwad: Hi sir, I am an Individual, neither having any shop nor any firm, but I wanna import goods in bulk 1.)Thus can I apply for IEC code. 2.)Is only IEC code enough for import? 3.)Totally how much rupees will I need to get IEC code 4.) within How much time. Thanks Hemant.G

Joseph: What are the Licenses (except IEC) required for exporting Metal products like nuts, bolts, clamps, etc from India to Saudi Arabia.



arun: sir iam planning to imoport goods from other countries and sell them in india.present i do not have registerd any company on my it possible to get IEC on my name with out registerd a company. if we purchase electronic goods in australia and import to india,is it mandatory to pay some export duty in australia also

mehul parikh: IEC requires Bank account n banker... RBI guideline for KYC shows IEC as one of proof!! Plz.clarify.

asesh hore: do i need land phone for getting iec number

Shahnawaz: Dear, i want to know the IEC status through file no and pan no please suggest how

Siva: sir iam planning to import goods from other countries for new company. Presently I do not have registerd any company on my name. Is it possible to get IEC on company name and then shall I register the company?

KUMAR: Dear Sir, to open a current a/c, banker asking for PROOF OF FIRM NAME - which is VAT Registration. Should the VAT registration need to be mandatory to open a bank current a/c, are there any tax implications for EXPORT IMPORT business, pl confirm.

Vinaya: Dear sir, I am staying bangalore whom should I contact for IEC code give me the address and telephone pl help me in this regard. I have tin number can I opetate the business with out IEC number pls confirm

naveen mishra: Sir, Sir i would like to know what are the procedures, documents required and charges to be paid for the transfer of Import Export Code from one state to another. I will be thankful for your affirmative and prompt reply

s.subramanian: Dear Sir, I am very much impressed with your information given over here. I need your a suggestion, cud you pls help me? If the pan number and bankers details are to be changed in existing IEC issued during 2001 what all the procedures to be adopted and what is fee for this modification. Pls let me know whether such modification is allowed. Await to receive your valued advise. Secondly, in IEC of public limited company some directors are retiring and some NRI directors are joining what are all the procedures and fees to be paid for such modification in the existing IEC. Await to receive your advise. Thanks and Regards S.SUBRAMANIAN

Amritpal Singh: Sir, i have applied for IEC through online application . One of the employees of DGFT is sayinfg that we cannot apply online and asking for telephone bill. CAn u tell me what is she trying to do ? And is telephone bill needed for issuance of IEC ? thanks & regards

Zakeer: Sir , I Have applied I E C through Speed post . I did not get the file number . can u tell me how to get the file number

Karthick S: Dear sir, I would like to apply for IEC from Bangalore, kindly let me know in what name i have to take DD to submit application in Bangalore. and second question, i was told that the PAN allotment letter is mandatory, right now i have PAN but pan allotment letter i do not have with out the letter will i able to apply for IEC. Thanks Karthick S

Rinku: Dear Mam/ Sir Can a company having IEC with Registered Office at Mumbai, import/export goods from Kolkata Port? Assuming that the company has no presence of business at Kolkata. Can the company show the address as Kolkata? Whether the company shall be required to take branch registered under IEC for importing/exporting goods from Kolkata?

Madhusudan Jadhav: Dear sir, we want to start the fresh vegetable export business. we want to do with partnership . we will do with merchant exporter. is there any firm registration is required in our city?.

vivek gupta: sir I wanna apply fresh/new iec code for a new company whose turnover is nil right now,, what is the government fees for iec code , do I apply online- 03-01-2015

Shyam Panhale : First of all thank you for shairing all the information about Starting a Import Export Business on your website. As per your guide I have applied for IEC and Got the IEC. Now I have VAT TIN ICE . I am interested in import of electronics goods. I have confusion with AD Code. Do I need to ask the Bank-Branch for there (Banks) AD CODE or Do I need to get my own AD Code From BANK .I hope you understand my query.

Jothi Bala : I am so much interested in doing export business & I have gone through your website & it is really superb. I have planned to start my export company as a Proprietary Concern. I have gone through your blog, as per this blog there is no requirement of Rental Agreement for Proprietary Concern. But when I visited to my bank (Canara Bank), they are asking for any of the documents in the name of the company to open a current account. How to tackle this & how to open my current account?

Admin: AD code is Authorized Dealer Code of your bank through which your import export transactions are effected. You may get the same from your banker and arrange the same with Customs location for linking.

Admin: Hello Jothi Bala, For the purpose of opening a current account, most of the banks needs a proof of address of your firm. You may produce any address proof of your firm issued by Government. (For example, certificate issued by Shops and establishments of state government etc.)

SHISH PAL : I want to apply IEC number.Please tell me that it is mandaotry that i can apply by online Or i can apply by Mannual by Register Post ( without Online)if i apply by mannual then how can i check status of application and how much time to issue IEC number.if i apply by mannual then fees can be by DRAFT is possible.

Mohammad Riyaz: Hello ,My brother has a firm of retail electronics goods . That firm is operating by my brother .My brother is a proprietor of that shop . I want to start EX-IM business . Can i use same location of my current shop as an address proof for my new EX-IM business ? As i want to start EX- IM separately from my brother . For example my firm name is XYZ in particular address . Can i use same location for my new business with new firm name ABCD and open current account with my PAN number .

vikram kawde: Dear sir we establish digital advertise company that cause i have import export code how many days to get this code pls sent information.

Muniraju: Can I Need to register Brand Name for getting IEC CODE NO.?

Umesh Bajaj: I want to start import export business firm. Please help me to obtain licence and also in running business.

suryaprakash: Sir, We forgot our IEC number. How can I we know our IEC number ? Please advise any website available? Regards

Karthikeyan Shanmugam: I Started a Waste Water Treatment company in India. And I am getting a pilot unit to test and prove the technology. Did I need I/E code. the business comes under biotechnology mode.

shoaib ali: my name is shoaib from utter pradesh. i wish to start my export business. how much money need to required for starting export firm?

P Dubey: Sir, We are a company registered as VAT dealer and Excise registered godown at Maharashtra, our main business is imports, however due to very high cost of clearance at Nhava Sheva port, we would like to clear our consignment to a Gujarat port (Pipavav/Mundra/ICD Ahmadabad), can someone provide clarity on this and also are we are allowed to do so? Because we do not have a Gujarat VAT registration, so can we bring in the trucking to Maharashtra from a Gujarat Port as sale point is in Maharashtra? Please give more inputs weather the above transaction is valid and legit from perspective of VAT rules to Maharashtra and Gujarat and for Excise.

kavya aggarwal: Sir,I want to start import export business firm.Please help me to clear i need a fix landline ph or how much money required for starting a firm?

Arul: Dear Sir / Madam, I want to start a export business. Can you please advise which type of items are demand in foreign and which is popular and cheap in India? I am new to this business. Plz assist me. Thanks Arul

Ambrish: Hi, I am a short time trader for the electronic components and equipment and use this components in repair etc. Also sell these equipment on retail. I usually buy some goods online from foreign e-com sites like or Do I need to get a IEC....Anyway I pay heavy custom duty on the items i import?

c k sathish: Very informative

Jaipal singh: sir we are already registered and have IEC code since 2001. Recently upon getting some samples receive from our overseas partners thru Post. Some one in postal department told us that the IEC certificate we have ( older one ) is obsolete and we have to issue a fresh certificate. Does we have to reissue our IEC. if yes than please tell the procedure.

amit.barsha: How to get import export license

Srinu Rao : i want to send pulses & spices by sea. on LCL basis. Present i dont have any licences. if i got IEC code can i eligible for sending items. pl give me suggestions. what documents i need for sending Pulses & spices.

Subhash Potbhare : This is subhash from Ahmednagar,I want to apply for IEC should i have to apply with my name or my firm name.I am sole propriater. so please guide me.

Snehasis Pan : I have a registered flat (jointly with my brother) in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. As I want to start this business first from home, is it possible to get IEC number showing my flat address? Second thing how I will calculate total landing cost if I import household items from China (what costs will be added with the product cost).

Sahdev Singh Rajpurohit : I read your article on import and export. i want to apply for IEC and i have some doubts on it. please support me in getting the IEC.

Ramesh Rajasekar : I have got my AD Code from my branch. Now could i register my IE Code with customs myself or through CHA? What are the documents should i take with me when go to customs?? Awaiting your reply to proceed further.


Kalpana Srinivasan : Kindly provide solutions, for my following doubts. 1. we are service providers for an Dubai based company 2. registered with service tax , but not raising invoices with service tax , as it is outside the India. 3. but we are using local services like consultancy, telephone bill and softwares purchased in India. We have paid service tax for that. To get back refund of the service tax paid, what are the registrations required in DGFT and other offices. We have got I E code already.

vidhate vitthal : I am from New Zealand and currently wanting to export seafood to China. I do not hold any export license so I will be acting like a middleman. I have connections in China who wants to buy, and I have connection to a supplier in New Zealand who hold an export license. So what im thinking is, if the buyer places an order from me, then I order from my supplier. My supplier will also be responsible for shipping as well. Can i actually do that? Or do I have to get an export license myself to do that? I am totally new in this, can you please tell me if this will work and how should i actually do this as a middleman without export license. If my supplier handles the shipping what is my position when dealing with the shipping documents like letter of credit and things?

PRASHANT PATIL: Sir, I am small trader of edible oil in my area. Now I want to purchase RBD PALMOLINE from Malyasia. Then how I can apply for IEC? What documents are necessary? Now I am running my business as Propritory firm, is there any compulsion of transaction to apply for IEC?

Pratik: Sir, I want to take my diamond business as export business. What else license need for diamond export? Do I need gst/cst no also?

Jassi: Sir I have applied for a iec code. So please tell mw in how many days I will get the code

Pratik Patel: sir, i am from Gujarat, Surat. I am Diamond murchant. i want to take export licence for my proprietorship firm in diamond trading business. so, which licences should i take for export diamond? do i need gst/cst no. for firm?

Shruti Bhatt : I have seen your website and shown an Keen interest in it. I want to take Import Export licence, So request you to pls send us the whole process how we can get the details.

Sagar Ankale : I just haooened to read your blog on your website and this blog raised my confidence to export. I however was planning to get into exporting business and your website made exporting look so easy. I got a query regarding exporting. Do I need to have VAT/SERVICE registration to start with export business or i can do it just with IEC. I mean I have not registered my proprietorship. Can i still get IE Code? Your reply will be very much helpful to me.

sushil: my iec code certficate has been misplaced. can i know my iec code through pan or firm name. kindly advice me.

CHETNA: My IEc code certificate has been misplaced. can i know my iec code through pan or firm name. kindly advise me.

raj: Is IEC valid for all india ? and can i trade any number of different products with single code

PANKAJ JAIN: My IEC Code certificate has been misplaced can I know my IEC Code through pan or firm name, kindly advise me.

Ravinder: Hi, I've gone through the whole information and it answers my questions too, I really appreciate for sharing this valuable information. As I was looking for the required documents it says that one need a saving/current account for the purpose of transaction. Kindly share, whether saving account will work? coz u have told in comments that one need to open a current account for the purpose of transaction. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

danish : plz i want to make my licence of emport export tell me were i have to apply in india

A.IMMANUEL RAJ: Respected sir, I want import in india, how I take IEC code? and which meterial selection, please quide me, I am very eagerly intrested in import and export buisnes, Thank you sir, my add A.Immanuel Raj D/38 police quatress main state bank opp Erode 1. cell phone no:9150668049

vidya buchade: Sir,I want to apply for iec number.can u tell me actually fees for iec no. Thanks.

Rajendra J Patel: Sir, I am from North Gujarat. We have food and grains trading business and doing in local are. We want to export our good to gulf countries. For that how I can get export licence. What are the requirements? How much it will cost initially? What are the minimum requirments to maintain it? And how much yearly fees?

ajay narrow fabric: pl.send dgft fee paid 21a challan

Girish Moghe: Dear Sir, Thanks for illustrative notes and guidelines. We intend to start Project Office of offshore entity. Such entity has been awarded contract from Indian Company. Project Office shall be set-up by sending intimation to Authorised Dealer under Reserve Bank of India general permission. We need to import equipment and spares under Essentiality Certificate (Zero Duty) basis. Banks account in India shall only be for meeting expenses of Project Office. Imports dues shall be settled by Head Office outside India Question is that account opening is taking long time and hence can we obtain IEC without ban certificate. Is intimation to Authorise Dealer a good document for obtaining IEC. Please guide if there is any exemption available for not submitting Bank Certificate.

Maula ali : Hello sir, I am going to start export business and i applied for IEC code however i don't have Current bank account.can i get IEC code with saving account number. please reply

Nazeer mohammad maulana: maulana nazeer says,,, wednesday,september 22,2015 hello sir i am going to start export business sir my party are allready send the amount of advances from saudia on my current account but i dont have IEC code we have food like dry fish wholeseler and retailer business and doing in local area. sir we want to export like newly business (grain rice, supari,suger,gram msala ect)our goods export to gulf countries for that how i can get export licence what are the requirements? how much it will cost initially?what are the minimum requirments to maintain it?and how much yeraly fees? sir i am new to this business can i need to register brand name for getting IEC code no?thank you sir please reply me on this contact numbur 09766410484

rajsir: I have a firm in partnership I would like to import some item from china. what is the procedure for the same

Venu Ramgiri: Hi sir Iam trying to apply iec so i want good broker and authorised firm contact no pls support and once iec was allotted it can works all country's?

mohammad nazim: Dear sir my name is mohammad nazim i want to sell hand embroidery manufacture textile product in all over world market from bareilly uttar pradesh what i should do then may i can do this thing with legal process present time i have these below legal document 1: sbi saving account 2:pancard how many ducoment i need to business in this sector in all wrold

Dalson: Do a company letterhead need to apply for fresh IEC?

Rupak Samal : Can I know the how to apply for IEC licence? And what is the process?

rajeshwar rao : I am looking to start merchant export of pharmaceuticals from india to oman and other countries. i would like to prepare a project report prior to that. I attended 3 seminars on export documentation and procedure by MSME and other organisations. i already done with pvt limited firm,IEC, etc I visited pharma export promotion council in hyderabad but did not got much support from them.kindly reply with your fees for consultation and initial project preparation. please find the attachment of my thoughts/questions in my mind on this.

keshar khadka : I am currently working petrochemical conversion company as shipping assistant in Saudi Arabia . few days earlier I was just looking few information on export and import management ,suddenly I noticed your blog which is complete solution of EXIM. I really love to read your blog every day even in office and home whenever I am free. Now I have decided to do post graduate or certificate in international business management specially on EXIM. And I make your blog is my book. I would like to give you so many thanks for your unbelievable knowledge and sharing of thoughts on your expertise that really help like us people who want to grow there carrier. I want to move my carrier under your guidance and consultancy. I will be great full if you give me an ample opportunities to work with you. I have great expectation from you and hopping your feedback if you feel free to share me.

shahid: Can I apply for IEC code with a savings bank account?

Pramod Gambhir : I want to apply for IE code online for a partnership firm. I want to run the firm from my home. Whether my home address is acceptable online for the firm address.?

Admin: Hi Gambhir, You may issue a rental agreeement to your partnership firm leting your premises for Partnership firm. The said rental agreement can be used as address proof.

S Kumar: Sir i wand iec Application Form

Raj kumar: how i can get my original IEC online

sabir: any minimum turnover...?

om singh: my import export business in proprater basis but 01/12/2015 i create a COMPANY and take over bussnes. can i transfer my old IEC cord - please tall me process of way........

Raival Sharma: very useful information in detail thankful to you.

pursh: sir. i wanted to export the ms hard ware materils . please let me know how i do ? how export lice to get avail. please suggest me.

Sashikant: Can an IEC No obtained in the name of an individual or it has to be necessarily an HUF/Proprietor firm/Partnership firm/Pvt Ltd Co/Ltd Co. Rgds

vikram singh: I belong to a farmer family. we breeding wheat and rice every year. i want to export these products. we don't have any organization or company. Can we export without any firms, if not then tell me the procedure for that, if yes then we require IEC number or not. Please send me the all detail on email id. I will be very thankful to you.

rubin: we have been allotted with IEC number. i want to know whether we would receive a hard copy of IEC certificate By post??

Sanjay: I deal with handicrafts i want to export them Please tell the procedure for an export licenes . Every detail

Ashis Chattakhundi: Hi, I want to freshly start up a spice export buisness in foreign country, What process should I take , could you please guide step by step? Waiting for your reply, Thanks

vijaya kumar: sir , i start a new business and how get it licence and other procedures , pl send my mail for information . thank u sir

ravichandran: Dear Sir, We are a Private Limited Company registered in New Delhi and we are operating from Bangalore Corporate Office. We need to know (1) The Fee for Fresh IEC Code. (2) In whose favor the Demand Draft has to be obtained. Thanks Ravichandran

Vinod Prajapati: if one organization get demurge from it's parent co. how rest organization get new IEC and in what time and what about exports in those days

viswanathan: my company lost the IEC certificate and dont know the IEC code number to print a duplicate one. Please advise how to get IEC code number with company name.

mangat ram jolly : we are issued I E C code in may 2007, and transacted imports twice in 2007/2008 and afterwords we could not import due to ban on those goods ,which now opened up/allowed and we want to import again. At That Time we had our a/c in a bank, which has been merged and subsequently we closed that bank a/c. what action/ documentation we have to do now so as to enable the imports?? i shall be thankful to you if can guide please.

C Ramesh: Hi Sir, I am Ramesh, I am so thankful for sharing your Experience which is more helpful for like my kind of people. I've scene information through your site what I am looking for. I am interested to start Import & Export Business but as if now I am off of the knowledge. I am looking for Training in who can give and guide me for my bright future in this field. Thanks & Regards C Ramesh

Nugroho Waryanto: Dear kindly help to info IEC for customer as follow: MACSEN LABORATORIES VILLAGE TITERDI TEHSIL GIRVA NEAR MUNCIPAL TRENCHING GROUND DIST UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN 313002-INDIA waiting the outcome Rgds Nugroho Waryanto

Manish: Hi I want start a new inport bussiness from china to delhi. Please tell me what is required document and process. How can i get IEC code.

prashant sudhakar: goodguide

Jitendra: Do we need to have updated address on the IEC certificate always ? or We can continue Import / Export with an old address on the IEC ?

Amit: Hello, I have a question: I am a sole proprietor with one firm (Firm A) and i have one IEC number issued to me already. This is for a garment business. Now, i have started a food business, with a new name, again as a sole proprietor, which is myself (Firm B). I need to import some food machines from China. Of course, against my PAN number i am not eligible for another fresh IEC number in the name of the new proprietor firm B, since the DGFT only issues one IEC against one PAN. My question is whether i can use same IEC for these 2 different Firms, so as to be able to import some machines into the new Firm B? Thank you.

vijay: Greetings sir, your blog is good for all and information is very useful thanks for giving such a good information. one doubt sir, I am residing in Noida in rented property, i would like to apply IEC code and licence from here DGFT to do business in other city can i apply, in online is it possible guide me thanks sir.

indiangardentools: I am Fareed Anwar, and I want to discuse a my metter with you about my export licence. I have an export licence issued by RBI in 1994, but I never used it since last 22 years. 1-my question is thatSome people says me that this my licence has been expired, and some says me ,which licence is issued by rbi never expire,but if your licence issued by an export consul then it will be expired after 6 month, if I not take renewal it. please help me, what is right and what is wrong?

: Nawaz A. Sheikh : It is very nice to see you here may I know how I will get the import export licenses

Madhavi Patel : We are into kids apparel business and we have just started. we have registered our office with our house address only. So, can we apply for IEC code or do we get any objections because it is a residential property. please suggest.

Shamim Mir : I M very new in this and I hve opend my E.I.code but I dnt hv proper guidance in this trade how to start and how to find buyer.supplier.for my products.. provide helpful information to me..

amod: sir, I want to register for IEC. but it requires digital signature for submitting application. all approved Certifications authorities ask for IEC for providing digital signature and are costly. so what type of digital signature do I require for submitting IEC application and where can I get it.

mohit: Hello amod yes it is mandatory to have a digital signature for IEC application as it can only be done online after 1st april 2016. The cost for digital signature would approx be around rs 1500 1 year validity type 2. Get it done from either emudhra or ncode or safescript authorised by dgft.

bhavanji patel: we are thinking for import wooden furniture from it possible????

Ramesh Kumar: Nicely detailed, many thanks to author

SURESH: To get IEC for a Branch Office of a Foreign company, is it mandatory to have TWO DIRECTORS with Indian PAN Cards?

sandeep kedia: nicely explained cleard the concept thanks

SATISH: Sir/Madam, I have applied for IEC and eIEC was allotted within 2 days. But however am unable to get the digital signed certificate even after 10days for intimation email. Can i get the contact details with whom i need to approach to get the certificate.

Ravinder Pant: I want to import goods & i have not registered any company. So therefore i don't have any office address & Deed etc, can i apply as an individual on my home address.

Rahul Sharma: I want to start export businesss of handicraft and garments from jaipur rajasthan How i got IEC code please advice

John Paul M: Sir, I have received IEC through online application, I have received my IEC number its alloted but I haven't received the IEC hardcopy issued through postal help me to get it.. Thank you

Priyanka: Dear Sir, Kindly guide me for how to proceed for offline application for fresh IEC applicant. And how much to pay for fresh application either 250/- or 1000/-. please clear me regarding the offine procedure. Thank you. Hoping for the best response as soon as possible

KALPAGAM B: my company lost the IEC certificate and dont know the IEC code number to print a duplicate one. Please advise how to get IEC code number with company name.

YOGESH KHURANA: In August 2012 I got IEC code but by mistake I send pan no. of My firm when it was incorporated in partnership But in 2011 partnership was dissolved and firm is running on Proprietorship. In IEC code proprietorship also shown but pan no. is partnership entered. Now I want to change my pan no. from firm to Individual. Let me know if any body help me regarding this. Thnx

gaurav kumar: Dear Sir, Is it mandatory to open a current account in order to apply for an Import-Export Certificate ? Also please tell the names of valid banks.

Vipin Jain: Dear Sir, Could you pls give me fee and all process details with time for Import/Export licence.


Jos: Can a government employee apply an IEC?

Mihir shah:  I have received IEC through online application, I have received my IEC number its alloted but I haven't received the IEC hardcopy from where can i get this or from where i can get print out

Nirmal Kumar Singh : Sir how i will i get my hardcopy of IE certificate.

Mr.mehul: Dear Sir / Mam greeting for the day , I have started business recently of export / import/ indenting / domestically sale can you pls email which kind of lenience are available and what is process

C.R. Sivri: sir, please tell me the process to get IEC for seeds company.

Gurudatta Acharya : I wish to send a computer server (dell brand new ) procured in India to USA to my client for some testing purpose. Thereafter after one month or maybe earlier they are going to return it back to me. Could you please help me with the procedure. I have a Valid IEC code. Could you please help me with your consultancy charges and contact number?

Gurudatta Acharya : I wish to send a computer server (dell brand new ) procured in India to USA to my client for some testing purpose. Thereafter after one month or maybe earlier they are going to return it back to me. Could you please help me with the procedure. I have a Valid IEC code. Could you please help me with your consultancy charges and contact number?

azika: sir, i want to apply IEC on Online , but i did not get any link please can you give the direct link...

PRANALI: Dear Sir, Information posted by you is very useful but i am requesting you to please develop offline app for the same so that we can read the export and import related information anytime and anywhere. i would like to say thank your for such a great beneficial site . Here we are getting chance to learn out of syllabus, Thanks a lot again.

arul: do i need to courier the documents after submisson in IEC online

shamim: dear sir, i have my IEC with me as a form receipt. i didn't get the proper IE certificate which is with photocopy as it suppose to be.. i even tried to fetch it through internet but all am able to view is the same receipt. is there any way i could view and take a copy of my proper IEC Certificate??? please help.

padma : Dear Sir, My iec copy is with my name, my company is having proprietor ship, but now it has changed partner ship, so how can i change my iec no.with co. name

Prasanthpr. dear sir how many days are spending to receive IE code from the apply date: dear sir how many days are spending to receive IE code from the apply date

NarayanDewasiBhati: Sir...just i am starting a import from a chine to india so you suggest me...please..

VIJAYANAND: I have some doubts while applying IE code (online – IEC Master) for partnership firm. I kindly request you to explain the following doubts, 1) While entering the pan number whether i should enter the directors pan or firm pan, 2) In the name of the applicant I should enter the director name or firm name, 3) In this partnership firm there are two director I shall upload any one director photo, 4) Please refer me whether there is any other information to enter or upload in online along with form. I shall declare chennai division for vellore office 5) In the online application there are 4 attachments only can be attached I) Photo (managing director) II) Bank certificate III) Pan (director or firm pan) IV) Cheque leaf (director cheque leaf or firm cheque leaf)

Vishal Mahajan: I had surrendered IEC code before due to some reason but now I want to restore it again. Please let me know is there any provision to restore it with the same IEC Code number?

A.Bari Asif: Sir,I want to start import export business firm.Please help me ,how much money required for starting a firm? Sir, My iec copy is with my name, my company is having partner ship,? I am planning to export cloths to uae or UK please advise. Thanks & Regards A.Bari Asif

Noel Menezes : Read your profile on an esteemed website. We wish to export fabricated steel pipes to UAE. Could you please guide me on how to go about this. We have import export license but have never worked on the same

waseem chauhan: i want to start a business in meat product .i want to export meat .so how can i get export licence

Ramjan Mulla : Good Mornning sir, i want to information about they emport & export licence, how to get the licence plz give me details abouth this one.

KISHOR KUMAR DEY : Revered Sir, I am Kishor kr. Dey from Kolkata. I want to start a new business Export Import, Please guide me how can i get export import license. I want to do a Proprietorship firm.

Saleem: @Bari Asif you dont have to invest bunch of money u just need to go with the documents which is very mandatory for EXIM...the investment depends on the buy orders for the raw material and Air/sea shipping charges..never forget to secure your payments by LC

SELVARAJ: Dear, I plan to export spices. let me know without IEC number i can export. and please guide me how to get IEC number, Licence. any special licence/certificate required to export spices. apart from this any important thing i need to consider for export.

geethanjali: My IEC code is generated today, but its not reflecting with Customs and DGFT. Please let me know how long will that take to reflect as my shipment just reached the customs and they are unable to view my code . Thanks

mahika: can a foreign company without an Indian office, but having a PAN obtain an IEC Code.

Yuvraj Mane : I visited your website and read articles but now I want to know what is the process for getting an import export license and what is the initial fees for getting the same and how many days it takes to get the license for trading business.

Mandeep Katariya : Our company, TIRUPATI PLASTIC is a manufacturer of Recycled LDPE Granules / Reprocessed LDPE Granules in Gondal in Gujarat. Sir, I seek your help. I have IEC code.We are manufacturer and we want to import LDPE FILM SCRAP / LDPE ROLL SCRAAP from USA, Europe and others countries. Kindly, inform me that it is free to import or I need to obtain special import licence from DGFT. If I require any other import licence, kindly give me it's information and details.

Prashanth: Good day hope your doing fine, I require some information regarding Copper import i.e, is pollution certificate mandatory for importing if so from where we have to get the certificate from exporter side or from our state government. I have one more question in how many days we get IEC, because I applied for the first time after 20 days got reply that application rejected, applied 2nd time waiting now.Hope waiting for your soonest reply.

Shadab Khan : This is Shadab Khan from Uttar Pradesh India. Currently an International Sales Professional starting own business in Export of wooden handicrafts. Looking for your Help in getting information about certificates required to export Wooden handicrafts apart from IEC

SHUBHAM GARG: Hello sir I am dealer of leather and jewellery. I have obtain two GST number one is Sai leather and second is sai jewellers but I have obtain iec name of sai exports and sai exports dont have current account so I can't obtain AD CODE in the name of sai exports. Now I have AD code in the name of sai jewellers so can I export my goods with AD code in the name of sai jewellers and iec sai exports? THANK YOU

Prabakaran M: We applied for IEC code a year back for the import and export of spices. Currently we are looking to import hatching eggs to India via chennai port. Do i need to amend the IEC code as i am importing the hatching eggs. Your advise is highly appreciable.

abdul kalam shaikh : Dear team i would like to know what is the process of fresh IEC code and i am from Bombay so where is the DGFT office in Mumbai . regards Abdu kalalm

SAMARESH MONDAL: Dear Sir I want to start a new business Export Import, Please guide me how can i get export import license. I want to do a Proprietorship firm.

Tapan Singhal: Import Export Code (IEC) Provider from Dehradun Contact for DGFT related work MEIS, FOCUS etc Contact No 9997615618 over 30 years of Experience. Exporter from UP and Uttrakhand can Contact.

Gurdipsingh nayar: Sir I want to purchase granite from Brazil and sale It in Canada is it possible I have a office in Delhi Thank you Gurdipsingh nayar

prime metals: sir plz tellme how can i download my IEC certificate ....?

Shruthi: We have alloted IEC but the pan number is wrong in it, please help me out in modifying the pan details in IEC?????

ES Jagadeeshwar: You have given a very nice information.

Gautham: If anything possible to apply online IEC license ? and If possible means how to apply.?

Goutham Chandra : I Goutham K, Biotechnology post graduate from Bangalore, I wanted to start import and export business. I need your assistance to know more about Import and export business. How can I contact you, where is your office I want meet you.

sipiya moinuddin : I want to know some information about IEC certificate so please can you guide me how can i apply for that one.

Akshay Agarwal : Hello, my name is Akshay Agarwal. I'm a Ceiling fan manufacturer based in Hyderabad. I want to export them as I feel I have better technology at best prices possible. It would be great if you can help me through.

subrataghoshtraders: i applied for import export license. And get the code. But ask me original copy of license which i dont get. from the dgft site ''view your iec '' i print that copy. There is no government stamp, only detalis has provided. Now i am in big problem . Can you guide me about this matter

Susanta Shome: Can hardware as well as software imported and exported using IEC code?

Sarvottamcargo: very good information about import license given by them i appreciated

Pawan Talwar: Sir I have started a business of students study abroad in Canada and we apply for students visa and send them to various colleges in Canada. Colleges then shall have to give us commissions per students as agreed upon in our Indian Bank account for which I have obtained the IEC code . Can you please advice me how to proceed further and deal With various colleges to get commissions in my account So please send us a format for application to be send to them.

Rajiv jha: Can we take 02 IEC no on one factory address

Vusi: I applied for import/export license a month ago ago and have been sending follow up emails.Its only promises and nothing is coming out.What should I do?

chithanya: I am from Pune. I am applying for New IEC. While applying i have a query in 2nd step i.e in Firm's Branch Details. What to fill up in Firm's Branch Details? Company for which applying IEC doesn't have any branch. Kindly help me in resolving my query.

Mishra: I just started selling on Amazon USA, just exporting product to there warehouse at USA. In comparison the sell I could get as very very slow, so we could get only around 25% of return till a whole year of supply or export. I am in need of perfect person to check my selling from Amazon marketplace and reconcile with my bank account invoice and related GST filing if any to be...but I couldn't find any one so in my vicinity in Delhi to make understand my banker HDFC Bank.. Please help me how I can get it sorted out before the issue came to an alarming point..

pallavi: I am from bangalore and I have started a small business selling on amazon and other websites in the USA. I am not getting clear information on the GST, customs and tax related to this.

rakesh: I am small business owner from Hubli and I was looking to apply for e-IEC. I found your blog post on same and I have to say it quite informative and I would like to thank you for putting in the effort to educate people like me. I have small query regarding the application I hope you could clarify it. The e-IEC application asks for "Registration Certificate Number", I was wondering what is it ? I mean, my firm is a partnership firm and I have "certificate of resignation" of the firm. Is it the Firm registration number or CD number on the certificate.

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