Importer Exporter Code, e-IEC as per FTP 2015-20

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Importer Exporter Code, e-IEC as per FTP 2015-20


I have written an article about obtaining IEC, you may go through the same also to know more about obtaining an IEC code. However, the following is the latest update on how to obtain IEC.

1Export Import Policy 2015-20 (2)

The following is the extract of Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20 regarding Import Export Code (IEC) guidelines.


Importer Exporter Code (IEC) e IEC.




(I) An IEC is a 10-digit number allotted to a person that is mandatory for undertaking any export/import activities. Now the facility for IEC in electronic form or e-IEC has also been operationalized.


(a) Application for IEC/e-IEC:


Application for obtaining IEC can be filed manually and submitting the form in the office of Regional Authority (RA) of DGFT. Alternatively, an application for e-IEC may be filed online in ANF 2A, in accordance with Para 2.08 of Handbook of Procedure on payment of application fee of Rs. 500/-, to be paid online through net banking or credit/debit card (to be operationalized shortly). Documents/ details required to be uploaded/ submitted along with the application form are listed in the Application Form (ANF 2A).


(b) When an e-IEC is approved by the competent authority, applicant is informed through e-mail that a computer generated e-IEC is available on the DGFT website. By clicking on “Application Status” after having filled and submitted the requisite details in “Online IEC Application” webpage, applicant can view and print his e-IEC.


(c) Briefly, following are the requisite details /documents (scanned copies) to be submitted/ uploaded along with the application for IEC:


(i) Details of the entity seeking the IEC, as per Impex Policy 2015-20

(1) PAN of the business entity in whose name Import/Export would be done (Applicant individual in case of Proprietorship firms).

(2) Address Proof of the applicant entity.

(3) LLPIN /CIN/ Registration Certification Number (whichever is applicable).

(4) Bank account details of the entity. Cancelled Cheque bearing entity’s pre-printed name or Bank certificate in prescribed format ANF2A(I).


(ii) Details of the Proprietor/ Partners/ Directors/ Secretary or Chief Executive of the Society/ Managing Trustee of the entity:

(1) PAN (for all categories)

(2) DIN/DPIN (in case of Company /LLP firm)


(iii) Details of the signatory applicant as per Export Import Policy 2015-20 (FTP 2015-20):

(1) Identity proof

(2) PAN

(3) Digital photograph


(d) In case the applicant has digital signature, the application can also be submitted online and no physical application or document is required. In case the applicant does not possess digital signature, a print out of the application filed online duly signed by the applicant has to be submitted to the concerned jurisdictional RA, in person or by post.


(e) Detailed guidelines for applying for e-IEC are available at iec_anf/ iecanf.htm.


(II) No Export/Import without IEC:


(i) No export or import shall be made by any person without obtaining an IEC number unless specifically exempted under Import Export Policy 2015-20 .

(ii) Exempt categories and corresponding permanent IEC numbers are given in Para 2.07 of Handbook of Procedures.

(III) Only one IEC against one Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Only one IEC is permitted against on Permanent Account Number (PAN). If any PAN card holder has more than one IEC, the extra IECs shall be disabled.

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Importer Exporter Code, e-IEC as per FTP 2015-20


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V J Shah: What in case of IEC already obtained but inactive for more than 5 years ? Any renewal / update procedures ? Thanks.

yogesh: Mr. Shah , as per my knowledge, once you got IEC ,it stand untill you dont surrender to the authorities.

Amish Sheth: Today received email from DGFT extract is - "Gentlemen, 01.04.2015 onwards, application for new IEC are to be made online only. Refer guidelines given in ANF-2A. DGFT site is Collect your manual application back. Gave call thrice on your given cell but no one responded. With kind regards, Y. N. DAMLE Foreign Trade Development Officer for Joint Director General of Foreign Trade (Rajkot)" Is online application is mandatory or manual can also be done ? please any one can guide.

Narein : Is IEC first requirement for applying import and export license . I am gratuated in business administration am I able to apply for the license

i am sankar: Dear sir i applied for ie code .but two times reject because they asking land line no.but my area cannot get land line in bsnl now i using bsnl mobile no can i take ie code? Bsnl office also said cannot in my area. So how i get iecode ?

D G Gangar: Within how many days of online application will i receive the IEC Code? and will it come by post to the registered address ?

sathish: Sir online apply iecode money transfer current account/apply person saving account? Other bank account holder how to money transfer?

Soni: must need any govt registration and IEC code get in 10 working days, will come by post in next 10 working days.

jo: Dearsir, To getting iec id proof self attested xerox copies of pan card, aadhar card,&driving licence is enough or not.

laxmi narain bansal: A co. is having all details about the co. then why govt. want all details about theco. for iec.

Soni: Must a landline number n c/a account n bank certificate of c/a account n rest depends on individual or firm or company docs

anil talreja: 1 whether physical document required to be submitted after filing online 2 Even we digital signed the form Digital signature 3 a prescribe fees of rs 500 /- to be paid to whom if we prepare dd then in whose name and if we pay through internet banking to which ac we pay .

RISHI PILANIA: Dear(s), In ANF 2 A form at S.NO.1(IV)- Land line no. is required and I have no land-line connection although my post-paid mobile number exists for last 10 years. I have buyer's order in hand and in confusion that whether I will get IEC or not without any landline. Please clarify as company is proprietorship firm. Regards. RISHI PILANIA MOB 09873877674

NIKHIL GUNJAL : I just want to ask you one question that Is it necessary to start export bussiness you will have to do it first locally. Because when approach to the bmc office for gumasta license. The inspector saying me show me your export otherwise I will not give you gumasta license. He saying me that first start your bussiness locally then i will giveyou license. But problem is that how I will convience him that i want to start export bussiness directly abroad. sir, please give me information that Is this condition mandatory for export bussiness. please tell me the rules for export company registration. is this condition mentioned in shop & establishment act 1951 so, that I will approach to ht senior government offcials. Because without gumasta license I will not get IEC code. I can't register to export promotional council & also not register to the website like trade where from I get export enquires.

kanu Patel: Hello ....!!! i have one confusion regarding Import export Code( IEC Code Application) Is there any individual can apply for IEC Code ? If person dont have any firm so is it eligible to Apply for IEC Code, Awaiting for your reply.

V.S.T.Nanthakumaar: As I want to apply IE code how is it possible. pls help me

Seethal: Mr Nanthakumar if u want to apply for ie code u can do it by going to website and download the application form and submit with the necessary documents, if u want help u can contact me

Mohammad mujeeb: Whether a service provider would also be require to obtain IEC code in case of export/import of services?

Rakesh Bokadia: I have applied for IEC my file is not accepted because Whether the application ANF 2A, in the prescribed format is furnished as per new hand book of procedures (2015-2020) for allotment of the fresh IEC, along with Part-A,B & D Only. what does it means i have downloaded application form in word format.

Khushal: I am interested in to getting iec code but I don't know what is actual procedure of iec code. Please guide me

Hasan: The proprietor of any one small scale industry can get iec code for a export company as proprietor

Prabhakar N.V: Is compulsory VAT registration needed for applying IEC code?

Nauhar Khan: I stay in a cooperative society in Mumbai. Its a rented apartment. I want to start a sole proprietorship export firm. I want to apply for Import Export Code. Will I get IEC on my residential rental address??

swapnil: I have IEC in name of a director A and he is retiring how can i change it in name of director B. Can I do it online?

utsav shah: Sir,what type of document i need to get IEC,can i register a company and then directly start exporting?or i need to start local business plan is to register my garment manufacturing company and then take IEC to do it ok? Pls gave me a proper advice

Shatakshiherbal: I want license for import export own products

Mohammed Salman: I want to start a sole proprietor import and export business and i want to know that is their any limit for imort and export after getting the iec?

Gayatri Sharma : How many times can I apply for IEC code if my application has been rejected twice (rent agreement document issue). Is there a limit to it?

susheel kaul: I am a senior citizen and filing for IEcode No. online is not possible for me. Can I do it manually/

Makha: How can I get bank certificate for import License

NARENDRA DAHIVALKAR: Can application for IEC no. be submitted by taking printout out of filled in application form and attaching all the required documents ? DD of Rs 500/- should be favoring which name ? Where to submit application if, I am in Vadodara, Gujarat.


Ponnappan: I want allu for export license

Nagarajan: Dear Sir, Please help me, I can’t submit my application through online, last week I was open that website & login using my PAN & Email id. I was update some details but I don’t have all required documents, hence I was closed that time, I have that ECOM no. Now I get all required documents, now I try to login that website but its given some error msg. “You are requested to use same mobile no & mail id which you had provided earlier for accessing the system”. But use already used details only. Pls help me.

Vinod Kumar: Dear Sir, I'm an fresh person to this trying to start Imp. Exp. business. I applied for an IEC online as an individual. I have selected the option of "Merchant cum manufacturer cum service provider". But my application has been rejected with the following reasons. "1.In support of Merchant cum Manufacturer cum Service provider, Service Tax Registration Certificate or EM Part II is to be submitted. 2. Copy of Sale deed in case business premise is self-owned; or Rental/Lease Agreement, in case office is rented/ leased; or latest electricity /telephone bill in the name & address of the firm is to be submitted." I don't have any STR certificate and in their website, they are asking for IEC code to apply ???... for the second point, i have my property deed in my name as i mentioned in the address. Does that will work? I would appreciate very much if you can give me a guidance to successfully applying and obtaining IEC. Thank you

Adarsh bajpai: I am interested in to getting iec code but I don't know what is actual procedure of iec code. Please guide me

Shaji Joseph : Sir, I like to export fruits and vegetables to foreign countries especially UAE. Somebody tell me the neediness of EIC for it. So plz guide me , what are the documents required for it and where to apply for it.Now I'm in Gujarat setteled

Abhilash G: Hi, I want to import live fish like Arowana, Betta, Flowerhorn, from China/Thailand etc. Should I possess an IEC for this? or Is just IEC enough for this?

Abhilash G: I recently heard from my a close friend that IEC will be issued only if the turnover / sale has crossed 1 Cr. Is this correct?

sumanraj: i want get ie code

goutham mhrm : My doubt is, I have a supplier in Guyana and buyer in india and I am from India.But my buyer don't have IEC code. So he is asking me to import the goods. But if I take up this activity, I need to pay the import duties and other clearing charges. Finally to resell the product to actual buyer, I need to add sales tax also which end up with huge amount. Is there any way to import the goods to buyer without my presence in paying import duties etc...The goods should be directly deliver to him and he need to clear from the customs. Also, payment is also a big problem for me. I need to invest whole amount initially. Because letter of credit is not possible between buyer and middlemen like me as per my understanding. Correct me, if I am wrong. Please help me sir. Amount is a big problem for me, I don't have huge funds to invest and then collect from buyer who don't have IEC code.

Vasant Chaudhary: I want to export and import registration number

d k maheshwari: i had got iec code in appro. 1975 in the name SHRI MOHTA RASAINSHALA, HATHRAS,U.P..since than i donot utilised the code, so no information is now withme.please advise how i can get my iec code.



vipul patel : I m vipul patel. i live in Melbourne Australia. I applied for my iec code number at dgft vadodara. i get it soon. i want to start my bussiness from australia. please help me guide me.

Yovan Das : My name is yovan from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, I am a fresher in Export/Import business, I just got my IEC code last months, I Do Have lots of questions, hope to get a response from you, below is the few questions. 1. Do i Need to Register my ICE code with customs? Is there any time frame TO register, how much it will cost? 2.If i am Exporting coffee & Tea powder, Do i need to register with both EPC or there is any common registration for multiple products?

Gantantar Bansal : I am gantantar bansal from Punjab. I am instrested in the business of import & export. First I would like to get the information & knowledge about import & export business. I would like to apply the licence of I & E business. Pls. let me knowledge further step I have to take.

siva: I came across this site and found useful articles. I am in the process of getting IE code. Plan to export and import soon. Can I seek your opinion all the way when I get queries/doubts ?? Thanks in advance

Thiru arasu : Sir i have gone through your website please help me give more knowledge from your side.. I asking this as a help please sir i have much interest to do this bussiness..but i have zero experience..

Pradeep jain: Dear Sir if manufacturing unit is proprietor firm how should we apply for import export code

Kundan Kumar Singh: Dear Sir, How can I change my mobile number on which the token receive for IEC ECOM login. Kindly guide me.

sukumar P : i am in uae i have to trade from india to uae how can i get IEC CODE for all products

Rajneesh kumar Ojha: Hi, We are specialized in IEC Approval process ,For modification or New IEC application you can contact us at

Anup Sekhar: I need IEC code,Any agency help me.

SANTOSH uKKOJI: How many times can I apply for IEC code if my application has been rejected twice. Is there a limit to it?

JOSEPH DAGO: I would like to obtain the list of IEC code of India Exporter please

MyEfilings: Can an application for IEC registration be modified?

sma: Hi Sir, I Have Been Reading Your Blog Since While. You Have Done A Such Good Thing And Thanks For That.I Have One Doubt Sir. My Father Have Doing Export Business For 10 Years. Unfortunatly He Passed Away 2 Months Ago.Now I’m Taking His Responsibility’s.I Can Use His IEC Licences To Export? Can You Guide Me Through It. Thanks In Advance Sir. Eagerly Waiting For Your Kind Reply.

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