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Note: This declaration shall not be required for goods imported passengers Baggage. Goods imported for personal use up to value of Rs. 1000/- Samples of no commercial value or where the goods are subject to specific rate of duty.
1. Importers name & Address:
2. Suppliers Name &Address:
3. Name &Address of the agent, If any:
4. Description of goods:
5. Country of Origin:
6. Port of Shipment:
7. AWB/BL Number & Date:
8. IGM Number &Date:
9. Contract Number &Date: NA
10. Nature of Transaction (Sale, Consignment, Hire, Gift etc)

11. Invoice No. &Date:
12. Invoice Value:
13. Terms of Payment:
14. Currency of Payment:
15. Exchange rate:
16. Terms of Delivery :
17. Relationship between buyer and seller [Rule 2(2)]: NA
18. If related, what basis of declared value: NA
19. Conditions or Restrictions attached with the sale [Rule 4(2)]: NA
20. Valuation Method applicable (See Rule 4 to 8): NA
21. Cost and services not included in the invoice value [Rile 9]: NA
a) Brokerage and commissions: NA
b) Cost of Containers: NA
c) Packing Cost: NA
d) Cost of goods and services supplied by the buyer: NA
e) Royalties and licence fees: NA
f) Value of proceeds which accrue to seller: NA
g) Fright:
h) Insurance:
i) Loading, Unloading, handling charges if any: NA
j) Landing Charges: NA
k) Other Payments, if any: NA
22. Assessable Value Rs.:
23. Previous imports of identical / similar goods, if any:
a) Bill of Entry Number &Date:
b) IGM Number & Date:
24. Any other relevant information (attach separate sheet, if necessary): NA
1. I/We hereby declare that the information furnished above is true, complete and correct in every respect.
2. I/We also undertake to bring to the notice of proper officer any particulars, which subsequently come to my/our knowledge which will have a bearing on valuation.
Place: Bangalore
1. Bill of Entry Number Date:
2. Valuation Method Applied (see Rule 4 to 8):
3. If declared value not accepted, brief reasons:
4. Reference Number and Date of any previous decision/ruling:
5. Value Assessed: RS.


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rakesh: what is the origin of GATT declaration form submitted along with bill of entry? what is the relevant authority? whether any circular or notification issued by customs or any other authority for the format of the declaration.

saravanakumar: Everybody aware that E-sanchit, Faceless Assessment, and RMS facilitated is implemented by Customs to do easy and fast Clearance, Kindly clarify that still GATT declaration is mandatory for filing BOE and Examination or any other purpose, Because still Customs officials are asking GATT declarations in some other locations,

Kartikeswar Senapati: My prospective buyer in China has asked me to record GATT. I am not able to find, how to record GATT. Here also no information is there on this topic. GATT form is available here. But is it required to be registered? If yes, where? No details available in this site.

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