Export Benefits from Coconut Development Board, CDB


What are the Export benefit schemes from Coconut Development Board?   How does Coconut Development Board supports exporters of Coconut Water? What are the assistance provided to exporters of Neera from Coconut Development Board.  What are the benefits from Coconut Development Board to exporters of Coconut Flower Syrup.  Explain schemes extends by Coconut Development Board to exporters of Coconut palm jaggery?  Does exporters of Copra eligible to claim benefits from Coconut Development Board?  Any financial assistance provided to exporters of Raw Kernel from Coconut Development Board.   Enumerate the financial schemes provided to exporters of Coconut oilcake from Coconut Development Board?  Is exporters of Coconut Oil eligible to claim export benefits from Coconut Development Board?


Export Assistance from CDB, Coconut Development Board


Export Benefits from Coconut Development Board, CDB

Financial Schemes for Exporters


Direct schemes from Coconut Development Board

Market Development Assistance scheme for exports (MDA Scheme)

Market Access Initiative scheme for exports (MAI Scheme)


Non-financial assistance for Exporters

Buyer Seller Meet

Trade Delegations

International Fairs


Work Shop

Education and Training initiatives


Research and Developments

Visa recommendation

Update on latest information

Award for export excellence


Other information about Export import tutorial


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When does exporter get EP copy of shipping bill after customs clearance


What are the sops to exporters of Coconut Shell Products from Coconut Development Board?  Explain different benefits of export of Coconut Wood Products from Coconut Development Board? What are the advantages of exporting Coconut palm sugar?  What are the claims from Coconut Development Board for exporters of Coir Pith?  Explain financial support and non financial support from Coconut Development Board for exporters of Coconut Leaves? What are the government agency schemes for exporters of Neera?  Describe export promotion schemes for exporting Raw Kernel?  Explain export benefits provided by Coconut Development Board?


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Rajalakshmi: Im Rajalakshmi here, can you pls guide me in knowing how to export coconuts from Pollachi. here we have a surplus number of quality coconuts., we are supplying coconuts to the parties who already export to various countries like dubai..., we would be thankful if yu extend your support to us., per day we ll be able to export "" minimum of 1lakh coconuts"".

joanson zahariya: i want to know to take licence to export coconut value added items

Innoations pharmaceuticals: I usually import Medical Supplies from India.I am interested in obtaining a Export License for Coconut Shell, Coconut Charcoal and Betelnut.Please advice how to go about doing obtaining my Export License.Your feedback will be appreciated.

arun: It was by chance i came across your website regarding import and export. With a friend of mine i am looking forward to export coconuts to middle east. This will be my first venture and the other friend of mine has been doing it for years now. I want to learn from scratch . I dont want to blindly believe in what he conveys to me regarding our business. It will help me go longer since I would have knowledge regarding the nature of the business. If there are any online classes do let me and also the charges .

frank: Greetings from Papua New Guinea. With due respect I hereby write to find out whether it be possible for you to assist me by providing me the contact details for interested importers of copra in India. We have tonnes of dried Copra and we are looking for buyers. Thank you and hoping to hearing from you soon.

Mohmd: I am a beginer in this field, I like to export cooconut to other countries and now I have a opperchunity for that.so i need to study about it well.I wanna know about the subsidy for coconut exporting and also about tax reductions.If you don't mind pls reply

haridasan: I would like to start Coconut Export business from Mumbai to Saudi Arabia. Since my family is settled in Mumbai and wife also working in export documentation filed , it is more comfortable to me to start export from Mumbai Could you please guide me the formalities to start this business from India. Presently I am working in Saudi as project support specialist in export documentation filed. Need your support and guidance in this matter to start this business.

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