Difference between Invoice value and Assessed value

Assessed Value Vs Invoice value


Now let us discuss about the difference between Assessable value and Invoice value.


What is assessed value? How does it work in an Import export business?


Assessed value

Assessed value is not actual value of any asset or product; it is the value which is used for calculation of tax. Assessed value is used to calculate the custom duty and excise duty instead of invoice value.  


Usually assessed value is the total value of goods includes the cost of products, transportation cost up to the buyer’s location and insurance. 


There is a separate calculation method to find assessable under Customs Act   for import and export of goods.  We have written a separate post on ‘how to find assessable value’ in this website. You may click to read same also.


What is Invoice value?  How does Invoice value play in any type of Business?


Invoice value

Invoice value is real value which any buyer has to pay when he buys the goods from any seller. For calculating the invoice price we do all the adjustments relating to discount, VAT and delivery cost. ‘Invoice Value’ includes GST also.


So the Invoice value is the actual amount payable to the seller by the buyer after entering in to a business contract.  Such business contract decides the responsibility of bearing transportation, insurance, loading and unloading, mode of transport etc. mutually agree between buyer and seller.


The above information describes about Invoice value and Assessable value.  We hope the above information on the difference between assessable value invoice values helps you.


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