The information provided here is part of Export Import Training course online

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Exporter Invoice No. & DateExporter Ref.
Buyer's Order No. & Date
Other reference(s)
ctc person Buyer ( if other than consignee )
Country of origin of goods Country of final destination
ctc person
Tel No.s Terms of Delivery & payment
Pre-Carriage by Place of Receipt by pre-carrier C I F / C & F / F O B
Vessel / Flight No. Port of Loading
Mumbai ( BOM ) Payment Terms:
Port of Discharge Final Destination D P / D A / A P /
Marks & Numbers. No. & kind ofDescription of Goods Quantity Rate Amount
Container No. Packages
Amount chargeable : Total
( in words / currency )
We declaration that invoice shows the actual price of goods Signature / Date / Co stamp.
described and that all particularss are true & correct.


The above information is a part of Import Export Training course online

Click below to download this form in pdf format:



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