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CBDT database

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CBDT to come up with single-window database for taxpayers

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) will soon come up with a single-window financial information database of taxpayers, which will have a 360 degree profiling of income, source of income and spending.

“It is called the Income Tax Business Application (ITBA), and once ready, it will improve data mining and business intelligence of the department and the taxman,” This Data base stores the information from various sources such as tax deducted at source, annual information reports, excise, service tax and value-added tax.

Of the total 3.5 crore returns filed annually, the tax department selects 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 cases for scrutiny, based on risk profiling.

Since enrolment application went live, of many issues, one particular issue that has been reported in significant numbers was pertaining to PAN validation of taxpayers, required to be done after the application is submitted with either e-signature or DSC. GSTN has investigated many such issues and have taken certain steps to help tax payers migrate successfully.

Problem encountered  Solution provided by GSTN on GST portal

  1. Mismatch in name as per VAT-TIN/Service Tax-TIB and that in CBDT Making the Name as per PAN editable in the application for proprietors, where details of Authorized signatories were auto-populated to correct any differences between Name as per VAT and Name as per PAN
  2. Mismatch of names where middle name is not there (in such cases one space was being added when name data was downloaded from CBDT database.)    Removing all spaces from name as per PAN validation to avoid appearance of spaces in PAN because of missing middle name
  3. Mismatch arising out of First Name, Last Name and Middle Name as given in VAT/Service Tax TIN with that in PAN  Concatenation of First name, Middle Name & Last name of taxpayers and sending single string request to CBDT in order to avoid failure due to name mismatch arising out of Fname, Lname & Mname.
  4. Mismatch arising when PAN in enrolment application was left blank due to non- availability of CBDT service at the time of data fetching for activation (after submission of application using DSC/ensign).Enabling fetching name as per PAN at the run time, should the name as per PAN in enrolment application was left blank due to non-availability of CBDT service at the time of activation.

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HiraKanta Bildev Mushahary: Why my pan card mismatch with CBDT database ...?

Vinod : I have applied for GSTN but my cbdt database name is mismatch why is this

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