Education and Training initiatives for Exporters

Education and Training initiatives for Exporters


The export promotion councils provide various financial assistance and other supports to exporters to encourage them to earn foreign exchange.  


One of the service supports provided by export promotion council is, arranging Educational and Training initiatives.     Educational Training program is conducted time to time by export trade promotion councils.  These training program for exporters helps to gain knowledge update, in turn helps to increase their export sales.  The experts under this category handles training and classes.   Such training and educational programs for exporters are free of cost.


The educational classes and training programs for exporters can help to update knowledge and plan for developing more export sales in international market.


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SANTOSH G SUTAR : Dear Sir, I want to know the documentation difference in Merchant export & Manufacturer export. If possible please mentioned documentation in your answer. Thanking you for your support Best Regards, Santosh

Ismail kadage: Pls let me know the nearest training time and place

krishna sharma: Required classes for export imports My self krishna sharma from jamshedpur. I want to learn exports and imports classes from you give me your contact number

kevin: Hello, my name is Kevin Peters. I am opening up an import/export company and I was referred to your website. Do you have a course that you can recommend that I can take that will allow me to become familiar with all export/import documents?Please advise as soon as possible.

anush: I am visiting your websites. you are giving guidance to your best.I want your help to solve my Export Case with you and need your valuable guidance. Can you help us Sir ?

chunaran: Can you please help me with the details of the export business. I want to start an export business but I don't know what is the procedure

Rajdeep: Self is a job holder and wants to enter into the Export Import business. Had gone through your article and really gave me clarity for the steps to be taken by a beginner. Can you help me with any consultant or agent who can help me to get the things done. Or your office can help me from Bangalore. If any contact details can be provided, will be really a great help to me.

mishra: I am a reader of your articles & am really impressed with the simple understanding it gives us over things. I have completed B.Tech-Electrcial Engineering from India in 2011 & have been working since then. I seek to shape my career into the Import-Export leg of the SCM in a bit details ahead. Can you please guide me the online/offline course (Global recognized) which shall be best suitable for me? My current profile includes: Inventory Planning, Procurement Services & leasing with export houses for getting the materials here. Hence I have over-all idea on Global SCM & seek further improvement.

haneef: am interested in international business trading. Currently am having a small business in IT sector at kerala. I'd like to learn more about international trading and brokeraging, I happen to find your website, and its really useful for beginners like me. I'd like to request for a internship or training under you for few months.

Nadagouda: Iam Mallikarjun N from Bengalore. Iam interested to start import & export business. But I dont have any experience in this field. Since 32 - years Iam doing LIC business. Now my son grown up & he didn't showing to join hands with me. He is interested in export & import business. Hence I want to suport him & even involve him him.

gajanand: I am Gajanan kale from Hingoli Maharashtra.Today when I was reading your block on export import increase my interest in this business. Sir basically I am a Electrical engineer.Due to Lockdown I have to Regine from my job.I was a Site Engineer in my previous company. But I do not have any knowledge about Export Import,so is there any Vacancy in your firm to the candidate like. If you give me the job in your firm, I will be very thankful to you sir.

goutham: I really appreciate your efforts to help all people of society to learn import-export. Your website and information provided is very useful. However, i have few suggestions to make it more lucrative -; 1. Please arrange all your relevant links under import-export heads. Currently it's very difficult to understand that from where we have to start. 2. For beginers please explain import - export step by step. Currently all the slides are mixed.

sharma: I just now came across your website on how to Import Export. I am looking forward to learning the process encompassing Exports and International Trade from basic to advanced. I am a novice at the terminologies and process , though I have been reading a few articles here and there on this subject. I still do not have ample knowledge. I wanted to know if you conduct training programs online or you could guide me on this path. Please let me know about your fees.

nikhil: I came to know that you are an Import Export Consultant so I need to seek your help to start a new business for me and my brother Mr Sandeep, we are new to business of Import Export and wish to start with any of the products which have decent profits.

raja: I am a Science Graduate with Diploma in Materials Management from Indian Institute of Materials Management having more than thirty years’ experience in commercial field in medium and small scale units and for the past five years working as indirect tax consultant with limited knowledge of International Trade. As I was very interested in the international trade I had attended lot of short period seminar and training courses and studied articles in this regard, now I wish to start my own International Trading Consultancy and sourcing. In this regard please let me know the suitable short term courses or training in Bangalore or Chennai or any distance education courses which will help me. And also provide me the list of International Trade reference books/ hand books to be referred. Also I wish to mention the international trade is very specialized subject and very few peoples have the knowledge and experience in this field. I have attended Your EEPC Seminar in Bangalore few months back and received the presentation papers and thank you for the same. Anticipating your kind response

krithika: . I would like to learn about export/import market.I came across your website but then I wanted to approach you as I believe on practical exposure than theoretical approach . Please let me know the right time to talk to you . I request you to spare your valuable time in mentoring future entrepreneurs like me.

edwin: I have read some your articles relates to Export Import.It was very informative. Being a beginner in export and import,I was really impressed by the content you were given in the how to export import website . Will you be conducting any training class relates to export and import. If so,please kindly let me know.

nayak: This side Parameswar Nayak and looking help from you regarding import procedures and policies. I got your email ID from I am having 11 years of experience in procurement and taking care of domestic procurement and interested to know about import procedure. Please help me in this regard. You may also suggest some good institutes in Hyderabad also.

kamal: thank u very much for the wonderful website dedicated to the EXIM community if India by yourself sir.. I working in below organisation.. Earlier i was working with FIEO, Odisha Chapter as a state head to promote the export from the state. I have created many exporters & teach fore than 10000 students. Still trying to help students to go for international business. In this mission , I need ur blessing on me to help the startups in our again thank x & all the best for ur feature projects

ketan: I got your email from your website. Let me agree that the knowledge and information that you have provided in your website is amazing and nonparallel. As i would like to start my export import business, i am looking for a mentor who can guide me thru. I am graduate in Commerce from Mumbai university (in the year 1991) with basic knowledge of Export Import as a subject was covered in our syllabus. But that is long back. I would like to request you to please confirm how to start preparing myself for gaining knowledge and start the business. In case you do provide any training, please let me know. i would like to join it, and do you have any paper back addition book to be kept as reference that do let me know. Many thanks for your help and support in this regard.

shyam: We are just 3 year old start-up & we are into IT Services and IoT Solutions. From last couple of years we are importing components which are related to IoT projects and we are exporting services which are related to IT services. We’ve few doubts related to import and export duty. While going through the search engine, we found few of your articles related to Import and Exports & we are truly amazed with the information that is provided in those articles. Those article cleared most of our doubts and we still have few in our minds. We would like to seek some help from you to resolve other queries. Request you to give us your time to talk about an association between you and Techuva. Looking forward for a positive response from your end.

raja: I got the reference of your website from a colleague of mine who is refer to it whenever he needs some clarification on the Customs Related issue. I have been working as Manager – Air Exports since Dec 2017. Prior to this I use to work with a carrier(Cathay Pacific Airways) for about 9 years. As I grow in the current origination I feel the knowledge on the customs export and import process will be very essential. Will you be able to guide me to start the formal education are there any part time courses and how long it will take to complete the course. Look forward for your support and guidance and will be grateful to you for your service.

Nishad: I have been going visting your website couple of times. I found it really helpful. I was working as a Business Analyst in Canada, now that I want to fully get into the international trading business, I am looking for the right person for guidance or as a mentor where we can work together. I would like to have a conversation with you, if you could provide me with your contact details. I will ddefinitely get in touch with you. Alternatively

abhishek: I visit your website : many times a day and i appreciate your great and vast knowledge on EXIM. It is really commendable. But I was looking for your book on EXIM. If you have written any book then please share it with me. If not, then its very surprising and I will advice you to move forward for the same. And I must say that your book will definitely rock in the market.

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