Multimodal transport

What do you know about Multimodal transport?


The world of transport has changed considerably over the last few decades. International transportation of goods is increasingly carried out on a door-to-door basis, involving more than one mode of transportation.

Multimodal transport is the combination of two or more modes of transportation of goods, such as air, road, rail, or sea under a single contract. Multimodal transport operator is the one who  manages and coordinates the total task from the shipper’s door to the consignee’s door movement of goods and ensuring the continuous movement of the goods along the best route, by the most efficient and, cost-effective means, to meet the shippers requirements of delivery. Multimodal transport is also called combined transport.

In a Multimodal Shipment, the shipper has one contract of carriage, which covers all modes of transport from origin to destination, whether that is a door-to-port, port-to-door or door-to-door.  Key benefits of multimodal transport includes, provides faster transit of goods, saves cost, establishes only one agency to deal with i.e single point of contact etc.


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