Difference between CGST and IGST


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Difference between IGST&CGST


Difference between CGST and IGSTCGST and IGST are part of GST, Goods and Service Tax.


CGST expands as Central Goods and Service Tax and IGST is the short form of Integrated Goods and Service Tax.

Different indirect taxes of Central Excise Duty, Central Sales Tax CST, Service Tax, Additional excise duties, excise duty levied under the medical and toiletries preparation Act, CVD (Additional Customs duty – Countervailing Duty), SAD (Special Additional Duty of customs) surcharges and cesses are merged with CGST. Under IGST, the taxes for movement of goods and services from one state to another are collected.

Major share of tax revenue under CGST is meant for central government where as IGST tax revenue is shared between State government and Central government as per the rate fixed by the authorities.

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Raghunathan: I want to know whether the "C form" will contiue to be insisted upon as proof of interstate goods movement. How will it ork in case of Services rendered- eg. a servie engineer goes from chennai for repair of goods in Mumbai. Is it IGST covered or GST covered?

Dhaval Chhadva: Hello, Are states allowed to charge more than the rate specified under IGST. For e.g. Goods were sent from Maharashtra to Karnataka. In such a scenario IGST will be charged. However can Karnataka apply additional GST CESS for such goods consumed. Additional Queries: will Producer in Maharashtra collect the tax and pay it in IGST account of Karnataka. Regards, Dhaval C.

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