Who is a Manufacturer Exporter?

Define a Manufacturer Exporter.


"Manufacturer Exporter" implies a person who manufactures goods and exports or intends to export such goods. In other words, Manufacturer exporter is the person who export the goods made by him. Here, the manufacturer exporter procures the export order and exports in their own name.  They won’t need any intermediates for exporting. The main advantage is, Manufacturer exporter can easily prepare the sample as per requirement of the importer and also can make changes or any modification in the product comfortably.


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RANGASAMY GUNASEKARAN: it is understood that merchant exporter is one who purchases goods and export the same. And manufacturer is one gets export order ,manufactures the good in own factory and export the finished goods. But there are people who get export orders in their names ,purchase raw materials in their own names ,get them manufactured through job workers and export them in their own names. Which category do they come ?

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