Terms used in business such as Title Deed ,Top Brass,Tort,Touch Base,Trade Balance,trade barrier etc


The terms used in business such as Title Deed ,Top Brass,Tort,Touch Base,Trade Balance,trade barrier etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Think Tank ,Third Party,Tied Agent,Title Deed ,Top Brass,Tort,Touch Base,Trade Balance,trade barrier etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Thermos/Dewar (vacuum) flask - alternatively named after James Dewar its 1892 inventor, and the German company Thermos, which exploited Dewar's failure to patent his innovation and first produced the product commercially.


Think Tank - A group or organisation which researches and advises on issues relating to technology, economy, politics and social strategy.


Third Line Forcing - A situation which occurs when a supplier will only sell a product or service to a customer on condition that it is purchased from a third party nominated by the supplier.


Third Party - A person or organisation not principally involved with the other two parties but who has an interest in an agreement or contract. In an insurance policy, the third party is the person whose car, etc is damaged by you in an accident.

The terms used in  business such as Title Deed ,Top Brass,Tort,Touch Base,Trade Balance,trade barrier etc

Third Sector - Part of a country's economy which is non-profitmaking, such as voluntary work, charities, etc.


Third World - Refers to poor, underdeveloped nations in South Africa, Asia and South America.


Third-Generation - 3G. Describes wireless technology which has been developed to send messages and data over networks using mobile phones, computers, etc.


Thrift - In the US, a savings or loan association. The practice of not spending too much money or using up too many resources.


Ticker Symbol - In the US, a set of characters, usually letters, used to identify a particular share on the Stock Exchange.


Tied Agent - A sales agent or business who represents or sells and/or offers advice only on one company's products, such as insurance.


Tied Loan - A loan issued by a government requiring the borrower to spend the funds in the lending country.


Tied Shop:It refers to a type of retail shop which is tied to stock and-sell goods of a particular manufacturer solely. It enhances its sales in preference to other goods. This type of business is usually found when a shop takes the sole selling agency of a particular commodity specially jewellery and fancied articles.


Time and a Half - Rate of pay which is 50% more than the regular rate, usually for overtime work.


Time and Motion Study - The study and analysis of a specific job within an organisation, the results of which are used to improve efficiency and production.


Timeshare - A lease on a (usually holiday) property jointly owned by several people who have the right to use it during agreed times of the year, usually for one or two weeks. The industry is often associated with high-pressure or unethical selling methods.


TIR / TIR :International Road Transport (Transport International Routier) : a European arrangement for using international documents for sending goods by road.


TIR carnet / Carnet TIR :A book with tear-off slips used for an international road transit operation.


Title Deed - A legal document which proves a person's rights of ownership of property or land.


Title I A :Federal funding program for schools to help students who are behind academically or at risk of falling behind. Funding is based on the number of low-income children in a school, generally those eligible for the free lunch program. Title I money supplements state and district funds.


Title III :Title III is the section of No Child Left Behind that provides funding and addresses English language acquisition and standards and accountability requirements for limited English proficient students.


Title IX :Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 bans sex discrimination in schools receiving federal funds, whether it is in academics or athletics.


Tokenism - The practice of doing the minimum required, especially by law, by making small token gestures, such as employing or including a single person who represents a minority or ethnic group.


Toolbar - On a computer screen, a set of icons or symbols, usually under the menu bar, which allow you to perform different tasks on your computer, such as print documents, change font size, use a paintbrush , etc.


Top Brass - The most important people in a company or organisation.


Top Dog - The person who has the highest authority and is in charge of a whole operation, business, etc.


Top Dollar - The very highest price paid for a product, service, worker, etc.


Top-Heavy - Describes a company or business which has too many managers and/or administrators in comparison to the number of workers.


Top-Level Domain - TLD. The last part of a domain address on the Internet, for example .com (commerce), .gov (government), etc.


Tort - A wrongful act, other than a breach of contract, which is not criminal but harmful to another person, against which legal action for damages may be taken.


Total Costs - In business, the costs of manufacturing, overheads, administration, etc. - i.e., the sum of fixed costs and variable costs. In investments, the price paid for a share, security, etc., plus brokerage fees, taxes, interest due to the seller, etc.


Total Quality Management - TQM. A company management system which seeks to improve the quality of products and services and to improve customer satisfaction by giving everyone in the organisation the responsibility of achieving and keeping high standards.


Touch Base - To make contact, usually managers who want to communicate with their staff.


Track gauge / Ecartement des voies :Distance between the inside faces of the rails of a railway track. It is normally 1.435 m large. Other gauges are generally used in some European countries: for instance, 1.676 m in spain & Portugal, 1.524 m in the Russian Federation.


Tracking / Tracking :Procedure that follows the movements of an Internet surfer over time via cookies.


Trade - The buying and selling or exchange of goods and services. The buying and selling of shares on the Stock Market. A skilled occupation such as builder, carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc.


Trade Acceptance - A time draft that is drawn on and accepted by an importer.


Trade Agreement - An agreement, usually between countries, to limit or change their policies when trading with one another.


Trade Balance - A country’s net balance (exports minus imports) on merchandise trade.


Trade Barrier - A governmental policy, action, or practice that intentionally interrupts the free flow of goods or services between countries.


trade barrier: a condition imposed by a government to limit free exchange of goods internationally.


Trade Commissioner:He is an official appointed by a country in some foreign country to promote and represent there in the commercial interests of his own land.


trade credit: permission to buy from suppliers on open account.


Trade Deficit - Occurs when the value of a country's exports is less than the value of its imports.


The above details describes about terms called in business such Think Tank ,Third Party,Tied Agent,Title Deed ,Top Brass,Tort,Touch Base,Trade Balance,trade barrier etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as terms of trade, Test Market ,The Big Three,Theory Of Constraints, Theory Z etc

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