Terms used in trade such as Trade Mark,Trade Secret,Trade War,Trailblazer,Transaction Value,Transfer Deed etc


The terms used in business such as Trade Mark,Trade Secret,Trade War,Trailblazer,Transaction Value,Transfer Deed etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Trade Mark,Trade Secret,Trade War,Trailblazer,Transaction Value,Transfer Deed,Transfer Pricing, Translation Exposure,Transnational etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.



The terms used in business


Trade Descriptions Act - In the UK, a 1968 Act of Parliament which prevents misrepresentation of goods and services to customers by manufacturers, retailers or service providers.


Trade Discount:It is a short of rebate or allowance given by the seller to the buyer of goods as a custom of trade or when the buyer buys goods in bulk.


Trade Mark:It is a particular mark, stamp, or .device, which is affixed or attached to manufactured goods to show that the goods bearing the marks belong to a particular trader. It is protected by law.


Trade marketing / Trade marketing :Common mindset of manufacturers and distributors with the goal to better satisfy the needs and wants of consumers, to improve profitability and their competitive position while mutually keeping in mind their constraints and specificities.


Trade Name/Trading Name - See also Business Name, which is loosely interchangeable. These are vague terms and care needs to be taken if deciding serious matters based on interpretation. Precise interpretation may depend local state/national company law definitions. Generally business names and trade/trading names may be registered and licensed. A lot depends on the interpretation of the term 'Business name' which could refer to a legal/parent/holding company, or merely to a branded product or division. A trade name could be a brand or a division or branded operation/service within/of a (legally titled) business. Avoid applying a strict definition to these terms, and if there are serious implications then seek expert local clarification, or a ruling from your legal department/advisor.

The terms used in  business such as Trade Mark,Trade Secret,Trade War,Trailblazer,Transaction Value,Transfer Deed etc

Trade Secret - A secret device or formula used by a company in the manufacturing of a product which gives it an advantage over the competition.


Trade Surplus - A situation in which a country's exports exceed its imports. It represents a net inflow of domestic currency from foreign markets, and is the opposite of a trade deficit, which would represent a net outflow.


Trade Surplus - Occurs when the value of a country's exports is greater than the value of its imports.


Trade union / Syndicat :An organisation of employees working in the same industry, or doing similar jobs, that represents its members in discussions with Management.


Trade Union:A trade union is usually an association of wage earners formed for the purpose of their mutual help and improvement of the conditions of their employment.


Trade War - A conflict between countries in which each country puts up trade barriers in order to restrict or damage the others trade.


trade-fair: a commercial exhibition designed to bring together buyers and sellers from a particular market sector.


Trademark / Marque :Symbol, graphic representation that distinguishes products or services from a person or corporate body.


Trader / Négociant :A trader is an enterprise whose function consists of purchasing on his own account and reselling in his own name, with a margin he decides upon himself. The agency of a trader helps to overcome the lack of knowledge of international markets, while reducing the difficulties caused by international practices as also helping better organise risk-management. The trader's profession is based on a geographical or product-wise specialisation.


Trading area / Zone de chalandise :Geographic area where your clients and prospective clients are located. You limit your actions generally to this area, but you can also imagine operations to extend your trading area to increase your sales potential.


Trading Floor - An area of a Stock Exchange where dealers trade in stocks, shares, etc.


Trailblazer - An innovator or pioneer. An individual or company who is the first to do or discover something, and leads where others follow.


Trailer / Remorque :Any vehicle without a motor intended to be connected to a motorised vehicle, with the exception of trailer trucks.


Tranche - Describes part of a loan, investment, etc., which is a portion of the whole amount.


Transaction Exposure - Changes in the value of contractual (monetary) cash flows as a result of changes in currency values.


Transaction Statement - A document that clearly outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon between an importer and an exporter.


Transaction Value:  Total of all consideration passed at any time between the Buyer and Seller for an ownership  interest in a business enterprise and may include  but is not limited to all remuneration for tangible and intangible assets such as: furniture, equipment, supplies, inventory, working capital, non-competition agreements, customer lists, employment and/or consultation agreements, franchise fees, assumed liabilities, stock options or redemptions, real estate, leases, royalties, earn-outs, and future considerations


Transfer Deed - Also called Deed Of Transfer. A legal document which shows that the ownership of property, land, etc., has been changed from its legal owner to another party who now legally owns it.


Transfer of the entitlement to indemnities / Transfert du droit aux indemnités :The profit from the insurance, that is to say, the right to receive indemnities in the event of a covered claim, can be transferred to a third party (for example the bank financing it) on agreement from the Credit Insurer.


Transfer Prices - Prices on intracompany sales


Transfer Pricing - The price one unit of a company charges to another unit of the same company for goods or services exchanged between the two.


Transfer risk / Risque de transfert :Risk resulting from an event or decision by foreign authorities that prevents the transfer of the amount of the debt paid by the debtor.


Transformation rate / Taux de transformation :This rate is defined by the percentage of clients or prospective clients transformed into buyers. For example, the number of sales completed in relation to the number of free estimates requested as generated by a mailing to prospective clients.


Transit / Transit :Customs regulation which allows, subject to certain guarantees, the movement of goods with suspension of duties, taxes and other economic, fiscal or customs' measures.


Transit certificate / Certificat de passage :Attestation of payment of toll showing proof of the trips made by a truck on the highway and enabling transport companies to benefit from a more favourable axle tax system.


Translation Exposure - Changes in a corporation’s financial statements as a result of changes in currency values. Also known as accounting exposure.


Transnational - Multinational. Refers to businesses, organisations, etc., which operate in or between several countries.


Transnational Corporation - An enterprise comprising entities in more than one country which operate under a system of decision-making that permits coherent policies and a common strategy.


Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership - A multilateral free trade agreement which currently includes Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States.


Transparency - The observed degree of clarity, openness, measurability, and verifiability in a law, regulation, agreement, or trade practice.


Transshipment / Transbordement :Transhipment consists of changing the mode of transport en route.


Treasurer - A person in a company, organisation, club, etc., who is responsible for the management of funds and accounts.


The above details describes about terms called in business such Trade Mark,Trade Secret,Trade War,Trailblazer,Transaction Value,Transfer Deed,Transfer Pricing, Translation Exposure,Transnational etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Title Deed ,Top Brass,Tort,Touch Base,Trade Balance,trade barrier etc

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