Documents required to export from Pakistan

Documentation in Pakistan for Export


Details of export documentation process in Pakistan. How many documents required in Pakistan to export goods? What is the certification process to export to Pakistan? What are the documentation procedures as an exporter in Pakistan?


Information provided here describes about different documents required for export from Pakistan.


In many cases, the documentation may also vary depending on the country of origin or destination. Understanding the right export documents is essential for smooth import and export procedures.


The documentation procedure to export goods in a country is almost same in all countries worldwide.  Certificates and license required for exportation of goods and services is uniformed by all WTO countries in almost all areas.  Detailed information on documentation for export in a country is explained in detail as separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Documents required for exports


This post explains about various documents that every exporter needs to be submitted with the Pakistan Customs Authority.



The following details also clarify:

Documents need to export cargo  from  Gwadar port customs location.  Export documentation in Bahawalpura port customs.  What are the documents required to export in Dera Ghazi Khan.  What are the export document processes need to carried out with Faisalabadc customs.  Required documents to export in Dera Ghazi Khan port.  Customs documentation requirements to export at Islamabad port.  Documents required to be submitted with  Bahawalpur customs for exportation.   Documentation procedures for export at Lahore customs.  What are the documents need to be submitted to export at Dera Ghazi Khan port customs. Which documents should I provide at Faisalabad customs port location for export. 


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