What happens, if HAWB number marks wrongly


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What happens, if HAWB number marks wrongly on parcel?


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What happens, if HAWB numbers marks wrongly on parcel?


After arrival of goods at import destination customs location, the importer arranges to file bill of entry and other required documents with customs to complete necessary import customs formalities. Once after completion of such bill of entry formalities, the customs department of an importing country permits importer to take delivery of cargo after paying necessary charges if any to custodian of goods, carriers etc.

What happens, if HAWB number marks wrongly copy

The custodian delivers goods to the consignee/importer after confirming match of marks and numbers mentioned in documents and on packages. If Any changes in marking HAWB or other reference details, custodian of cargo do not deliver import packages to consignee without proper confirmation.

Marking and labeling plays an important role in import export business. If HAWB differs, chances are there in delay of receiving goods due to confusion in loading at different points of transit. The consignee can not take delivery unless the importer gets necessary permission from customs department and from custodian of cargo. The carrier or his agent who issued House Airway Bill (HAWB) has to provide a declaration and request letter to customs and custodian of cargo mentioning the ‘AWB number on the parcel’ and correct ‘AWB number to be amended’. After verifying physically by the customs official, permit to take delivery of cargo, once after the approval of custodian of goods.


So marks and numbers play another role in shipping of import and export trade. If any changes in marks and numbers in documents with actually marked on parcels/packages, the carrier/custodian may hold shipment to deliver till rectifying such issues by filing necessary application with necessary authorities.


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