Reduced GST rate on Tamarind dried

Minimized GST rates on Tamarind dried


The GST tariff rate on goods under HSN 0813 has been cut down as per GST council meet held on 09th September, 2017.  The details of reduced GST rate on Tamarind dried is as follows:



HSN number:  0813

Tamarind dried

GST rate before 09th September, 2017: 12%

Reduced rate of GST w.e.f 09.09.2017: 5%


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Nitin : What is defination of Dried Tamarind & fresh tamarind? Means-Tamarind powder,seedless tamarind, tamarind with seed. Pls above which item fall in which quality dry hsn code 0813 or fresh tamarind hsn code 0810

P Chandra Reddy : tamarind with seed hsn code please

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