HSN code for rolling stock parts, railway fixtures and fittings etc



Railway or tramway locomotives, rolling-stock and parts thereof,

railway or tramway track fixtures and fittings and parts thereof,

mechanical (including electro-mechanical) traffic signalling equipment

of all kinds

The information provided below about HSN codes are used for GST purpose to classify goods. You may reconfirm with GST authorities whether your product HSN code is classified correctly below. The HSN codes under 02 digits, 04 digits, 06 digits and 08 digits explains and classifies broadly for each section of goods.


1. This Chapter does not cover:

(a) railway or tramway sleepers of wood or of concrete, or concrete guide-track sections for hover trains (heading 4406 00 00 or 6810 00 00);

(b) railway or tramway track construction material of iron or steel of heading 7302 00 00; or

(c) electrical signalling, safety or traffic control equipment of heading 8530 00 00.

2. Heading 8607 00 00 applies, inter alia, to:

(a) axles, wheels, wheel sets (running gear), metal tyres, hoops and hubs and other parts of wheels;

(b) frames, under frames, bogies and Bissell-bogies;

(c) axle boxes, brake gear;

(d) buffers for rolling-stock; hooks and other coupling gear and corridor connections;

(e) coachwork.

3. Subject to the provisions of Note 1 above, heading 8608 00 00 applies, inter alia, to:

(a) assembled track, turntables, platform buffers, loading gauges;

(b) semaphores, mechanical signal discs, level crossing control gear, signal and point controls and other mechanical (including electro-mechanical) signalling, safety or traffic control equipment, whether or not fitted for electric lighting, for railways, tramways, roads, inland waterways, parking facilities, port installations or airfields.

HSN Code Description of goods

HSN code 8601 Rail locomotives powered from an external source of

electricity or by electric accumulators

8601 10 00    -  Powered from an external source of           
8601 20 00    -  Powered by electric accumulators

HSN code 8602 Other rail locomotives; locomotive tenders

8602 10 00    -    Diesel-electric locomotives           
8602 90    -    Other :           
8602 90 10    ---    Steam locomotives and tenders thereof           
8602 90 90    ---    Other

HSN code 8603 Self-propelled railway or tramway coaches, vans and

trucks, other than those of heading 8604

8603 10 00    -  Powered from an external source of           
8603 90 00    -  Other

HSN code 8604 00 00 Railway or tramway maintenance or service vehicles

whether or not self-propelled (for example, workshops,

cranes, ballast tampers, track-liners, testing coaches and

track inspection vehicles)

HSN code 8605 00 00 Railway or tramway passenger coaches, not self-propelled;

luggage vans, post office coaches and other special purpose

railway or tramway coaches, not self-propelled (excluding

those of heading 8604)

HSN code 8606  Railway or tramway goods vans and wagons, not self-propelled

8606 10    -    Tank wagons and the like :           
8606 10 10    ---    Four wheeler tank wagons of pay-load           
        exceeding 23 tonnes           
8606 10 20    ---    Eight wheeler tank wagons of pay-load           
        not exceeding 60 tonnes           
8606 10 90    ---    Other           
8606 30 00    -    Self-discharging vans and wagons, other           
        than those of sub-heading 8606 10           
    -    Other :           
8606 91    --    Covered and closed :           
8606 91 10    ---    Meter guage eight wheeler covered wagons           
        of pay-load not exceeding 38 tonnes           
8606 91 20    ---    Broad guage eight wheeler covered wagons           
        of pay-load not exceeding 60 tonnes           
8606 91 90    ---    Other                               
8606 92    --    Open with non-removable sides of a               
        height exceeding 60 cms :               
8606 92 10    ---    Bogie eight wheeler wagons of pay-load               
        not exceeding 60 tonnes               
8606 92 20    ---  Broad guage bogie eight wheeler wagons of               
        pay-load exceeding 60 tonnes but not               
        exceeding 67 tonnes               
8606 92 90    ---    Other               
8606 99 00    --    Other       

HSN code 8607   Parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling-stock

-    Bogies, bissel-bogies, axles and wheels,           
        and parts thereof :           
8607 11 00    --    Driving bogies and bissel-bogies           
8607 12 00    --    Other bogies and bissel-bogies           
8607 19    --    Other including parts :           
8607 19 10    ---    Axles, wheels for coaches, van and wagons           
8607 19 20    ---    Axles and wheels for locomotives           
8607 19 30    ---    Axle boxes (lubricating or grease box)           
8607 19 90    ---    Other parts of axles and wheels           
    -    Brakes and parts thereof :           
8607 21 00    --    Air brakes and parts thereof           
8607 29 00    --    Other           
8607 30    -    Hooks and other coupling devices, buffers           
        and parts thereof :           
8607 30 10    ---    Buffers and coupling devices           
8607 30 90    ---    Other           
    -    Other :           
8607 91 00    --    Of locomotives           
8607 99    --    Other :           
8607 99 10    ---    Parts of coach work of railway running stock           
8607 99 20    ---    Parts of tramway, locomotives and running           
8607 99 30    ---    Hydraulic shock absorbers for railway bogies           
8607 99 90    ---    Other   

HSN code 8608   Railway or tramway track fixtures and fittings; mechanical

(including electro-mechanical) signalling, safety or traffic

control equipment for railway, tramways, roads, inland

waterways, parking facilities, port installation or air-fields;

parts of the foregoing

8608 00    -    Railway or tramway track fixtures and fittings;               
        mechanical (including  electo-mechanical)               
        signalling, safety or traffic control equipment for               
        railway, tramways, roads, inland waterways,               
        parking facilities, port installation or air-fields;               
        parts of the foregoing :               
8608 00 10    ---    Railway and tramway track fixtures and               
8608 00 20    ---    Mechanical equipment, not electrically               
        powered for signalling to, or controlling,               
        road rail or other vehicles, ships or aircraft               
8608 00 30    ---    Other traffic control equipment for railways               
8608 00 40    ---    Other traffic control equipment for roads or               
        inland waterways including automatic traffic               
        control equipment for use at ports and airports               
8608 00 90    ---    Other   



HSN code 8609 00 00 Containers (including containers for the transport of

fluids) specially designed and equipped for carriage by one

or more modes of transport.

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