GST rate tariff for Commodities in India


GST rate tariff for Commodities in India


The details about GST rates of goods are mentioned below.  The details of notification changes, GST rate changes and other amendments related to GST are also being updated here soon.  The details furnished below is just for information only. You may reconfirm the authenticity and validity  with the authorities  before proceeding with any business transaction.


GST rates for Goods as per HSN chapter wise


GST rate on sale of Live Animals in India (HSN Chapter 01)

GST rate on sale of Meat in India (HSN Chapter 02)

GST on Fish in India (HSN Chapter 03)

GST rate on Milk, Cheese, Egg, Honey etc. (HSN Chapter 04)

GST slab rate on sale of animal origin products (HSN Chapter 05)

GST for sale of Live plants and trees, nurseries (HSN Chapter 06)

GST rate on sale of Fresh Vegetables in India (HSN Chapter 07)

GST rate on Fruits sales and nut sales in India (HSN Chapter 08)

GST rate on Coffee and Tea in India (HSN Chapter 09)

GST on Rice, Oats, Millets, Maize etc. (HSN Chapter 10)

GST on Milling industry products in India (HSN Chapter 11)

GST on oil seeds and medicinal plants in India(HSN Chapter 12)

GST rate on sale of Gums, resins, lacs etc. (HSN Chapter 13)

GST rate on Vegetable Plaiting Materials (HSN Chapter 14)

GST payable on sale of animal oil, waxes, fats, vegetable oil etc. (HSN Chapter 15)

GST rate on preserved meat, fish, crustaceans etc. (HSN Chapter 16)

GST rate on Sugar Industry in India (HSN Chapter 17)

GST payable on sale of Cocoa and Cocoa preparations (HSN Chapter 18)

Slab rate of GST on preparation of starch, cereals and flour (HSN Chapter 19)

GST rate on vegetable preparations, fruit preparations, nut preparations (HSN Chapter 20)

GST schedule rate on essences, concentrates of tea, mate, soya sauce etc. (HSN Chapter 21)

GST tariff on aerated water, mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages (HSN Chapter 22)

GST rate on Beer, wine, rum, brandy, whisky, vinegar etc. (HSN Chapter 22)

GST on Animal Feed and Residues from Food Industries (HSN Chapter 23)

GST tariff rate on Tobacco, cigarettes, cheroots, tobacco products (HSN Chapter 24)

Tariff of GST on sale of Salt, plastering materials, cement, lime etc. (HSN Chapter 25)

Rate slab of GST on Slag, Ash and Ores in India (HSN Chapter 26)

Rate tariff of GST on mineral fuels, waxes, bituminous substance etc. (HSN Chapter 27)

GST on Inorganic chemicals in India (HSN Chapter 28)

Organic chemicals, GST tariff rate in India (HSN Chapter 29)

Tariff rate of GST payable on sale of Pharmaceutical products in India (HSN Chapter 30)

Goods and Service Tax on sale of fertilizers (HSN Chapter 31)

GST rate slab on Paints, varnishes, putty, mastics, inks and dyeing extracts (HSN Chapter 32)

Rate of GST on Perfumes, cosmetics, essential oil, toilet preparations (HSN Chapter 33)

GST tax on Soap, lubricating preparations, washing preparations etc. (HSN Chapter 34)

GST rate on glues, enzymes, modified starches and albuminoidal substances (HSN Chapter 35)

Rate of GST on pyrotechnic products, matches and pyrophoric alloys (HSN Chapter 36)

GST rate payable on photographic goods and cinematographic commodities (HSN Chapter 37)

GST rate payable on wood tar oils, fire-extinguisher preparations (HSN Chapter 38)

Percentage of GST payable on Plastic (HSN Chapter 39)

Rate of GST payable on Rubber and rubber products in India (HSN Chapter 40)

GST on Leather industry in India (HSN Chapter 41)

GST tax payable on saddlery products, articles of animal gut, leather articles (HSN Chapter 42)

Rate of GST payable on fur skins and articles of fur (HSN Chapter 43)

GST payable on Wood, wood charcoal, wood articles etc. (HSN Chapter 44)

GST on Cork and Cork products (HSN Chapter 45)

Goods and Service Tax on straw manufacturers, basket ware and wickerwork (HSN Chapter 46)

Tax payable on wood pulp, fibrous cellulosic material, waste and scrap paper as GST in India (HSN Chapter 47)

GST applicable on Paper, paper board and paper pulp articles (HSN Chapter 48)

How much rate of GST on printed books, newspapers, pictures etc.? (HSN Chapter 49)

Rate of GST payable on Silk and Silk products (HSN Chapter 50)

GST rate on wool, animal hair, yarn of horsehair, woven fabric (HSN Chapter 51)

GST Tariff rate on Cotton and Cotton articles (HSN Chapter 52)

Rate of GST on woven fabrics of paper, Paper Yarn, other vegetable textile fibers etc. (HSN Chapter 53)

Percentage of GST imposed on manmade textile materials, filaments, strips (HSN Chapter 54)

GST on manmade staple fibres in India (HSN Chapter 55)

GST rate on ropes, twine, wadding, special yarns, felt etc. (HSN Chapter 56)

GST on Carpet industries and sale of textile floor coverings (HSN Chapter 57)

Rate of GST on embroidery, special woven fabrics, tufted textile fabrics (HSN Chapter 58)

GST on textile articles, laminated textile fabrics, impregnated or coated textile fabrics, textile articles (HSN Chapter 59)

GST rate tariff on Crocheted fabrics and knitted fabrics (HSN Chapter 60)

GST on knitted or crocheted clothing accessories, articles of apparels. (HSN Chapter 61)

Tariff rate of GST on articles of not knitted or not crocheted apparel and clothing (HSN Chapter 62)

GST rate on made up textile articles, clothing and worn textiles, sets (HSN Chapter 63)

GST on Gaiters, Footwear parts, gaiter parts, footwear (HSN Chapter 64)

Rate of GST on sale of headgear and headgear parts (HSN Chapter 65)

GST rate on Umbrella, walking sticks, whips, seat sticks etc (HSN Chapter 66).

GST tax on Feather articles and prepared feathers (HSN Chapter 67)

GST rates on Cement, mica, asbestos and stone (HSN Chapter 68)

Ceramic products, GST payable in India (HSN Chapter 69)

Rate of GST on Glass and Glassware (HSN Chapter 70)

GST on Precious Metals, Precious Pearls and Precious Stones (HSN Chapter 71)

Tariff rate on sale of Steel and Iron in India (HSN Chapter 72)

GST payable on Steel articles and Iron Articles (HSN Chapter 73)

Tariff rate of GST payable on Copper and Copper articles (HSN Chapter 74)

Rate of GST payable on Nickel and products of Nickel (HSN Chapter 75)

Applicable GST on Aluminium and products made of aluminium(HSN Chapter 76)

GST on Lead and products of Lead (HSN Chapter78)

Zinc and Zinc products, GST tariff rate in India (HSN Chapter 79)

GST payable on sale of Tin and Tin products (HSN Chapter 80)

GST on Base metals, articles of base metals, cermet’s (HSN Chapter 81)

GST on sale of Spoons, Forks, tools and base metal parts (HSN Chapter 82)

GST rate payable on sale of Base metal mountings, filing cabinets, of base metal falls (HSN chapter 83)

GST on Machinery and Machinery parts in India (HSN Chapter 84)

GST rate on Electrical machinery, Television (HSN Chapter 85)

GST applicable on Railway fixtures and fittings, rolling stock parts (HSN Chapter 86)

GST rate on tramway rolling stock and parts, Vehicles other than railway (HSN Chapter 87)

Rate of GST applicable on Aircraft and parts, spacecraft and parts(HSN Chapter 88)

GST payable on sale of Boats, floating structures and ships (HSN Chapter 89)

GST on Medical, Surgical, optical, photographic and cinematographic products (HSN Chapter 90)

GST payable on Watches, clocks, watch parts and clock parts (HSN Chapter 91)

Rate of GST payable on sale of Musical instruments, parts and accessories (HSN Chapter 92)

GST on Arms and ammunition parts, Arms and ammunition accessories payable in India (HSN Chapter 93)

GST payable on sale of Furniture, lamps, bedding, mattress ( HSN Chapter 94)

GST tariff rate payable on sale of Toys, sports and games accessories (HSN Chapter 95)

GST charges on sale of Brushes, buttons, crayons, carving materials, brooms (HSN Chapter 96)

GST rate on sale of Art Work, Antiques (HSN Chapter 97)

GST on Project Imports, Laboratory Chemicals, Passengers baggage (HSN Chapter 98


The details about GST rates of goods are mentioned above.  The details of notification changes, GST rate changes and other amendments related to GST are also being updated here soon.  The details furnished above is just for information only. You may reconfirm the authenticity and validity  with the authorities  before proceeding with any business transaction.


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Prabhakar: we wish to buy a High Voltage power supply for Lab which carried out scientific experiments and out is ngo, nonprofit organization. Please let me know whether we are eligible for 5% GST?

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