Difference between standard dry container and high cube container

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The difference between general cargo container and high cube container

The difference between normal container and high cube container is explained in this post.



difference between high cube container and normal containerHigh cube containers are almost similar to other cargo containers except height. Compared to other standard containers, high cube containers are taller. The approximate height of high cube containers is 2896mm (9feet 6 inches) where as approximate height of other container 2591mm (8 feet 6 inches). High cube containers are available in 40’ long commonly and 45’ long rarely. High cube containers are manufactured with 14 gauge corrugated steel panels with double doors on one end.


In order to bear loads, lashing rings are mounted on front top end rail and bottom cross member and corner posts of high cube containers. For easy transportation, gooseneck tunnels at each end are fixed in a 40’ high cube Container.


Since the height is one foot more than the normal container, over height cargo can be loaded in high cube containers. High volume cargo also can be moved with high cube containers.


The details about High Cube Containers and normal dry cargo container are mentioned in the following web links which differentiate both standard dry container and High Cube Containers.


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