Import Customs procedures in Saudi Arabia

Customs clearance process required in Saudi Arabia


Import cargo clearance in Saudi Arabia Customs. What is the customs process in Saudi Arabia to import?  How is import cargo released from Saudi Arabia Customs to importer?  Who are the parties involved in import customs clearance formalities in Saudi Arabia? 


The information provided here details on how to import goods to Saudi Arabia especially import customs clearance procedures in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabian Department of Customs (SADC) is the authority who is responsible for regulates inflow and outflow of goods in the country, levies taxes on goods efficiently, facilitate legitimate trade implementation of customs policies, and protection of the society and legal economic activities.


The authority makes it mandatory and allows exporting into Saudi Arabia only when all the SASO standards are met. If the cargo does not meet the procedures as per SASO standards and if there are any violations then the entire lot gets rejected leading to a huge loss of money.


Import customs clearance methodology to deliver imported goods to importer is same in almost all ports worldwide.  Detailed information about import customs process is explained separately in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Import Customs Process in importing country



The information provided here details on how to import goods to Saudi Arabia especially import customs clearance procedures in Saudi Arabia.



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