Facilitation Centre (FC) for GST Returns filing in India

Facilitation Centre (FC) to submit GST returns and tax payment

Facilitation Centre (FC) for GST Returns filing in IndiaWhat is Facilitation Centre (FC) under GST in India? How does Facilitation Centre work for GST payment and tax return filing? Who requires a Facilitation Centre in India for GST payment and TAX return submission?

Another facility to small traders who does not have digital knowledge in handling GST procedures and formalities electronically is to approach a Facilitation Centre.

The Facilitation Centre shall be responsible for the digitization and / or uploading of the forms and documents including summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Signatory and given to it by the taxable person. After uploading the data on common portal using the ID and Password of FC, a print-out of acknowledgement will be taken and signed by the FC and handed over to the taxable person for his records. The FC will scan and upload the summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Signatory.


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Prakash Chandra Tiwari: Want to open GST Registration Facilitation Centre, kindly share all the required forms and other details for register for GST registration Centre.

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