TDS return under GST

TDS return submission procedure under GST


 How to submit TDS return under GST? Time limit for filing the TDS Returns under GST.

The filing the TDS Return in FORM GSTR-7 can be done both through the online mode in the GST portal as well as by using the offline tool.

TDS return submission procedure

In the offline method, the deductor would be required to fill up the designated. xl file and upload the said file with signature validation.

Every registered TDS deductor is required to file a Return in FORM GSTR 7 electronically within 10th of the month succeeding the month in which deductions have been made to avoid payment of any late fee, interest. [Section 39(3) of the CGST Act, 2017 read with Rule 66 of the CGST Rules, 2017 refers]

Tax deposited by challan would get credited in the electronic cash ledger of the deductor. The liability of a deductor in FORM GSTR 7 has to be paid by him by debiting his electronic cash ledger.

The deductor shall furnish to the deductee a system generated certificate in FORM GSTR 7A mentioning therein the contract value, rate of deduction, amount deducted, amount paid to the Government and other related particulars. The said certificate is to be furnished within five days of crediting the amount so deducted to the Government i.e. within five days of furnishing return in FORM GSTR7.

 The entire exercise has to be completed through

 The deductee (i.e. the supplier) shall claim the credit of such deduction in his electronic cash ledger.


Time limit for filing the TDS Returns under GST

The FORM GSTR-7 for a particular month has to be filed online within 10th of the month succeeding to the month in which deductions have been made.

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