I have no knowledge in IT. How to file GST returns in India?


Facilities to submit GST returns and tax payment in India

How to file GST returnsWe do not know, how to submit GST returns in India.  Who can help?

As you know, there is no paper work physically in GST system in India. Registration of GST, Filing GST returns, Refund of GST…. All such activities are done electronically.

If a person does not have enough resource in handling GST electronically, what is the solution?

Country like India has a wide gap between the people who are literate digitally and those who are not. Digital divide is a challenge in India for forthcoming decades also. There are a good number of people who conducts business effectively with a good number of employment generation in the country. Here the question is, how to resolve the issue of a business man who is an illiterate in filing proper GST return and handling such activities electronically?

Practically, such traders appoint a person who is well accustomed with electronic handling of GST procedures and formalities. However, for easy and effective handling of GST system including filing of GST returns, Government of India introduces a couple of alternative solutions to small dealers or dealers who has no digital literacy (IT knowledge) to handle GST procedures and formalities electronically. Some of such facilities to small dealers and dealers who has no IT infrastructure are given under:

Tax Return Preparer (TRP)

Who is a Tax Return Preparer (TRP) under GST in India?

One of the facilities provided to small traders and for the traders who does not have IT knowledge to handle GST procedures and formalities electronically is to handle GST procedures through a Tax Return Preparer (TRP).

As per GST Law, a taxable person may prepare his registration application /returns himself or can approach the TRP for assistance. TRP will prepare the said registration document / return in prescribed format on the basis of the information furnished to him by the taxable person. The legal responsibility of the correctness of information contained in the forms prepared by the TRP will rest with the taxable person only and the TRP shall not be liable for any errors or incorrect information.

Facilitation Centre (FC)

Another facility to small traders who does not have digital knowledge in handling GST procedures and formalities electronically is to approach a Facilitation Centre.

The Facilitation Centre shall be responsible for the digitization and / or uploading of the forms and documents including summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Signatory and given to it by the taxable person. After uploading the data on common portal using the ID and Password of FC, a print-out of acknowledgement will be taken and signed by the FC and handed over to the taxable person for his records. The FC will scan and upload the summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Signatory.

This post explains about the guidelines for GST taxable persons in India who does not have either proper system of electronic filing of returns of knowledge to file GST tax payment and returns online.


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