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Bank Certificate
This is to certify that the following Bills covering exports of ……………… Nepal/Bhutan drawn by M/s.........……………………………have been negotiated and proceeds as given below received by us in the approved manner. We also certify that the payments thereof have been received in freely convertible currency. Signature of Manager/Authorised officer of the Bank with Official Stamp.
1. This certificate should be on the Bank's letterhead and should bear the Official Stamp of the Bank.
2. This certificate will be issued only after the full proceeds of the Bill have been realised.


Bank Certificate.pdf


The above information is a part of Export Import Online Tutorial

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williams: I would be happy to make my payment by credit card if you accept them. They will be shipped overseas to one of our location and don’t worry if you don’t have INT shipping experience, I would recommend you to one of our shippers that handles everything including paperwork. I will be expecting the prices so I will advise the qty we would need. This order is not for resale

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