Export promotion schemes of SPICES BOARD


Different Export Promotion Schemes from Spices Board



General Guidelines / Procedures

1. The applicant should submit application to avail Export Development

Schemes of the Board in the prescribed application form in duplicate

(available on website:http://indianspices.com with all necessary enclosures

as specified in corresponding annexure given in the individual schemes details

to the nearest designated regional office of the Spices Board.

2. On receipt of the application and enclosures the Board / Regional Office (RO)

will acknowledge receipt of the application. The applicant is wholly responsible

for providing all the information and documents sought as per guidelines of the

schemes. Incomplete applications will be rejected and returned to the applicant

if the documents required are not enclosed.

3. All the applications received shall be scrutinized in the office (regional/ head

office). Once the application scrutinized and found to be complete in all respects,

a letter of acceptance shall be issued to the applicant.

The receipt & acknowledgment does not necessarily mean the approval of

application, unless it is found to be feasible in all respects during the time of final

scrutiny and evaluation.

5. If ineligibility of an applicant is found during scrutiny of the application at the

acceptance stage, it will be informed to the applicant and 15 days’ time is given

to correct the deficiency / submit required documents, failing which the entire

application and enclosures will be returned to the applicant to facilitate

submission of complete application. Unsigned and undated application will be

rejected forthwith.

6. The Board reserves the right to sanction more than one instance during the

XII Plan period but the total assistance availed should not exceed the maximum

limit under the notified scheme in XII Plan period.

7. Claims for Payment have to be submitted in the same plan period / year

depending on the scheme and any pending claims for want of clarification and

document from the exporter will not be carried beyond the plan period.



(1) Adoption of Hi-Tech in Spice Processing.

(2) Technology and Process Upgradation.

(3) Setting-up/up-gradation of in-house quality control laboratory.

(4a) Quality certification such as ISO 22000, SQF 2000, GMP traceability, FDA

Registration (4b) Validation of check samples and training of laboratory


1.A.1 All the registered exporters with the Board having a minimum investment

of Rs. 50 Lakhs and who have Spice House Certificate are eligible for the

assistance under IDS. This includes investment already made for the current

proposed project for which application is submitted. However, the applications

of existing manufacturing exporters, who have applied for assistance but do not

have SHC, will be considered for assistance with the condition that they will

compete all the requirements formalities and procedures of SHC and get the SHC

for the unit (in which they are installing the proposed machinery) within one year

from the date of their application or from the date of approval / notification of

the SHC by Government, whichever is later. The final inspection of their units

for considering assistance will be conducted only after the SHC procedures are

completed. In case of new units for which the applications have been submitted

for assistance, the unit should get SHC from the Board with in one year of date

of completion of their project. The maximum amount of subsidy under the above

IDS programmes is limited to 33% of the cost subject to a maximum of Rs.1.00

Crore per exporter in general areas and 50% of the cost subject to a maximum

of Rs.2.00 Crore in special areas, in a plan period.

1.A.2 The application for Infrastructure Development Scheme (IDS) along with

enclosures shall be submitted to the nearest Regional Office at least 45 days

before the commencement of the Project for which the application is submitted.

1.A.3 Detailed Project Report (in duplicate) & CE evaluation and other

documents have to be submitted in original along with original application. For

other documents only self-attested copies are to be submitted along with the

application form.

1.A.4. Components / equipments shown in the Project Report are not allowed to

be changed once in-principle approval is accorded by the Board. Even minor

changes in the component / equipments need to be informed to the Board in writing

with justification and prior permission has to be obtained.

1.A.5. Components/machinery/equipments once installed in a particular Unit

or location to which grant-in-aid is obtained will not be allowed to be shifted to

any other location/Unit and request for such shift will not be entertained till export

obligation is completed.

1.A.6 If any major changes in the components/equipments are proposed that

are going to affect economic and technical feasibility of the Project Proposal

which had already been submitted to the Board and in-principle approval

accorded, the earlier proposal may be withdrawn and fresh Project Proposal

needs to be submitted and this would be treated as a new application from the

date of its submission and all formalities observed earlier has to be gone through

including evaluation of the Project. In such a case, the cost of evaluation of the

Project incurred is to be completely borne by the applicant.

1.A.7. In case of existing exporters, export performance for the last three years

(spices and spice products) should be mentioned in quantity (MT) and value

(Rs/lakh) terms in the relevant column. The projected exports for next five years

by year-wise should also be mentioned in the appropriate column by all


1.A.8 Monthly export returns shall be filed to the Board even in the case of NIL

exports. The Board will consider the release of grant-in-aid or Bank Guarantee

only after verification of export returns and the performance achieved thereupon

by the beneficiary. Non-compliance on the part of the applicant will result in not

releasing the grant-in-aid or Bank Guarantee on time.

1.A.9 The application, Undertaking, Declaration and Certificate should be duly

signed and stamped by the authorized signatory. Any change in

ownership/management/status of the company should be got approved by

sending a written request to Spices Board with supporting documents.

1.A.10 In principle approval is valid for one year from the date of its issue. It is

binding upon the applicant to appraise Spices Board on the progress of the

activity and seek written extension of validity of the in-Principle approval letter

as, when and whenever required, well ahead of the expiry of the original validity

of such letter. The officials of the Board will also undertake periodical on site

inspection to assess the progress of the work undertaken once the in-principle

approval is accorded.


 1.A.11 All payments shall be done only through banks. Payment effected

through banks and as reflected in the Bank Statement alone will be considered

for calculating the eligible grant-in-aid. The cost of land and building is not

considered under the IDS scheme. Payment by cash to petty expenditure

connected with the project shall be considered up to Rs.25,000/- only.

1.A.12 On completion of the Project, the applicant may submit to the Board

Project Completion Report along with copies of bills/vouchers/receipts (self

attested), expenditure statement duly certified by the Chartered Accountant,

Bank statement detailing payments released for qualified activities/components

of the project or copies of demand drafts relating to the payment effected for the

project to conduct the inspection of the Unit along with a declaration that no

deviation has been made from the approved Project. Affidavit is to be submitted

to the effect that no grant-in-aid has been applied or received from any other

source for the same Project and components/machinery. (Annexure-B)

In case of component 4b, the applicant has to submit copy of airway bill, invoice

for the analytical charges of the samples dispatched abroad for

validation/standardization and copy of the analytical report received from the

laboratory in which the sample was tested, receipt from the courier agent along

with POD status report for having received the payment

1.A.13 During inspection, the applicant should submit / show Originals of all

bills to the inspecting officials. Option is also given to submit all bills in original

at the time of submitting Completion/Installation Certificate. Part submission of

bills is not considered.

1.A.14. Only payment effected after date of acceptance of complete application

submitted to head office / regional office, duly acknowledge by seal, will be

accounted while calculating the grant-in-aid.

1.A.15 Any document/bills/quotations/certificate found to have furnished false

information or concealed any material information by the applicant; the Board

has the liberty to issue notice to the applicant and invoke the Bank Guarantee.

1.A.16 The Board will finance only those machinery / equipments which are

directly related to processing of spice and spice products. No second hand

machinery is eligible for assistance.

1.A.17 The maximum tenure allowed for completion of a Hi-tech Project /

Technology Upgradation would normally be 2 years. Any extension beyond 2

years will be considered on case to case basis based on proper justification.

1.A.18 Second grant for expansion & upgradation / modernization of the same

Unit for which grant has already been availed for setting up in the same location

or activity will be considered subject to maximum eligible limit.

1.A.19 All expenses related to plant and machinery and essential / auxiliary

equipments that are related to the process and production related activities of

the approved Project only considered for assistance. Only those expenses

incurred for erection and installation of the machinery/equipment for functional

purposes that are approved by the Board will be considered for calculating grantin-aid.

Anticipated expenditure towards erection of such equipments may be

indicated at the time of submission of the application.

1.A.20 Prices quoted by the suppliers should indicate separately for

transportation, insurance, freight, taxes etc in the final bill.

1.A.21 The applicant found to be eligible for release of grant-in-aid is required

to enter into an Agreement with the Board that he would undertake to export

spices worth ten times the grant-in-aid over in 5 years over and above the export

performance achieved in the previous three years (average) and offer a Bank

guarantee equivalent to 110% of the amount to be released with a minimum

validity of five years. For discharging the export obligation, the export effected

directly by the beneficiary, if any, as well as the supplies made by the beneficiary

to other exporters for export (deemed export) will be considered. The Bank

Guarantee would be released as soon as the applicant achieves the required

export obligation and submit a statement duly certified by the bank and their

CA. If the exporter fails to fulfill Export Obligation, the Bank Guarantee will be

invoked proportionate to the export obligation unfulfilled along with interest. No

exemption will be given for fulfilling export obligation. No extension will be given

to an exporter beyond 5 years to fulfill export obligation.

1.A.22. For clearance of plant/machinery/equipments where EPCG and

CENVAT payments are involved, exporters will have to submit an affidavit with

regard to availing of the credit.

1.A.23 Under setting up/Upgradation of in-house Quality laboratory, cost of

laboratory equipments/instruments, glassware, laboratory furniture and other

accessories including electrical installations and consultancy charges will be


1.A.24 Under Quality Certification programme, cost of

accreditation/certification of processing units (including renewal) cost of

analytical charges for validation/ standardization in laboratories abroad and

charges/expenses for upgrading technical knowledge of laboratory personnel of

the exporters in reputed international laboratories preferably approved by

ISFDA, ED etc. are included.

2. Trade Promotion

A. Sending Business Samples Abroad

2.A.1 All registered exporters who are having Spice House Certificate/Brand

Registration with the Board/Organic Certification are eligible for availing

assistance under the scheme. For reimbursement of courier charges, prior

approval is not required.

2.A.2. Reimbursement of courier charges, claims will be entertained only on a

quarterly basis and bills relating to the last quarter of the financial year should

reach latest by 31st March.

2.A.3 The exporters have to submit original of the courier waybill, POD and

proof of payment for courier sent, while submitting the application. The

assistance is limited to Rs.50,000/- per exporter per year for sending business

samples abroad

 B Printing Promotional Literature/Brochures.

2.B.1 All registered exporters who are having Spice House / Logo, Brand

Registration with the Board/Organic Certification are eligible for availing

assistance under the scheme. Prior approval is essential for availing the benefit

under this scheme.

2.B.2 The applicant has to submit application in the prescribed form along with

documents such as copy of Spice House/Logo, Organic Certification, Brand

Registration; details of the promotional activity along with draft

literature/brochure and quotation for consultancy, design, printing paper (with


2.B.3 Based on the above documents and on any other additional documents

required in support of application the Board shall accord in principle approval

to proceed with the work.

2.B.4 On completion of the activity, the applicant shall submit the final version

of the printed literature/brochure/CD/video film/(two copies), Copies of bills,

vouchers and receipts (self-attested), Proof of payment of printing/consultancy

charges and the consolidate expenditure statement duly certified by the

Chartered Accountant.

2.B.5 Printed brochures should have details regarding no. of copies printed,

year of printing and the name of the printer. The assistance is limited to 50% of

the cost subject to a maximum of Rs.2.00 lakh per brochure twice per exporter

during the plan period.

 C. Packaging Development and Bar Coding Registration

2.C.1 All registered exporters are eligible to avail the assistance under this

component to develop or modify their export packages. However, those exporters

who have already a brand but not registered their brand with the Board, should

submit their brand registration application also with this scheme application.

2.C.2. The exporter has to submit dummy print of the design along with contents

and quotations for consultancy, cost of design, photography, art work, cylinders

and details of bar coding registration/traceability along with the application

based on which an approval will be given. The developed and/or modified

packages are to be sent to the Indian Institute of Packaging for approval based

on which only payment will be released.


2.C.3 The exporter has to submit the bills and vouchers for all the components

for which go-ahead was given and all proof of payment including receipts for

payment for bar coding registration, traceability standards (if any incurred) to

be submitted along with the original certificate issued by the Indian Institute of


2.C.4. The branded package approved by IIP will be registered by the Board at

this point. The developed packages should adhere to the labeling requirements

viz., the details of ingredients, nutritional facts, declaration regarding veg. & nonveg.,

food additives, net quantity, date of manufacturing,

packaged/manufactured by, best before use (date) etc.

2.C.5. No export obligation is prescribed for availing assistance for the above


3. International Trade Fairs/Meetings

3.A.1 There are two components under the programme viz.,

(1) Participation in International fairs/exhibitions

(2) Participation in International meetings /seminars is assisted for market


3.A.2 Regarding participation in international trade fairs/exhibitions, all

registered exporters holding Spice House Certificate / having brand registration

with the Board are eligible to avail the grant-in-aid on a reimbursement basis

against production of required documents. For participation in international

meetings/seminars to address common issues of the spice industry,

representatives of exporters’ association or forum nominated by the Association

are eligible to avail the assistance.

3.A.3 Application indicating the proposed activity in the prescribed form should

be submitted to the Spices Board at least 15 days prior to the commencement of

the programme. Based on the application and also on any other additional

documents/details in support of the documentation, if any, the Board may

accord in principle approval to proceed with the activity.

3.A.4 Immediately after completion of the activity but positively within 90 days

of his/her return to India, the beneficiary shall submit their claim to the Board

with Brief report about the activity participated and achievement made, Legible

photocopy of passport highlighting the entries about departure from and arrival

in India and also countries visited or documentary evidence such as hotel bills,

boarding pass etc., copy of air ticket/jacket used during the journey, Proof of

payment for airfare (bills/receipts), Self-certified copies of receipt, bank advise

etc., evidencing payment made towards stall charges and electricity (as

applicable), Stamped advance cash receipt to the eligible amount for payment

from the Board,.

3.A.5 On receipt of the claim, the case will be considered and grant will be

reimbursed as per the Spices Board/MDA guidelines. No export obligation is

prescribed for availing assistance for the above activities/components

4. Promotion of Indian Spice Brands Abroad:

4.A.1 All registered exporters of spices who have registered their brands with the

Board or holding Spice House Certificates(SHC) / Indian Spices Logo/ Organic

Certification are eligible to avail the benefits. In case of units which do not have

SHC, the exporters have to obtain SHC within one year from the date of approval

of the proposal and/or as per the revised notification of SHC by Govt. whichever

is earlier, after which only the subsequent installments of assistance will be


4. A2. Interest free loan is paid to meet expenses of 110% for slotting/listing fee

and promotional measures and 50% of the cost of product development subject

to maximum Rs.1crore per brand. An exporter can avail the assistance for

promoting the given brand in a maximum of five countries in the Plan period.

4.A3. There are two components under the programme, viz., (a) Product and

Packaging Development & Bar Coding and (b) Brand Promotion.

4.A.4 Assistance will be include developing appropriate product, packaging and

compliance of statutory requirements in force in the target markets including

traceability/labelling & Bar Coding requirements while promoting brands in

these markets.

4.A.5 Exports of spices in all forms in institutional packs upto 25 kg and

consumer packs of spices in all forms including curry powders and mixed ground

spices upto five kg will qualify for availing the assistance.

4.A.6 The fund is provided to the exporters for meeting their estimated annual

expenditure for the brand promotion as per the programmes approved. Foreign

exchange requirement, if any, has to be met by the exporter.

4. A7. The exporter has to submit an application in the prescribed format along

with copies of detailed proposal covering details of the market promotion to be

undertaken with cost break up in each segment separately.

4. A.8. The exporter shall present the proposal in front of the expert committee

constituted by the Spices Board for this purpose who will evaluate the proposal

and approve.

4.A.9 Total approved loan amount for the programme will be released in three

equal installments at the beginning of each year. Before the release of the loan,

the exporter has to provide Bank Guarantee including interest in the

prescribed format for 110% of the loan sanctioned on stamped paper worth

Rs.100/-. The guarantee is to be renewed well before the date of expiry. The

guarantee is to be enhanced as and when further installments of loan are

sanctioned /released and an amendment on stamp paper should also be

executed to the Board.

4.A10 The repayment of the loan shall be in equal annual installments

commencing from the fourth year and end in the eight year from the date of

receipt of the first instalment of fund by the exporter.

4.A.11 By the end of every six months the exporter has to give a detailed report

of the activities undertaken along with a progress report.

4 A12 An expenditure statement that the loan has been fully utilized for the

sanctioned purpose should be submitted at the end of each year with supporting

documentary evidence for the anticipated expenditure for the next phase.

4.A.13 An export obligation of five times of the amount availed within a period

of eight years from the drawl of the first installment of the loan.

4.A.14 Payment shall be in Indian currency only and shall be based on a bank

guarantee which is to be renewed/enhanced as and when required. In the event

of default in repayment, the Board reserves the right to invoke the Bank

guarantee executed by the exporter and recover the entire loan amount.

4.A.15 In the absence of proper documentary evidence and satisfactory

periodical performance report, Board shall reduce the payment installments or

discontinue the assistance.

4. A16 The loan once repaid on account of failure on the part of the company to

comply with export obligation will not be released again.

5 Spice Processing in NE Region:

5.A.1 Under this programme, all types of primary processing facilities, which do

not require very high investments, are envisaged to ensure dispersed and

relatively low level value addition of locally grown spices will be supported.

Beneficiaries are required to fulfill export obligation by exporting spices and spice

products worth five times of the grant-in-aid within five years from the date of

completion of the processing facilities. For discharging the export obligation, the

export effected directly by the beneficiary, as well as supplies made by the

beneficiary to other exporters for export (deemed export) will be considered.

5.A.2 The claims on expenses on setting up the processing facilities/equipments

after the date of application for grant-in-aid only will qualify to work out the cost

the project for the purpose of payment of grant-in-aid. 33% of the cost of all types

of processing facilities subject to a maximum of Rs.50.00 lakhs per beneficiary

during the Plan period. In respect of farmers' groups, the assistance will be up

to 50% of the cost of all type of processing facilities subject to a maximum of

Rs.50.00 lakhs


6 Product Development & Research

6.A.1 Under this programme, it is proposed to provide financial assistance to the

exporters/research institutions to undertake product research & development.

Major areas for assistance are:

 Utilization of the services of national or international research institutes

for developing new spice products/applications or for establishing

traditional and non-traditional values.

 In-house research programmes by entities with sufficient infrastructure


 Clinical trials to establish and validate therapeutic properties of spices

through reputed third parties.

 Patenting and product registration in consuming countries.

6.A.2 Spices Board shall examine the application and on satisfying the proposal,

the Board shall accord ‘in-principle’ approval to the proposal on merit to proceed

with project.

6.A.3 All registered exporters and recognized research institutions.

6.A.4 Grant in aid @ 50% of the cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 25.00 lakhs

per beneficiary during the plan period is provided to meet the cost of product

research & development. All payments under the assistance schemes by the

Board shall be in the form of crossed cheque or Bank transfer.

6.A.5 No export obligation is prescribed for availing assistance for product

research and development.

6.A.6 Eligible exporters/research institutions may apply to the Board in the

prescribed format and obtain ‘in-principal’ approval to the proposal.

The applicant may submit the following to the Board in triplicate

1. Application in the prescribed form.

2. Project report appraised by research institutions/in-house lab scientists

3. Brief about the scientists involved in the project

6.A.6 The beneficiary shall produce all necessary documents that may be called

for by the Board specific to the project in addition to the following documents:

a) Final report of the product research & development

b) Original of bills and proof of payments made in the course of completion

of the project.

c) Expenditure statement duly certified by Chartered Accountant.

d) Samples of products manufactured (as applicable)

e) Copies of documents to establish the claimed properties of the products

(as applicable)

f) Documentary evidence for patenting the product (as applicable)

6.A.7 Based on the completion report and on verification of the documents, the

Board may release the eligible grant to the beneficiary or to the nominated




Market Development Assistance is being implemented as per the guidelines

issued by the Govt. of India from time to time. Assistance is available to all

registered exporters for export promotion activities abroad such as participation

in EPC lead trade Delegations, Buyer-Seller Meets, Trade Fairs, and Exhibitions.


a. Exporting companies with FOB value of exports upto Rs.15 crore in the

preceding year.

b. The exporter is having complete 12 months membership and filing of

export returns regularly with EPCs concerned.

c. Assistance would be permissible on travel expenses by air, in Economy

excursion class or charges of the built up furnished stall with an upper

ceiling as follows:

FOCUS LAC * - Rs.1,80,000

FOCUS AFRICA * - Rs.1,50,000

(including WANA region)

FOCUS CIS * - Rs.1,50,000

FOCUS ASEAN + 2* - Rs.1,50,000

General Areas* - Rs. 80,000

The participation of individual companies in the above activities shall

be subject to the following conditions:

(1) For EPC etc. led Trade Delegations/BSMs only air-fare by Economy Excursion

class upto a maximum of Rs. 70,000/- (Rs. 1,00000/- in the case of Focus LAC)

shall be permissible. For participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions

reimbursement shall be permissible subject to ceilings mentioned in the above


(2) Maximum number of permissible participation shall be five in a financial year

as indicated in above table (No travel grant is permissible for visit to General


However, for priority sectors, having large employment generation potential, viz.

Agriculture including food items, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Carpets, Leather &

Minor Forest Produce including LAC, 2 (two) participation in General Areas

would be admissible with the assistance of Rs. 1,50,000 for each participation.

The exporters availing of assistance under this provision would, however, be in

addition to these participations, eligible for only any 2 Focus Area participation.

(3) Assistance shall be permissible to one regular employee/Director/

partner/proprietor of the company. Assistance would not be available to exporter

of foreign nationality or holding foreign passport.

(4) Intimation application must be received in the concerned EPC etc. with a

minimum of 14 days clear advance notice excluding the date of receipt of

application in the office of the concerned organization and the date of departure

from the country.

(5) The company shall not be under investigation/charged/prosecuted/

debarred/black listed under the Foreign Trade Policy of India or any other law

relating to export and import business.

(6) Member exporters of EPCs etc. would also be eligible for MDA assistance for

participation in events organized by ITPO abroad. Their applications / claims

would by routed/reimbursed through concerned EPC etc.

(7) Maximum MDA assistance shall be inclusive of MDA assistance received from

all Govt. bodies/FIEO/EPCs/Commodity Boards/Export Development

Authorities/ITPO etc.,

(8) A Maximum of three participations in a particular trade fair/exhibition would

be eligible for MDA assistance and exporting companies after availing assistance

three times including past cases for a particular fair/exhibition, have to

participate in that fair, if any, on self-financing basis.

Documentation for reimbursement of assistance to exporters:

(i) Intimation application duly completed and signed shall be submitted by the

exporter to the concerned EPC etc. giving clear 14 days advance notice.

Intimation and the application must be sent electronically by email also.

(ii) Concerned Organization on receipt of intimation shall issue approval letter to

the exporter preferable within 5 working days of the receipt of the intimation.


 (iii) Claim along with the declaration duly completed and the Certificate duly

signed by a Chartered Accountant shall be submitted by the exporter to the

concerned EPC along with under mentioned papers immediately on return to

India after completion of the activity but positively within 45 days of their return

to India:

• Details of activity undertaken earlier with MDA assistance to the same


• Legible photocopy of passport highlighting the entries about departure from

and arrival into India and also the countries visited. In case, passport does not

have arrival/departure dates regarding visits to various countries, some

documentary evidence such as Hotel Bills, Boarding pass, lodging pass etc. be


•Original air ticket/jacket used during the journey. If Original air ticket/jacket

is lost, a legible photocopy of the same along with a certificate from the concerned

airline indicating following may be sent:

a) Name of the traveler

b) Ticket number

c) Flight No.

d) Date of departure from India

e) Sectors/countries visited

f) Class in which traveled

g) Economy excursion class fare for sectors/countries visited.

Self certified fob value export figures during the last three financial years, year


• Brief report about the activity participated and achievements made.

(iv) Claim forms duly filled in and complete in all respects must be submitted to

the concerned EPC, FIEO etc., within 90 days of return to India would. However,

claims submitted within 30 days from the expiry of the 90 days period may be

entertained by or wherein the deficiencies in the claim as intimated by the

concerned EPC, FIEO etc., with 10% deduction. The claims which are submitted

after 120 days of return to India shall not be entertained under any

circumstances. Any deficiencies in the claim as intimated by the concerned EPC,

FIEO etc., must be completed within 30 days of the date of directions given in

this regard failing which the claim shall stand rejected without any further

intimation or reminder in this regard by the concerned EPC, FIEO etc.


Annexure– A

Checklist for Applicants under Infrastructure Development

(Please tick mark in the relevant boxes against the items which are enclosed

along with the application for……………….)

1. Duly filled-in application form in duplicate. It is important to write your name

and full mailing address clearly and legibly in capital letters and within the space

provided including phone numbers, facsimile, Email, and Mobile numbers if any

of the applicant/authorized signatory.

3. A copy of certificate of Spice House Certification

2. All documents accompanying the application should be attested by the

Managing Director/Director / authorized signatory of the Company for which

the grant-in-aid is requested for.

3. Detailed Project Report (DPR) and a project evaluation certificate signed by

Chartered Engineer or Financial Institution (Bank) if the applicant is availing

financial assistance from the financial institution.

4. Attested copy of Possession Certificate to establish that the land belongs to

the applicant.

5. Attested copy of Land Deed/Lease Deed for not less than 10 years if land is a

leased land.

6. Notarized English version of land document is to be submitted in case it is in

any of the regional languages. Documents submitted in regional languages may

accompany translated version in English.

7. Attested copy of Tax Receipt in respect of Land/Building in the name of the


8. Self certified copies of CRES issued by the Board.

9. Two copies of Detailed Project Report duly signed along with certified detailed

sketch plan of Plant & Machineries design and engineering, process) flow

diagram along with estimated cost (component-wise) The project report shall by

evaluate and duly certified by Chartered Engineer or Financial Institution (Bank)

if the applicant is availing financial assistance from the financial institution.

Pamphlet depicting equipment details may also be attached if possible.

10. List of equipment/machineries for which grant-in-aid was obtained from the

Board during the XI Plan period.

11. Attested copy of the certificate issued by District Industries Centre / SSI

Certificate to prove that the applicant is a manufacturer of spice products.

12. Attested copy of Registration (if any) issued by the Food Safety Standards

Authority of India as Food Business Operator (FBO).

13. Attested copy of certificates if any of relevance like HACCP/ISO 22000/ ISO

14000/ GMP/GHP/SQF.

14. If term loan is availed, a copy of term loan sanction letter from Bank/financial


15. Attested copy of Certificate of incorporation/registration of the organization,

Memorandum and Articles of Association, partnership deed etc.

16. Annual Reports and Audited Statement of Accounts of last two years.

17. Quotations from the suppliers (Minimum two quotations) of plant and

machinery and equipments etc (including generator, control panel, cable

trenching) required for the project with validity of the quotation clearly

mentioned (Minimum of 90 days). Quotation shall have validity of minimum of

60 days on the day of acceptance of the application.

18. To obviate duplication of grants, beneficiaries need to file an Affidavit duly

executed on non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 100/- duly notarized by Notary

Public that the organization has not obtained/applied for or will not obtain any

grant/subsidy from any Ministry/Department of Central

Government/Government of India organization/agencies and State Government

for the same purpose/activity/same components partly or in whole of the Project

for which he has sought financial assistance from the Board. The format is given

in Annexure-B.

Procedure for release of Grant-in-aid

1. The applicant is required to submit a copy of the in-principle approval letter

and/or extension letter issued by the Board if the time limit of completing the

project exceeds the validity period of two years.

2. Self-certified list of equipments purchased along with original copies of

invoices and bills.

3. Installation certificate from the supplier/completion certificate of the Project

by the Chartered Engineer as per the DPR.

4. Latest CA certificate of actual expenditure incurred for the project.

5. Original Bank statement reflecting the payment to the supplier signed by the

authorized signatory of the Bank.

5. After sanction of the grant-in-aid, the applicant will execute an Agreement in

favour of Spices Board which will inter-alia stipulate the terms and conditions

under which the financial assistance is provided to the beneficiary applicant and

also provide a Bank Guarantee for an amount equal to 110% of the Grant-in-aid

to cover the interest portion also for a period till the beneficiary fulfills the

stipulated export obligation. Immediately after furnishing the proof of export

equal to export obligation, the bank guarantee will be released.


 (Non-Judicial Stamp Paper worth Rs.100/-)




of…………………………….Director/Proprietor of M/s………………………do hereby

solemnly affirms and state as follows.

That I am the deponent herein and I am fully acquainted with the information

given below.

(1) That the Unit/Organization has not obtained or applied for grant-inaid/subsidy

for the same purpose or activity from any other Ministry or

Department of Government of India or State Government or its agencies,

for which financial assistance is sought from Spices Board.

(2) That all the papers documents submitted to Spices Board are true and

correct and nothing is concealed or misrepresented.



All the above information 1 and 2 are true and correct.


Solemnly affirmed and signed before me on this day………………………




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