GST for Exporters in India


Goods and Service Tax for Exporters


Is there any GST to be paid by exporters? What would be the rate of GST to Exporters?


How to get refund of input tax paid by exporters? How to claim GST paid by exporters? How to get refund of GST paid to exporters? What are the documents required to be sumitted for claim of GST refund?

 There is no GST involved for exporters. In other words, there is zero rate of duty to exporters of goods or services.  The GST paid  for any movement of goods for the purpose of exports can be reimbursed.  

As per empowered committee of state finance ministers constituted by Government of India, the impact and benefits of GST to exporters quoted below:

“The subsuming of major Central and State taxes in GST, complete and comprehensive setoff of input goods and services and phasing out of Central Sales Tax (CST) would reduce the cost of locally manufactured goods and services. This will increase the competitiveness of Indian goods and services in the international market and give boost to Indian exports. The uniformity in tax rates and procedures across the country will also go a long way in reducing the compliance cost.”


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The above information provides about GST and Exports. The details of links explains about the procedures and formalities to obtain GST tax refund, the documentation required to claim GST tax in India, the procedures in verifying documents for refund of GST, the details to get refund of input tax paid to exporters.


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Savit Kumar: Export Procedure After GST implement.

mohan: See I have supplier who export goods to Malaysia. There is a situation where I buy from two suppliers and only one supplier exports it to us in Malaysia. Is there any GST to be charges by the supplier A to the supplier B , who exports it to Malaysia. please clarify.

AJAY : Dear Sir, We have 4 plants ( 2 Bhadurgarh - 1 excisable & 1 Non Excisable, 1 in Bhiwadi & 1 in Haridwar) and even we procure the material from different different vendor. can you please advise us how can we move the cargo from different states and can we prepare single commercial invoice. Please advise. Regards,

A G KHARBHIH : Does Export of goods from India to other Country attracts GST/Tax/Duties?Is it mandatory for taxable or non-taxable person of North East Exporter to get themselves registered with different Government Agencies namely; Servicer Tax Registration, Sales Tax Registration, GST Registration or other?

SANJAY TRIVEDI : we are exporting under LUT Bond ( NIL EXCISE DUTY ) before GST right now we take new bond under under gst or can we export under LUT BOND (NIL EXCISE DUTY )

Sagar Khubchandani : I have a query which I was not able to find. Suppose we are exporting small quantities via, or if we sell samples to our parties abroad, for which shipping bills are not available, should we charge GST on our products? Or how will we get drawback if any (what are the documents that will help us in duty drawback if we sell through Amazon).

Amitabh Kumar Gautam: is Import Export Code neccesary for Export to Nepal under GST bill.

Shazada Yesmin Liza: Hi, I want to know if there any impact on HS code due to GST implementation.

Golecha Henna World : Sir should we pay GST taxes for Export of goods or we can export without paying taxes

Kumar M: Sir, I am GST exemption person (Turn over < 20 Lakh so i am not get gstin), This is my first export, i need send to china for software application installation cd with invoice for customs clearance, my question with out gstin number can i send cover by courier with customs clearance? please tell the procedure.... (my contact no. +91 9994304015) Thank you.

raja: Is Corona Virus is threat or opportunity In the field of International Trade India’s approach is not aggressive Around 80 years back a USA footwear co has sent two representatives to find out Status of footwear market in Africa The first representative told no body wears even slipper you cannot sell even single pair Second representative informed they are not aware of footwear hence if we mkt positively we have full of Africa population as untapped market As per IMF latest bulletin for 2020-21 China India Indonesia will record 2.5% GDP Rest will have negative growth Can we have treat corona as opportunity 1) With available corona funds from different sources from India as well as international community International standard express high way road/ rail / hyper -loop to be constructed connecting major economic centers of Gulf and South Asia and South east Asia then our GDP will increase by around 3 or 4% and rest of Asia will become self-sufficient. A feasibility study to be prepared so all the countries can trade freely later GST Indirect Tax System to be overhauled GST started with returns under GSTR1 (Outward Sales) GSTR2 (Accepted Inward Purchases) and GSTR3 (Tax summary and payment) whereas ended up into GSTR1 (Outward Sales) and GSTR3B (Tax summary and payment) and due to which assesse started getting notice for mismatch where as annual return filing and audit for GST2017-18 is extended till now i.e. more than three years. Our GST Tariff is five plus two instead of one or two tariff as per other nations and GST rules are amended and notifications issued frequently to make things worst where as assesse is forced to file return in time if not late fee and e way bill blockage issues is raised. In addition GST Server was not functioning to the level required. Hence immediately GST Tariff to be brought into two tariffs only in line a High rate 16% for manufacturing items and end consumer general rate of 5% and each assesse is given option to file outward sales product name with HSN No applicable Tariff for approval. GST returns GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR3 to be activated immediately. LUT under EOU Export zone and Special economic zone to be abolished by given required export incentive. In case of credit accumulation due to inverted duty structure (ex purchases at higher rate 18% and sales @ 5%) accumulated credit will be refunded after elaborate process. In such a case each assesse can accept only 5% credit and balance to be credited to supplier. Professional tax to be paid to state government through GST portal as each state has their own tariff structure. Income Tax In case of Income tax there should be net based audit all the bank transaction based on pan number a TDS amount to be debited 1 or 2% to IT account like in US and China where all payments are through mobile and facial recognitions. Exemptions to be limited. Other amendment for digital transactions to be made as per developed countries. Even then there will be problem from pressure group.

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