Can cargo be packed at port customs area

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 Can cargo be packed at port customs area?


Some of the exporters may have a question - Can shipper pack his export materials at customs bonded area? Can gods be packed at port location, whether packing can be done in container freight station, whether packing allowed inside Inland Container Depot etc. Since container freight station (CFS), Inland Container Depot (ICD) etc. are customs bonded area; exporters may have doubt on such questions.


Packing goods in a customs bonded area is allowed by obtaining permission from the concerned officials. Any customs bonded CFS, ICD or any other location is controlled by the custodian who’s space is utilized for export import activities and the customs department. So, if any exporter need to pack goods at customs bonded area, he can obtain permission from customs and custodian and go ahead to pack materials for export.

Can cargo be packed at port customs area

Here, the exporter or shipper who does packing at a customs bonded area should know about the term ‘customs bonded area’. Any goods coming in to a customs bonded area and goods going out of customs bonded area are monitored by customs and necessary permission from customs is required accordingly.


The exporter has to mention complete details of packing materials bringing in to the customs area at container freight station or Inland Container Depot. Also the exporter need to declare the materials taking back out of such customs bonded area in container freight station or Inland container depot. He has to obtain permission from customs by declaring the details of materials bringing inside customs area and materials taking out of customs area with the laborers details who involved in packing.


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Rajan Subramaniam.: we have a situation where cargo was passed by customs and loaded on-board vessel. The vessel has sailed and out of the waters of the Customs of the Loaded port. The OBL had been issued at the Booking country in Europe.Now the Customs of the loading port have requested the agent to import the container back as they have started an investigation. can this be done legally. What remedy has the Consignee to safeguard the cargo. Please advise.

Admin: Hello Rajan Subramaniam, Govrnment of any country can call back Vessel if any suspicious malpractice doubted. If no contraband found, the consignee may claim loss (if any) with the authorities.

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