Terms used in trade such as Global Village,Globalisation ,Gobbledegook,Golden Formula,Gold Standard , Gold Reserve etc


Terms used in business such as Global Village,Globalisation Gobbledegook,Golden Formula,Gold Standard , Gold Reserve etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such Gerontocracy,Giveback,Glass Ceiling ,Global Village,Globalisation ,Gobbledegook,Golden Formula,Gold Standard , Gold Reserve etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Geomarketing / Géomarketing :Discipline related to Marketing that involves analyzing the behaviour of economic actors while taking into account notions of space, particularly the trading area of a business.


Gerontocracy - A government or political system which is ruled by old men (elders).


Get All Your Ducks In A Row - A term for getting organised, having everything in order and making sure all the small details are accounted for before embarking on a new project.


Get Go - From the start, the earliest stage of something. Used in the phrase 'From the get go.'


GIF: graphics interchange format, a file used to compress and store images for transfer via the Internet


Terms used in  business such as Global Village,Globalisation ,Gobbledegook,Golden Formula,Gold Standard , Gold Reserve etcGift Tax - A tax payable on gifts over a certain annual value made during the lifetime of the giver.


Giro - A system, used in some countries, of transferring money from one bank or post office account into another using a central computer.


Giveback - An agreement in which employees accept a wage reduction or fewer benefits as a gesture of goodwill, usually because of an economic downturn. The employees are often offered wage rises and new benefits at a later date.


Glamour Stock - A company's shares, which are very popular with investors, because they have performed well on the stock exchange.


Glamping - A portmanteau word meaning 'glamorous camping', for example staying in a posh serviced yurt (a large Mongolian-style nomadic tent) and eating luxury hamper foods.


Glass Ceiling - An invisible barrier in the workplace which prevents women and minority groups from advancing to positions of leadership in a company, although some do manage to 'break through' the glass ceiling.


Glass Wall - An imaginary barrier in the workplace which prevents women and minority groups from being employed in other sectors of business or industry.


Glitterati - Combination of Glitter and Literati. Glamorous, rich, famous people, often connected to show business.


Global Bond - A bond that trades in the Eurobond market as well as in one or more national bond markets.


Global Corporation: Global corporations in a sense are multinational corporations having many units operating, in overseas countries. Its difference with multinational corporations is that global corporation’s units operating in overseas markets do not usually have autonomy as the MNCs units. Instead the operations of the global corporation’s units are controlled by the home office. These companies operate much like a domestic company except that they view the whole world as their market place.


Global Economy - The international network of individuals, businesses, governments, and multilateral organizations which collectively make production and consumption decisions.


Global Quota - An import quota set by a nation which specifies the allowed quantity of a product from all countries.


Global Village - A term used to describe the whole world as a single community, connected by electronic communication systems, such as the Internet.


Globalisation - The process of integrating nations, economically and socially, through free trade, international business activities, technology (for example the Inte

rnet), etc.


Globality (principle of) / Globalité (principe de) :Obligation to subject the exporter's entire turnover or a group of contracts and risks to insurance, agreed with the OND and defined in the policy.


Globalization - A global movement to increase the flow of goods, services, people, real capital, and money across national borders in order to create a more integrated and interdependent world economy.


Globalization: the process of tailoring products or services to different local markets around the world.


Glocalisation - Global Localisation. A term used when an international company adapts its manufacturing methods, products or services to suit local conditions.


Glut:It refers to a situation when more goods are available in the market than they can be sold at an economic price.


GNP: Gross National Product, GDP plus domestic resident's income from investment abroad less income earned in the domestic market accruing to noncitizens abroad.


Gobbledegook - or Gobbledygook or Gobbledegoo - Incomprehensible jargon. Official language, spoken or printed or online, which is intended to explain or justify or inform or clarify or instruct, but which actually confuses people instead, because it is phrased in a stupid or unnecessarily complex way. Alternatively called 'Officialese', or 'Bureaucratese', gobbledegook is common in marketing, product instructions (especially for electronic products), contracts, training manuals, official communications, and certainly in politics, and local government. Here below is a short example in which a 2012 UK tax form (SA1035) attempts to instruct users how to complete a section requiring a profit figure. See also Plain Language, and gobbledygoo origins.


Gofer - From 'Go for'. An employee who runs errands, as well as doing their normal job, usually in an office or on a film set. A dogsbody.


Going concern - an accounting idea that a business should be valued on the basis that it will be continuing to trade and able to use its assets for their intended purpose.


Going Concern Value:  The gross value of a company as an operating business (This value may exceed or be at a discount from the liquidation value. The intangible elements of Going Concern Value result from factors such as having a trained work force, an operational plant, and the necessary licenses, systems, and procedures in place.)


Gold Exchange Standard - An exchange rate system used from 1925 to 1931 in which the United States and England were allowed to hold only gold reserves while other nations could hold gold, U.S. dollars, or pounds sterling as reserves.


Gold Reserve - The amount of gold bullion or gold coins held by a country's central bank to support its currency and provide security for its international debts.


Gold Standard - An exchange rate system used prior to 1914 in which gold was used to settle national trade balances. Also called the “classical gold standard.”


Golden Formula - In the UK, a term used to describe industrial action, or strikes, which are legal, i.e., about matters connected to working conditions and employment, rather than political matters, and that workers striking for legal reasons should not lose their jobs.


Golden Handcuffs - Financial incentives or benefits given to a valued employee to ensure that they continue working for a company, and to discourage them from wanting to leave to work for another company.


Golden Handshake - Usually offered to high-ranking executives in a large company. A clause in their contract which provides them with a large sum of money and/or other benefits in the event of them losing their job or retiring.


Golden Parachute - A company's agreement with an employee, usually a top executive, which promises a significant amount of money and/or benefits if the employee is forced to leave their job, usually because of a change of company ownership, outside of the control of the original employer company.


Gone To The Wall - Describes a business which has failed.


Goods and Services Tax (GST):Proposed to be rolled out in India from April 1, 2016, the GST seeks to make the indirect tax structure simpler and efficient by replacing a slew of levies such as octroi, central sales tax, State sales tax, entry tax and so on.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Gerontocracy, Giveback,Glass Ceiling ,Global Village,Globalisation , Gobbledegook, Golden Formula,Gold Standard , Gold Reserve etc These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Gatekeeper, Geek Speak,General Average,Generalist, Generation X,Geocentric Multinational etc

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