Terms used in central excise such as Transportation Research Board,Travel ,Types of Customs Duties,Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle ,United States Coast Guard


Terms used in central excise such as Transportation Research Board,Travel ,Types of Customs Duties,Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle ,United States Coast Guard etc



This post explains about terms used in central excise such as Tax Increment Financing,Traffic Impact Study,Technical Monitor,Traffic Monitoring Guide,Total Operating Expenses,Time Period,Transportation Research Board,Travel ,Types of Customs Duties,Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle ,United States Coast Guard etc.may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in central excise


The Eight Digit Code:The Customs Tariff in India remained a 6 Digit Code aligned with the HSN during the period from 28th February, 1986 to 31st January, 2003. However, the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCIS) had evolved a 8 Digit Code for compilation of imports/exports data and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade had adopted HSN based 8 Digit Code for the Foreign Trade Policy. Therefore, there had been a demand from the trade and industry for the adoption of a common classification code for all trade related transactions. Accordingly, on the 20th January, 2003 the Government of India promulgated the "Customs Tariff (Amendment) Ordinance 2003" making changes in the Customs Tariff Act with effect from 1st February, 2003. Thus, the 6 digit code was replaced by the 8 digit classification code. The Ordinance empowered the Government to bring changes in the First Schedule by subordinate legislation and also to specify standard units of measurements against each Tariff item. The Finance Act, 2006 brought further changes in the First Schedule. The New Schedule is in force with effect from 1st January, 2007.


TIF - Tax Increment Financing - TIFs allow future gains in taxes to finance the preliminary improvements that create those gains.


TIGER - Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Reference File - A digital database of geographic features, such as roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, legal boundaries, census statistical boundaries, etc. covering the entire United States. The data base contains information about these features such as their location in latitude and longitude, the name, the type of feature, address ranges for most streets, the geographic relationship to other features, and other related information. They are the public product created from the Census Bureau's (TIGER) database.


TIGER - Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery - A discretionary grant program of the Department of Transportation used to fund road, rail, transit and port projects that promise to achieve critical national objectives.


Terms used in central excise such as Transportation Research Board,Travel ,Types of Customs DutiesTIP - Transportation Improvement Program - A staged multiyear program of transportation projects for a Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). In addition, the (TIP) will prescribe guidelines for the selection of projects.


TIS - Traffic Impact Study - an analysis often performed to determine the impacts of a large development proposal on the transportation network.


TM - Technical Monitor - The Department of Transportation (DOT) staff member assigned by federal Transit Administration (FTA) to a project, who is technically proficient in the subject area of the research and/or training project.


TMA - Transportation Management Area - An urbanized area with a population over 200,000, as determined by the latest decennial census. The Transportation Management Area (TMA) designation applies to the metropolitan planning area (MPA) and includes both St. Joseph and Elkhart counties.


TMDL - Total Maximum Daily Load - A tool for implementing water quality standards and is based on the relationship between pollution sources and in-stream water quality conditions.


TMG - Traffic Monitoring Guide - The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) statement of good traffic monitoring practices.


TMS - Traffic Management System - The methods used to compile various data pertaining to highways (i.e. Volume, accident rates, etc.)


TOD - Transit Oriented Development - Development, typically smart growth, mixed use, high density development that is placed around a public transportation stop.


TOE - Total Operating Expenses - The summation of all expenses associated with the operation of the mode being reported. A Federal Transit Administration (FTA) term.


TP - Time Period - Each weekday is divided into time periods. The periods include: A.M. Peak, Midday, P.M. Peak, and Night.


TPC - Third Party Contracts - Contracts and/or other agreements entered into by the grantee and any party other than Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to implement project activities.


TRANSCAD - Transportation Computer Assisted Design - A software program which does travel demand forecasting and is graphically representable in a Geographic Information System (GIS) format.


TRB - Transportation Research Board - The Transportation Research Board (TRB) is a division of the National Research Council (NRC), which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government and others on scientific and technical questions of national importance.


TSA - Transportation Security Administration - Under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for securing the United States' transportation system.


TSI - Transportation Safety Institute - The Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) is a Federal cost recovery agency that develops and conducts worldwide safety, security, and environmental training, products, and/or services for both publicand private sectors.


TSM - Transportation System Management - That element of the TIP (Transportation Improvement Program) that provides clear and concise order for the execution of future transportation projects in an urbanized area (UA), each of which is intended to increase safety and efficiency of traffic movement.


TVL - Travel - Includes the cost of transportation of employees or others, per diem allowances for authorized travel; i.e., authorized commercial transportation charges, rental of passenger cars, and mileage allowances for privately owned vehicles, and taxi fares whether used for local transportation or for travel away from a designated home base.


Types of Customs Duties:In India, customs duties are levied on the goods at the rates specified in the Schedules to the Customs Tariff Act, 1975. The taxable event is import of goods into India or its export out of India. Export duties as specified in the Second Schedule are levied on a very few items only. But import duties are levied universally, barring a few items such as food grains, fertilizers, life saving drugs and equipments, etc.


ULEV - Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle - Vehicles that produce 50% less pollution than the average car of that model year.


UPWP - Unified Planning Work Program - A document which describes urban transportation and transportation related activities to be undertaken in an area during a period of time. The UPWP is endorsed by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The UPWP was formerly called the (OWP).


USACE - United States Army Corps of Engineers - Is made up of some 34,600 civilian and 650 military men and women. The Corps' mission is to provide engineering services to the United States, including: Planning, designing, building and operating dams and other civil engineering projects; Designing and managing the construction of military facilities for the Army and Air Force; Providing design and construction management support for other Defense and federal agencies.


USCG - United States Coast Guard - The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is a branch of the United States armed forces involved in maritime law enforcement, mariner assistance, search and rescue, and national defense, among other duties of coast guards elsewhere.


USCS - United States Commercial Service - The mission of the United States Commercial Service (USCS) is to promote the export of goods and services from the United States, particularly by small- and medium-sized businesses; to represent U.S. business interests internationally; and to help U.S. businesses find qualified international partners.


The above details describes about terms called in central excise such as Tax Increment Financing,Traffic Impact Study,Technical Monitor,Traffic Monitoring Guide,Total Operating Expenses,Time Period,Transportation Research Board,Travel ,Types of Customs Duties,Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle ,United States Coast Guard etc.These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in central excise such as Special Additional Duty,Safety-Sensitive,Screen Test Technician,Transportation Alternatives

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