Difference between Ex works and DDP in shipping terms

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How to differentiate DDP and Ex works? 

What is the difference between DDP and Ex works?

As per Inco terms, DDP  means, Delivered Duty Paid (up to the named destination mentioned).    Ex Works (EXW) means that the seller has the goods ready for collection at his premises  at named destination mentioned  on the date agreed up on mutually.

Difference between Ex works and DDP in shipping terms copyThe detailed articles on Ex works and DDP with simple language have been mentioned in this web blog separately.  I suggest you to read these articles on DDP and Ex works, so as to enable you to have a clear idea on these shipping terms.

What is Ex works terms in shipping?  What are the responsibilities of buyer and seller under  Ex works terms? How do DDP terms work?  What are the obligations of buyer and seller under DDP terms?

For your immediate reference,  I give below web links on DDP and Ex works separately below.


Inco terms DDP, easily explained

Ex works Terms of Delivery in Simple terms


The above articles clearly explain about Ex-works and DDP.



Detailed articles about Inco Terms of Delivery under export and import of International business  have been mentioned in  separate category – INCO TERMS – in this web site.  You can click here to read.

I hope, you have satisfied with the difference between DDP and Ex works explained easily.  Do you have different thought on difference between DDP and Ex works?




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Jihkan: Dear all, I need your help. Coming up with incoterm of EXW. Please could you advise me if shipper ( exporter ) is always obiligated / responsible for arranging empty container pick up from container depot was appointed ( e.g., Nhave Sheva )then return full laden container to the loading port - Nhave Sheva soon after shipment have been stuffed into one container ( 20' or 40 ')completely ? Thank you so much .

Patricia: Hello Dearie, this article has really helped me to know know EXW and DDP and many other trading terms. Thanks a lot and remain blessed.

Ansah Abraham Lincoln: Ten reasons why a purchaser will choose Ex works over DDP?

Ansah Abraham Lincoln: Why is DDP mostly used in the delivery of goods and services.?

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