6 digit HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals (part 1 of 4)

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6 digit HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals  (part 1 of 4)

This post is a  part of 4 articles  under HS code chapter 29, organic chemicals.  click here for other posts: HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 1 of 4    HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 2 of 4    HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 3 of 4    HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 4 of 4


2901 Acyclic Hydrocarbons

290110 Saturated Acyclic Hydrocarbons

290121 Ethylene

290122 Propene (propylene)

290123 Butene (Butylene) and Isomers Thereof

290124 Buta -1, 3 - Diene And Isoprene

290129 Other Unsaturated Acyclic Hydrocarbons


2902 Cyclic Hydrocarbons

290211 Cyclohexane

290219 Other Cyclanes, Cyclenes and Cycloterpens Hydrocarbons

290220 Benzene

290230 Toluene

290241 O -Xylene

290242 m -Xylene

290243 P -Xylene

290244 Mixed Xylene Isomers

290250 Styrene

290260 Ethylbenzene

290270 Cumene

290290 Other Cyclic Hydrocarbons

2903 halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons

290311 Chloromethane (Methly Chloride), Chloroethane (Ethyl Chloride)

290312 Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride)

290313 Chloroform (Trichloromethane)

290314 Carbon Tetrachloride

290315 1.2-dichloroethane (Ethylene Dichloride)

290316 1, 2-dichloropropane (Propylene Dichloride); Dichlorobutanes

290319 Other Saturated Chlorinated Derivatives of Acyclic Hydrocarbons

290321 Vinyl Chloride(Chloroethylene)

290322 Trichloroethylene

290323 Tetrachloroethlyene (Perchloroethylene)

290329 Other Unsaturated Chlorinated Derivatives of Acyclic Hydrocarbons

290330 Fluorinated, Brominated, Iodinated Derivatives of Acyclic Hydrocarbons

290340 Halogenated Derivatives of Acyclic Hydrocarbons

290351 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-hexachlorocyclohexane

290359 Other Halogenated Derivatives of Cyclanic, Cyclenic, Cycloterpenic Hydrocarbons

290360 Halogenated Derivatives of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

290361 Chlorobenzene , O - dichlorobenzene, P - dichlorobenzene

290362 Hexachlorobenzene; DDT (1, 1, 1-trichloro-2, 2-bis Ethane)

290369 Other Halogenated Derivatives of Aromatic Hydrocarbons

2904 hydrocarbon derivatives, sulfonated, nitrated etc

290410 Sulfonated Derivatives of Hydrocarbons , Their Salts and Ethyl Esters

290420 Nitrate, Nitrosated Derivatives of Hydrocarbons

290490 Other Sulfonated, Nitrated, Nitrosated Derivatives of Hydrocarbons

2905 acyclic alcohols & halogenat, sulfonatd etc derivs

290511 Methanol (Methyl Alcohol)

290512 Propan-1-01 (Propyl Alcohol), Propan-2-01(isopropyl Alcohol)

290513 Butan-1-01 (N-butyl Alcohol)

290514 Other Butanols

290515 Pentanol (Amyl Alcohol) and Isomers Thereof

290516 Octanol (Octyl Alcohol) And Isomers Thereof

290517 Dodecan -1 - 1, Hexadecan - 1 - 1, Octadecan - 1 - 1

290519 Other Saturated Monohydric Alcohols

290521 Allyl Alcohol

290522 Acyclic Terpene Alcohols

290529 Other Unsaturated Monohydric Alcohols

290531 Ethylene Glycol(Ethanediol)

290532 propylene Glycol(Propane - 1, 2 - diol)

290539 Other Diols

290541 2-ethy1-2- (Hydroxymethyl)propane-1, 3-diol(trimethylolpropane)

290542 Pentaerythritol

290543 Mannitol

290544 d -glucitol(Sorbitol)

290549 Other Polyhydric Alcohols

290550 Halogenated, Sulfonated, Nitrated Derivatives of Acyclic Alcohols

2906 cyclic alcohols & halogenatd, sulfonatd etc derivs

290611 Menthol

290612 Cyclohexanol , Methylcyclohexanols, Dimethylcyclohexanols

290613 Sterols and Inositols

290614 Terpineols

290619 Other Cyclanic, Cyclenic, Cycloterpenic Alcohol

290621 Benzyl Alcohol

290629 Other Aromatic Alcohol

2907 phenols , phenol - Alcohols

290711 Phenol (Hydroxybenzene) and Its Salts

290712 Cresols and Their Salts

290713 Octylphenol, Nonylphenol and Their Isomers; Salts Thereof

290714 Xylenols and Their Salts

290715 Nsphthols and Their Salts

290719 Other Monophenols

290721 Resorcinol and Its Salts

290722 Hydroquinone (Quinol) And Its Salts

290723 4, 4'-isopropylidenediphenol (Bisphenol A, Diphenylolpropane), Its Salts

290729 Other Polyphenols

290730 phenol –Alcohols

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This post is a  part of 4 articles  under HS code chapter 29, organic chemicals.  click here for other posts: HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 1 of 4    HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 2 of 4    HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 3 of 4    HS codes Chapter 29 Organic chemicals Part 4 of 4


In this post, I  have mentioned HS codes   which help exporters and importers of Organic chemicals.  These HS codes helps exporters and importers of Organic chemicals to identify their product to use in customs department and other government and non government agencies to import or export of  Organic chemicals.  I hope the information in this post supports exporters and importers of Organic chemicals.   The buyers of Organic chemicals and sellers of Organic chemicals in import export trade  may use the HS codes mentioned in this post.     The suppliers of Organic chemicals and buyers of Organic chemicals in international trade may please be noted, an addition of two or four digits might be added  to these HS codes by government of respective country.   So the exporters or importers of Organic chemicals may follow such addition if any after verifying with rules and regulations of respective country.  I will be writing   about how to export Organic chemicals and how to import Organic chemicals shortly.   The buyers of Organic chemicals and sellers of Organic chemicals in export import trade may also  be noted, the classification of products  is named  differently in each country by adding two or four digits along with HS codes.  For examples, in US (United States), the classification is called ‘Schedule B’  where as in India  ‘ITC number (Indian Tariff Code number). Hope this article helps importers of Organic chemicals and exporters of Organic chemicals.  Comment below your thoughts.  Click here to know HS code of other product/commodity

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Export and import of Organic chemicals

In this article, the Harmonized System codes (Harmonized Tariff System- HTS)   for Organic chemicals are mentioned which help you in exporting and importing of Organic chemicals.  These codes help exporters and importer all over world to know product classification code named differently in each country like Schedule B, ITC, HS, HTS, Tariff Code etc.

For example if you need to export or import  Organic chemicals from/to  any country, the  customs department  and other government and non government agencies  of respective country identify your product on the basis of harmonized system code. If you are importing or exporting Organic chemicals, the 6 digit harmonized system code mentioned in this article is accepted all over world.  In other words, the export and import of Organic chemicals are categorized productwise under the information mentioned here.  These harmonized system codes (HS codes) have been displayed in this web blog  in a systematic order to make you understand and identify easily.  I hope, the information in this article helps you for smooth import or export of Organic chemicals



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