Application for supplementary claim for Drawback of Customs and Excise Duties

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Application for supplementary claim for drawback under Rue 15 of Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995

(Where drawback received falls short of the rate finally fixed by the Government, Application for supplementary claim for drawback should be made in the following form)

The Assistant Commissioner of Customs-in-charge,
Drawback Department



We hereby make a supplementary claim for drawback of Customs/Central Excise which has been less paid to us as explained herein

1. Exporter
(a) Name
(b) Address
(c) Telephone No.
(d) Name of Clearing Agent.

2. Goods exported
(a) Description
(b) Quantity
(i) Gross
(ii) Net

(c) Marks & No.
(d) Destination
(e) Shipping Bill No. & Date

3. Vessel
(a) Name
(b) Rotation No.

4. Drawback already paid
(a) Amount
(b) Customs House Reference No.
(c) Quantity/Value on which allowed
(d) Rate at which allowed.

5. Drawback now claimed
(a) Amount
(b) Quantity/Value on which allowed
(c) Rate at which claimed.

6. Reason for the supplementary claim.

7. No. of documents enclosed.*

1. I/We hereby declare that the supplementary claim of drawback is based on the Customs and Central Excise Duties paid on the raw materials used in the manufacture of goods/exported the duties so paid have not been claimed as rebate under the Cetrtral Excise Rules, 1944.
2. I/We hereby declare that the declaration made herein is true and correct.

Signature ____________________

*Please enclose copy of communication regarding rate of drawback determined under rule 6 or 7, any other document in support of supplementary claim, or other documents as may be prescribed by I Commissioner of Customs. Please also enclose calculation sheet.



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Krishnanunni: I have a doubt to be clarified. Please confirm whether can we file supplementary duty drawback claim online. We have a pending supplementary claim with Krishnapatnam Cusoms and have filed the application manually. Now Krishnapatnam custom Authorities are telling that it should be filed on line. If it can be filed on line could you, please give me the link as also guide how to file it.

Ramchandra Bhagat : Dear sirji Our export Edi shipping bill no. Is 7813763 dtd 04.08.2017 Total duty drawback rs. 28,197.00 but just to check we have section of only rs. 7,879.00. So we confused how this amount come??? Dbk SR no both item was 520906A please clarify Tks n Regds Bhagat Of R. Kapoor Enterprises I. E code 0502034556 GSTIN 07AAFFR2727Q1ZP.

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