Importation processes of VEGETABLES

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This article commonly answers for the questions given under about import of various products: (necessary government agencies of importing country may be contacted for accurate import procedures of each commodity).


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Procedures  and formalities to import Vegetables

In this category ‘Import procedures’, I would like to provide a basic idea about formalities and procedures to import different materials from other country. These details are given to enlighten you on general tips to import goods from overseas countries applicable for almost all countries worldwide. Once after reading these posts about import procedures and import customs clearance procedures, you will have a base idea about the procedures and formalities on how to import various products from foreign countries.

Documentation and procedures to import Vegetables

This post provides information on – how to import edible vegetables.

As you know, under any importation of goods, necessary import documentation and customs clearance procedures at importing country have to be completed as per the foreign trade policy of respective importing countries. Import entry documents along with carriers document (Bill of Lading /Airway bill), commercial invoice, packing list,certificate of origin and other required documents are filed and necessary import procedures are completed to take delivery of imported goods. Now a days, necessary information is filed online and produce required documents at the time import delivery of goods at destination customs location of importing country.

How to import vegetables?



What are the special requirements to import Vegetables?

Different countries have their own requirements to import Vegetables. The process and formalities to import Vegetables may differ from one another and in country to country. Also different procedures and formalities to import each items under vegetables. However, some of the common requirements in major countries are explained below:

Who are responsible government agencies?

In most of the counties, other than respective customs department of importing location, Agriculture department, Animal and Plant Health department, Food safety department, Health department and Food and Drug safety department are the major government agencies involved in importation of vegetables.


Import permit or Phyto sanitary certificate

Why is Phyto sanitary certificate required to import Vegetables?

Phytosanitary certificate is required to protect food,pant and animal resources of importing country. In most of the countries, plant quarantine department is responsible to issue such certificate. A pest risk management is conducted, if an importer wants to import product that either has no previous history of being imported in the the country or product is from new origin. The importing products could be have pests, weeds or diseases that cause losses affecting man or animal of importing country. Normally, plant pests are introduced through wood packaging,soil,firewood,containers, transport vehicles etc.

The international partners of countries share quality measures each other and exempt from double inspection on same products. However, in most of the developed countries, the export goods from third countries need to be certified at exporting country under agencies at load port and at importing country as per the norms of importing country.



How to Import Vegetables

NOC from Plant Quarantine Authority


A no objection certificate from plant quarantine authority of importing country also has to be obtained to import vegetables to most of the countries.


Certificate of Origin

The source of origin of imported vegetables is required in almost all countries. So a certificate of origin issued by necessary approved authorities at exporting country is required to import vegetables.


Import of Vegetables for personal consumption and trading.

Import of vegetable in small quantities for personal use when travelling can be effected without major inspection and other formalities in importing country. However such import of vegetables for personal use (not for trading) must be free from signs of diseases. The procedures and process to import vegetables for trading requires more documentation and inspection formalities.


Importation of perishable vegetables and non perishable vegetables

If perishable vegetables are imported, necessary test has to be undertaken by drawing samples of import consignment. The import clearance are allowed only after obtaining test report from the authorized laboratories. In most of the importing countries, Health department or Food safety department or their authorized agencies are responsible for such examination.


Prior notice to importing country.

In some countries, prior notice regarding import of vegetables and food products has to be filed before arrival of goods in entry port of importing country. In US, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible the government authority to notify such prior notice on import of food products.


Labeling requirements

Necessary labeling requirements are to be followed in some of the importing countries when importing vegetables and other food products.



If any of the imported vegetables are not followed the necessary norms of importing country, such imported vegetables have to be destroyed or to be removed out of importing country. Such non compliant imported vegetables are also fined, apart from destruction or return to origin country.

In this article, the documentation, process and formalities to import vegetables like POTATOES, FRESH OR CHILLED, CABBAGES, CAULIFLOWERS, KOHLRABI, KALE AND SIMILAR EDIBLE BRASSICAS,LETTUCE,CHICORY,CARROTS, TURNIPS, SALAD BEETROOT, SALSIFY, CELERIAC, RADISHES AND SIMILAR EDIBLE ROOTS which includes fresh, chilled, frozen,dried or provisionally preserved are explained. As explained above, these information are generally applicable for all countries importing vegetables. These details on how to import vegetables are given to provide a basic idea to bring vegetables from foreign country. Specific requirements for each importing country need to be followed by importers and exporters vegetables.

I hope, the above information helps you in gaining basic knowledge on documentation,procedures and formalities in importation of POTATOES, FRESH OR CHILLED, CABBAGES, CAULIFLOWERS, KOHLRABI, KALE AND SIMILAR EDIBLE BRASSICAS,LETTUCE,CHICORY,CARROTS, TURNIPS, SALAD BEETROOT, SALSIFY, CELERIAC, RADISHES AND SIMILAR EDIBLE ROOTS which includes fresh, chilled, frozen,dried or provisionally preserved etc.


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