Methods to export Organic Chemicals

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How to export Organic Chemicals?

This post explains export process of Organic Chemicals, government rules to export Organic Chemicals , different precautions to be taken care to export Organic Chemicals , export documentation to export Organic Chemicals .

If you would like to export Organic Chemicals, detailed general information on how to export has been mentioned in separate article. Learning export process for Organic Chemicals makes easier to you if you can go through the said post.

Specific requirements to export Organic Chemicals

Let us discuss here about specific requirements to export Organic Chemicals .

Any importer or exporter of Organic Chemicals should know HTS code (HS code) of their export product. Organic Chemicals falls under HS code (HTS code) chapter 29 Click here to know 6 digit HS code of your export product. In India Organic Chemicals classified under ITC code (Indian Tariff Code) chapter 29.Click here to know 8 digit ITS code, if you export or import from (to) India.


Some of the items under chapter 29 of HS code may be restricted or prohibited to export. Unilateral trade agreement, multilateral trade agreement or bilateral trade agreement between countries simplifies documentation and other formalities and process for export of Organic Chemicals.

After choosing your export product as Organic Chemicals and export samples are sent, terms of payment and terms of delivery are agreed with your overseas buyer along with other terms and conditions and issue proforma invoice, in turn you receive export order for Organic Chemicals followed by purchase order from your overseas buyer. The terms of payment for your export contract could be advance payment, Documents against Acceptance DA, Documents against Payments DAP, or under Letter of Credit LC, and the terms of delivery for your export of Organic Chemicals might be EX-Works, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP or any other Inco terms. The finance against export can be arranged from your bank for pre shipment packing creditor post shipment finance against export orders for Organic Chemicals . Insurance can be arranged against credit risk and about other risks involved in export of Organic Chemicals. After quality check (QC), proper packing is arranged with Palletization or Crating if required. Type of container is decided if export shipment of Organic Chemicals is on FCL basis otherwise LCL if mode of shipment of Organic Chemicals is by sea. Export invoice, export packing list ,certificate of origin (GSP – Generalized System of Preference) and other documents are prepared based on the purchased order or LC to export Organic Chemicals . After completion of export customs clearance either by exporter or his Customs broker, Bill of Lading or AWB is issued by carrier, if consolidator involved, HAWB or HBL is issued. The documents for export of Organic Chemicals is discounted, arrange for collection or negotiated if export of Organic Chemicals is on Letter of Credit basis.


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Maulik Savani : I'm maulik savani from moradiya chemical(mumbai). Now i'm dealing in chemical industry in domestic market but in future i want to decided my chemical export in foreign.So,actualy my qestion is What do you mean by "open API for submission of e-IEC."according to FTP And So many i haved oubt regarding export

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