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How to release imported goods arrived at Destination customs location?
  What happens, once import cargo arrived at destination port customs location? Import cargo at Customs bonded Area Who regulates import cargo arrived at Customs location? What are the procedures to take out imported goods from customs bonded area, once arrived at destination port? What is the role of custodian of cargo on imported commodities? Can carrier of cargo stop taking delivery of import cargo from a customs location? I am trying to make you unde Continue reading »
Is EDF required for export to neighboring countries in India?
  EDF Export Declaration Form) for export to neighbouring countries by road, rail or river   EDF means Export Declaration form.  If any exports from India is carried out to neighbouring countries by rail, road or river, EDF form has to be submitted by exporter or his Customs House Agent at the customs station situated at border, if movement by barges, country craft or road transport.  If exports from India is being carried out by rail, EDF is submitted at de Continue reading »
Schemes for Exporters of Agricultural and Processed Foods in India
  APEDA Trade promotion schemes Financial assistance from APEDA   The following information extracted from APEDA website, the links given below:   FINANACIAL ASSISTANCE SCHEMES:   Infrastructure development: Scheme Component for Infrastructure Development Guidelines and SOPs for the Common Infrastructure Development Projects  Check List for Preparation of DPR for Common Infrastructure Projects APEDA's Financial Ass Continue reading »
How does trade fairs benefit to Exports and Importers?
  Advantage of Trade fairs,  bridges gap between buyer and seller   Trade fairs are beneficial in the following ways: (1) In countries where media advertising is not permitted, fairs and exhibitions have a particularly important role in trade promotion. (2) International fairs bring together at a convenient place potential buyers and from all over the world and facilitate broader communication and information dissemination. (3) Fairs and exhibitions provide the Continue reading »
How to transfer fund from one country to another?
5 methods of doing International Payments:   How can a fund from one country to another be transferred?  How does sale of goods against Export/Import remit to the seller?  What are the methods of transfer of fund from one country to another?   There are five important methods to effect international payments.  What are they?   Telegraphic Transfer: By this method, a sum can be transferred from a bank in one country to a bank in another part of Continue reading »
6 .
Difference between GSP and GSTP
7 .
Policies Issued by ECGC
8 .
Procedures for Online Generation of Shipping Bill
9 .
Role of Clearing and Forwarding Agents
10 .
Procedure for Obtaining Marine Insurance Policy
11 .
Features of Post-shipment Finance
12 .
Meaning of Export Finance
13 .
Post-shipment Procedure
14 .
Certificate of Measurement under exports
15 .
Certificate of export inspection
16 .
GR, Guaranteed Remittance
17 .
Significance of Bill of Lading for Importers
18 .
Importance of Export Pricing
19 .
Process to select International market
20 .
Selection of Products for Exports
21 .
Registration Process for Exports in India
22 .
Different categories of exporters
23 .
Advantages of Indirect Exporting
24 .
Methods of Exporting
25 .
26 .
Advantages of Air Transportation
27 .
28 .
Is transhipment permitted if Airway Bill is one
29 .
Right of Consigner on Airway Bill
30 .
Airway Bill Neither Document of Title nor Negotiable Document
31 .
32 .
Purposes of Airway Bill in Exports and Imports
33 .
Facilities available at Dry Port
34 .
Dry Port, what does it mean?
35 .
Freight Rate Structure under International trade
36 .
Types of ships
37 .
Voyage Charter under International Business
38 .
Tramp shipping in International Trade
39 .
Bulk cargo and General cargo for Exports
40 .
Central Excise Clearance for Exports in India
41 .
Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection under International trade
42 .
Packing and Marking in Export Import
43 .
Letter of Credit process
44 .
Any fixed charges for Customs brokers?
45 .
Optional services of CHA in India
46 .
Essential services of Clearing and Forwarding Agents in India
47 .
48 .
In process Quality Control under Quality inspection of export
49 .
Consignment wise pre inspection procedures under Export
50 .
51 .
Parties to Marine Insurance
52 .
53 .
Types of risks in International Trade
54 .
Line of Credit means under Import and Export
55 .
Post-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency
56 .
Advance Against Undrawn Balances under Export
57 .
Advance Against Export Bills
58 .
Negotiation of Export Documents under Letters of Credit
59 .
60 .
61 .
Shipment on Consignment Basis under Import and Export
62 .
Revocable and Irrevocable Credit
63 .
Collection of Bill under Export Import Trade
64 .
Trade marks under Export Import Business
65 .
Bank Certificate of Payment under International Trade
66 .
Trust Receipt in Export Import Trade
67 .
Bill of Entry under Imports in India
68 .
Importance to the Shipping Company
69 .
Bill of Lading and Exporter
70 .
Who can lodge claim based on Bill of Lading
71 .
Bill of Lading, more facts
72 .
Certificate of Measurement
73 .
5 types of Shipping Bills
74 .
Why Shipping Bill for export in India?
75 .
Why Consular Invoice in International Trade?
76 .
Procedures to get Consular Invoice for Export Import
77 .
Significance of Commercial Invoice in International Trade
78 .
Importance of Commercial Invoice in Export and Import
79 .
When is Proforma Invoice generated?
80 .
Deemed Exporters in India
81 .
Does bank allows reduction of export invoice value?
82 .
Is change of buyer (consignee) allowed by bank in International trade
83 .
Bank guidelines for writing off of export bills in India
84 .
Direct dispatch of export documents to buyer
85 .
Advance payment for export, RBI guidelines
86 .
Can realization of export proceeds be in INR in India?
87 .
Amendment to Customs Drawback, new notification Feb 2016
88 .
Extending the Indian Customs Single Window to other locations
89 .
What are the measuring rods included in Transaction value of imported goods?
90 .
What is Rule 3(2) of the Customs Valuation (Determination of Value of Export Goods) Rules, 2007?
91 .
What is Rule 10 of Customs Valuation (Imports) explained?
92 .
What is Section 14(1) of Indian Customs Act, 1962?
93 .
Terms used in banking business such as Special Drawing Rights,Special Purpose Vehicle,Spyware,Speculation etc
94 .
Terms used in banking business such as Wholesale Price Index,Wire transfer,Yield to maturity,Zero Coupon Bonds etc
95 .
Terms used in banking business such as Unit trust,Universal Banking,Validation Proceedings, Value at Risk etc.
96 .
Terms used in banking business such Tax-Free Savings Account,Tax Avoidance, Tariff etc
97 .
Export Promotion Councils and Commodity Boards, product wise
98 .
Apparel Export Promotion Council
99 .
Wool and Woollens Export Promotion Council
100 .
Wool Industry Export Promotion Council
101 .
Tobacco Board
102 .
TEPC,Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council
103 .
JPDEPC,Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council
104 .
Tea Board
105 .
SRTEPC,Synthetic and Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council
106 .
SQEPC,Sports Goods Export Promotion Council
107 .
Spices Board
108 .
SHEFEXIL,Shellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council
109 .
SEPC,Services Export Promotion Council
110 .
Rubber Board
111 .
HEPC,Handloom Export Promotion Council
112 .
PEPC,Project Exports Promotion Council of India
113 .
Powerloom Development and Export Promotion Council
114 .
Plastics Export Promotion Council
115 .
Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council
116 .
Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)
117 .
Indian Silk Export Promotion Council
118 .
Indian Oilseeds & Produce Export Promotion Council
119 .
GJEPC,Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council
120 .
FIEO,Federation of Indian Export Organization
121 .
Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
122 .
Export Promotion Council for EOUs and SEZs
123 .
EPC,Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council
124 .
EEPC INDIA,Formerly Engineering Export Promotion Council
125 .
Council for Leather Exports
126 .
Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
127 .
Coir Board
128 .
Coffee Board
129 .
CDB,Coconut Development Board
130 .
Cashew Export Promotion Council of India
131 .
Carpet Export Promotion Council
132 .
133 .
CHEMEXCIL, Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics EPC
134 .
135 .
Who are authorized to issue Certificate of origin under India Thailand FTA Early Harvest Scheme (EHS)
136 .
Who are authorized to issue COO under India South Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)
137 .
Authorities to issue Certificate of Origin under India Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA)
138 .
Who are authorized to issue COO under SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement or SAPTA Preferential Trade Agreement
139 .
Authorities to issue Certificate of origin under India Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement(ISLFTA)
140 .
Offices to contact for Certificate of origin under India MERCOSUR Preferential Trade Agreement
141 .
Office to contact for COO under India Malaysia Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
142 .
Who are authorized to issue Certificate of origin under India Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
143 .
How to get Certificate of origin under India Chile Preferential Trade Agreement
144 .
Authorized agencies to issue Certificate of origin under India ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement
145 .
Authorized offices to issue COO under India Afghanistan Preferential Trade Agreement
146 .
Who are authorized to issue Certificate of origin under Global System of Trade Preferences (G S T P)
147 .
Authorized agencies to issue Certificate of Origin under Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)
148 .
Who are authorized to issue Certificate of origin under Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) Scheme?
149 .
Authorized agencies to issue Certificate of origin under SAFTA
150 .
GSP, a brief guide to exporters
151 .
How to get non preferential Certificate of Origin, state wise
152 .
All Foreign Trade Agreements of India
153 .
Preferential Trade Agreements of India
154 .
Free Trade Agreements of India
155 .
India - South Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)
156 .
India and ASIAN Trade Agreement
157 .
SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement or SAPTA
158 .
India Chile Preferential Trade Agreement
159 .
India MERCOSUR Preferential Trade Agreement
160 .
India Afghanistan Preferential Trade Agreement
161 .
Global System of Trade Preferences (G S T P)
162 .
Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA)
163 .
India Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
164 .
India Malaysia Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
165 .
India Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA)
166 .
India Thailand FTA Early Harvest Scheme (EHS)
167 .
South Asian Free Trade Area Agreement (SAFTA)
168 .
India Sri Lanka FTA Agreement, ISLFTA
169 .
170 .
India Bhutan Agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit
171 .
Validity period of DGFT Authorisation, Licence, Certificate, Authorisation, Permissions, and CCPs
172 .
EDI and on EDI ports, separate application to DGFT
173 .
How to get duplicate copies of Export Import Authorization
174 .
Preferential Trade Agreements in India
175 .
Address of government offices for Special Economic Zone
176 .
DGFT and its regional authorities with jurisdiction
177 .
Specimen format of LUT for DGFT
178 .
List of Towns of Export Excellence
179 .
LC payment under Duty credit scrip and Export Obligation
180 .
How to claim scrips from DGFT, if eBRC, EP copy of shipping bill lost?
181 .
How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in West Bengal?
182 .
Is import of Cheque Books and Ticket Forms allowed in India?
183 .
Office to contact in Rajasthan for Certificates of origin non preferential
184 .
Is IEC compulsory for Exports and Imports in India?
185 .
How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Meghalaya?
186 .
How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Madhya Pradesh/Chatisgarh?
187 .
Office to contact in Jammu and Kashmir for Certificates of origin non preferential
188 .
Guidelines to close an EOU, EHTP or STP units part 1
189 .
How to execute Bank Guarantee or LUT with DGFT
190 .
Free Sale and Commerce Certificate used for Medical and Surgical purpose
191 .
Export Promotion Council (EPC) and Commodity Boards
192 .
List of items and their Crime Controlled ECCNs number, US Department
193 .
Conversion of EP copy of shipping bill from one Scheme to another
194 .
Certificates of Origin for Exports
195 .
Office to contact in Haryana for Certificates of origin non preferential
196 .
Office to contact in Assam for Certificates of origin non preferential
197 .
List of Agencies Authorized to issue Certificate of Origin (Preferential)
198 .
How to get Certificate of origin to export Tea
199 .
No authorization, No bond, security or ATA carnet for exhibits and samples
200 .
Electronic filing of import export documents, electronic exchange of documents, electronic payment and more
201 .
Functions, powers and duties of APEDA
202 .
Certificate from CITES to import or export
203 .
How to obtain Certificate of Food Safety and Standard Authority
204 .
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Commodity board in import export
205 .
Permission from Atomic Energy department under export import trade
206 .
Animal Quarantine Certification for Export or Import
207 .
Certificate from wild life protection board to export import
208 .
Pre Shipment inspection Certification (PSI)
209 .
NOC from Drug controller to export and import
210 .
Permission from Department of Animal Husbandry and dairying
211 .
Penalization by re-exporting
212 .
Kimberly Process Certificate (KP certificate) to export rough diamonds
213 .
Import authorization from Foreign Trade office
214 .
Diamond Dollar Account (DDA)
215 .
Airline code starting prefix with
216 .
Risks Arising out of Foreign Laws under international business
217 .
Types of Insurance policies covered by Credit Guarantee Insurance Companies.
218 .
What are the credit risks covered and not covered under Standard Policies under Import and Exports
219 .
Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Risks in Export Import Trade
220 .
How to start an export import firm in India Part 3
221 .
Packing Credit, how important in Export business?
222 .
Difference between Documentary credit and Documentary Bill
223 .
224 .
How to settle dispute in International Business of Import and Export
225 .
Bill of Exchange - A brief tutorial
226 .
Export Under Claim of Rebate of Duty
227 .
228 .
229 .
230 .
231 .
232 .
233 .
How does First Appraisement system of import customs clearance procedures work?
234 .
What is Provisional Assessment in Import formalities in India?
235 .
What is second appraisement of import clearance procedures
236 .
What is self assessment in import customs clearance in India?
237 .
What is the Procedure for importing goods through Post offices in India
238 .
Difference between Purchase Order and Commercial Invoice
239 .
Difference between Letter of credit and Bank Guarantee
240 .
Difference between Purchase Order and Pro forma Invoice
241 .
8 parties involved in an LC Letter of Credit - LC
242 .
EEFC Account. Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account
243 .
Airport name/Country of Airport/ Airport Code number
244 .
Beware of confusing airports worldwide
245 .
Spelling error in LC? Is wrong spelling a discrepancy under Letter of credit?
246 .
Airports with similar name in different countries.
247 .
Non receipt of Cargo Arrival Notice, Can importer sue against shipping company
248 .
Difference between Shipped on board and Received for shipment
249 .
Tips to exporters on Documentation
250 .
Any difference between Dry port and CFS.
251 .
Difference between DAP and DDP.
252 .
Difference between C&F C& I CIF
253 .
Difference between ex works and FOB
254 .
10 Tips to get export order - How to get Export order?
255 .
Difference between Deemed exporters/Project exporters/service exporters in India
256 .
Difference between merchant exporter and manufacturer exporter
257 .
Airline Name, Airline Code and AWB prefix (Airway bill Prefix)
258 .
A simple tutorial on high sea sale procedures and formalities in India
259 .
7 Major Documents required for import clearance under high sea sale
260 .
How to hide invoice value of original contract under high sea sale transactions
261 .
Can high sea sales possible under air shipment?
262 .
What is the difference between High sea sales and imports
263 .
How does STP units work in India?
264 .
Difference between bond execution and bond acceptance
265 .
What is Inter Unit Transfer (IUT) in STP
266 .
Re warehousing procedures under STP and EOU units.
267 .
What is CT3 form. How to get CT3. Why CT3 required
268 .
Advantages of a SEZ unit. Government benefits in India for a SEZ Unit.
269 .
Difference between port of discharge and port of delivery.
270 .
Any difference between DA and DP terms of payment
271 .
Are two shipments of different buyers permitted to put together to one country.
272 .
Can goods of different buyers to one country under one shipment be shipped?
273 .
What is the difference between BAF and CAF
274 .
Can two shipments under different schemes be under one BL/AWB to same buyer.
275 .
Can two shipments under different schemes be under one Airway bill?
276 .
Difference between DA and DP terms of payment
277 .
Difference between DDP and DDU terms of delivery
278 .
Can two shipments of different buyers of different place be shipped together to one location.
279 .
Difference between EP copy and EC copy of shipping bill
280 .
Difference between IGM and Bill of Entry
281 .
Difference between GSP date and BL date or shipment date
282 .
Master Collect House Prepaid Master collect House collect Master prepaid House prepaid Master prepaid House collect
283 .
How does a Running bond work?
284 .
What happens if Date difference in HBL and MBL
285 .
Is ON BOARD CERTIFICATE required for LC negotiation
286 .
Is THC same in all ports
287 .
CFS charges for export and Import - ICD charges for export and Import
288 .
Difference between exports and re-exports
289 .
Difference between mother vessel and feeder vessel
290 .
Export to India by courier
291 .
The term FCL. What does FCL mean
292 .
Difference between FCL and LCL
293 .
Difference between importer and Consignee
294 .
Difference between MBL and HBL. How does MBL work and How does HBL?
295 .
Difference between IHC and THC
296 .
What is IHC Inland Haulage Charges
297 .
What is THC - Terminal Handling Charges
298 .
Consol IGM manifest procedures
299 .
DO in exports Delivery Order in Export trade
300 .
Bank Release Order (BRO) in Imports
301 .
DO in import -Delivery Order in import
302 .
What is Crating in Exports and Imports
303 .
Why does Palletization require?
304 .
CTM Cargo Transfer Manifest
305 .
Procedures to file IGM (Import General Manifest)
306 .
POD Proof of Delivery How important in Imports
307 .
Procedures to claim brand rate of draw back
308 .
How many types of imports in India. Types of bills of Entry in India
309 .
How to customs clear Cargo arrived in a port where in import license obtained for another port
310 .
What is Fumigation in Export and Import
311 .
How to get RCMC from Export Promotion Councils
312 .
How to calculate chargeable weight under airfreight in exports?
313 .
How to calculate CBM in LCL export shipments:
314 .
What is Test Report in Import clearance?
315 .
The legal strength of Bill of Exchange in International Trade. What is Bill of Exchange in International Trade.
316 .
Why do carriers balance weight and volume while charging freight amount in Exports?
317 .
The Role of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
318 .
How and when to cancel Bank guarantee and bond.
319 .
What is Bank Guarantee to customs in Import
320 .
Mode of payments in international trade of Exports and Imports
321 .
What is Bond execution with customs in imports and exports
322 .
Documents required for import customs clearance
323 .
How to prepare an Export Packing list. Contents of Export Packing list
324 .
How to prepare an Export Invoice. Contents of Export commercial Invoice:
325 .
How to prepare Purchase order
326 .
Cargo Arrival Notice (CAN) Some facts.
327 .
Vessel sailing in export business
328 .
Exchange rate fluctuations in Exports
329 .
How many types of shipping bills in export
330 .
How to obtain GSP - Certificate of Origin?
331 .
The role of Export Inspection Agency in Pre-shipment Inspection & Quality Control
332 .
How to book empty container for factory/CFS/ICD/port stuffing
333 .
What are the legal documents in exports
334 .
Risks and solutions in export business
335 .
Export bills discounting formalities.
336 .
Register with Export Promotion Council
337 .
Documents for exports . Why does documentation require in Exports and Imports?
338 .
Documents against Acceptance How reliable the terms of payment in exports
339 .
Is DP terms of payment safe in export business?
340 .
How does Letter of Credit work?
341 .
How to send export samples to foreign buyer? Tips to send samples to foreign buyer
342 .
How to Choose a product for export business
343 .
How to overcome Negative thoughts in export business
344 .
Why prefer exports?

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