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What is Outbound logistics

Outbound logistics in Business      Outbound logistics is the process of collection, storage and distribution of the goods to customers. The outbound logistics process begins with a customer sales order, moves on to warehouse packing and finishes with product delivery. The procedure related to the movement and storage of products from the end of the production line to the end user. Outbound logistics refers specifically to the planning and implementation of the distributi

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What is Inbound freight

Inbound freight in business   Inbound freight is a term used to define transport, storage and conveyance of products coming into a business. After each financial year, numerous organizations undertaking their tasks to make sense of better approaches to diminish costs for the upcoming year. Each part of the organization's components which affect the primary concern ought to and comes under audit. However, not every area of the business is given equivalent examination. One of those ar

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How to upload documents in e Sanchit

Step by step procedure documents upload in e Sanchit   Only ICEGATE registered users can use e-Sanchit applications by accessing the e-Sanchit link. Following are the steps by step procedure in e Sanchit supporting documents upload.    1: Scan all the documents separately like Invoice, Packing List, BL, AWB & convert to digital format, Scan file format should be PDF. 2: Click on Digital Signature & signed all scan documents  3: Now login to 

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Difference between Invoice value and Assessed value

Assessed Value Vs Invoice value   Now let us discuss about the difference between Assessable value and Invoice value.   What is assessed value? How does it work in an Import export business?   Assessed value Assessed value is not actual value of any asset or product; it is the value which is used for calculation of tax. Assessed value is used to calculate the custom duty and excise duty instead of invoice value.     Usually assessed va

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Quantitative restrictions

Explain Quantitative restrictions   Restrictions which limit the quantity of merchandise permitted to enter or leave a country. They are imposed by means of quotas or licensing systems and can be applied to both imports and exports. These restrictions may be applied in a “selective” basis, with the varying limits set according to the country of origin, or quantitative global basis that only specifies the total limit and thus tends to benefit more efficient suppliers

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