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Methods of quality control and Pre-shipment inspection
Methods of quality control and Pre-shipment inspection: Export Inspection Council (EIC) has recognized three systems of pre-shipment inspection, namely: (a) Self-Certification: Under this system, a manufacturing unit certifies its own products and issues exporters: certificate for export. This facility is extended to the exporters: Having good reputation and goodwill in the market; Fulfilling stringent norms prescribed for product quality, design and peg a development, r Continue reading »
Financial Assistance from EXIM of India
Financial Assistance from EXIM of India Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank) was established by an act of Parliament on the 1 st January 1982. It is a wholly government owned financial institution, se: up for the purpose of financing, facilitating and promoting India's foreign trade. The Bank commenced operations on the 1 st March 1982. Various objectives of the EXIM Bank are: (a) To translate national foreign trade policies into concrete action plans. (b) To provi Continue reading »
Pre-Shipment Finance and Post-shipment finance
  Pre-Shipment Finance and Post-shipment finance:   1 Meaning: Pre-Shipment finance refers to the credit extended to the exporters prior to the shipment of goods for the execution of the export order. Post-Shipment Finance Post-shipment finance refers to the credit extended to the exporters after the shipment of goods for meeting working capital requirement.   2. Purpose: It is granted for s as purchase, processing, manufacturing or packing of goods Continue reading »
Types of forms of Pre-shipment Finance
Types of forms of Pre-shipment Finance   Following special schemes are available lo in respect of pre-shipment finance (a) Extended Packing Credit Loan: It is extended to those exporters rated as first class exporters by the commercial banks on the basis of their creditworthiness. It is granted for making advance payment to the suppliers for acquiring goods to be exported. Such advance is generally clean, i.e., granted without any documentary evidence for a very short pe Continue reading »
Meaning of Pre-Shipment Finance
Meaning of Pre-Shipment Finance Pre-shipment finance refers to the credit extended to exporters prior to the shipment of goods for the execution of export order. It is also known as 'Packing Credit. It, refers to any loan granted to an exporter for financing the purchase, processing manufacturing or packing of goods as defined by the Reserve Bank of India.   Pre-shipment finance is of particular importance to small scale manufacturers and exporters who do not possess sufficie Continue reading »
6 Meaning of Export Contract
7 Pre-shipment Procedure
8 Steps in Export Procedure
9 Export Pricing Strategies
10 How to decide export price?
11 Disadvantages of Indirect Exporting
12 Different types of export goods as per Government Policy
13 What is Meant by Containerization?
14 How does Conference shipping work?
15 Shipping forms for export
16 Shipping space for Exports
17 Terms of Export and its examination
18 Who are exempted under Pre shipment Inspection in India under Export
19 Self Certification under Export quality inspection
23 Types of Insurance Documents under Marine Insurance
24 What does Buyers Credit mean
25 Advance Against Retention Money
26 Advance Against Export Incentives
27 Advance Against Exports Sent on consignment Basis
28 Purchase of Foreign Bills
29 Open Account with Periodic Settlement, a payment system under export import
30 How does Documentary Letter of Credit work?
31 Consequences of Non Payment in Case of DA Bill for export
32 Consequences of Non Payment in Case of DP Bill
33 Purchase of Export Bill
34 Documents against Acceptance
35 Forms of Documentary Bills under Imports and Exports
36 Advance payment for Export
37 Factors determining Terms of Payment in Export Import trade
38 Amount and Time of Credit in Export Import
39 Disadvantages of Litigations in Import Export Business
40 Reasons for disputes in Import Export trade
41 Dispute settlement in export import trade
42 Commission for Export order
43 Export Contract under Import and Export
44 Meaning and purpose of Inco terms
45 Types of Bills of Exchange
47 Airway Bill in International Trade
48 What is Cart Ticket
49 Importance of Mate Receipt
50 Type of Mate’s Receipts
51 Mate Receipt and its contents
52 Shipping Bill for Export in India
53 Functions of Certificate of Origin
54 Certificate of Origin in Export Import
55 How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Tamil Nadu?
56 Office to contact in Puducherry for Certificates of origin non preferential
57 Office to contact in Maharashtra for Certificates of origin non preferential
58 How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Karnataka?
59 Exchange rate in e BRC as per Foreign Trade Policy of India
60 How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Goa?
61 EDI Procedure for claiming benefits for Third Party exports
62 Agriculture Export Processing zones in India
63 Merge your Commercial Invoice and Packing List
64 Three Mandatory documents required to export goods from India.
65 Statistics of Export and Import of India February 2015
66 12 Major risks and solutions in Imports and Exports
67 Commercial Risks and its solution in Export Import business
68 The factors influencing price of goods under Exports in International Market
69 Political Risks, one of the threats in International Business
70 Packing of export goods - How important in International business?
72 How to set up an import export firm in India Part 2
73 Any difference between DP and DAP terms of payment?
74 Procedure and Documentation for Filing Claim of Marine Insurance.
75 Terms Used in Marine Insurance
76 Types of Insurance Documents.
77 Fight against superstitious beliefs - Protect wild life.
78 Disadvantages of Letter of credit (LC) for Exporter
79 Advantages of Letter of Credit (LC) to exporters
80 Difference between DDU and DAP
81 Difference between DAP in payment terms and DAP in delivery terms.
82 How to obtain Phyto sanitary certificate. What is phytosanitary certification
83 Difference between conversion of shipping bill and amendment of shipping bill
84 What happens if overseas buyer not paid export bills discounted.
85 Fraudulent Software exports flood black Money?.
86 Who decides shipping carrier on FOB shipments
87 Who is a Manufacturer of excisable goods
88 How to divert cargo from one port to another?
89 Procedures under Re-exports
90 What is the difference between re-exports and re-imports
91 Procedures for Re-imports
92 Goods not allowed by courier to export to India
93 Consignee in Invoice To Order
94 Can cargo be packed at port customs area
95 How to know volume of LCL cargo if not measured at factory
96 How to prepare Shipping Advice in Export Import Trade?
97 Amendment of weight in HBL
98 Amendment of shipper name in HBL
99 Amendment of description of goods in Bill of Lading
100 Meaning of Exports and Imports in India?
101 Judgement about Export,Import and Territorial waters of India -2
102 How to make DA mode of payment safe
103 Switching documents in triangular Exports and imports
104 Payment procedures in Triangular exports
105 How to protect parties each other in triangular exports
106 Procedures and documentation on Triangular shipments
107 Consequences of wrong declaration of weight Part 2.
108 Consequences of wrong declaration of weight
109 Difference between LC expiry and shipment date expiry
110 Difference between BRC and FIRC
111 No Bank realization Certificate BRC required for Indian Exporters
112 Difference between Exporter, Shipper and Consignor
113 What is ICD?
114 What is Third Party Exports?
115 Who is Stevedores
116 What is NVOCC? How NVOCC can provide better rate than the main shipping carriers
117 What is BVQI inspection on export goods?
118 What is SGS Inspection in Exports and Imports?
119 Which category of exporter are you? Merchant Exporter,Manufacturer exporter,Service exporter Project Exporter or Deemed Exporter
120 Is Risk Management System (RMS) simplify import? What is RMS in import.
121 Difference between Pro forma Invoice and Commercial Invoice in Export Import Trade. Do pro-forma invoice accepts for import customs clearance?
122 ECGC Claim Is it a Hurdle?
123 Cargo shipped to wrong destination. Please help
124 Why, best attention while preparing Export Invoice?
125 Export customs clearance procedures and formalities in India
126 Maintain quality of goods - a prime factor in exports
127 Is Customs House Agents (CHA ) required to be appointed mandatory?
128 Who receives the amount of auctioned / resold imported unclaimed/un-cleared goods?
129 The formalities to sell / auction unclaimed or un-cleared goods
130 Why demurrage/detention waiver period is required at destination for import
131 What happens, if cargo not cleared by importer
132 What is FIRC in export import business
133 What happens, if HAWB number marks wrongly
134 We have IEC, can we export from all ports?
135 Is Letter of Credit (LC) a safe mode of payment for an Exporter?
136 5 Tips to exporters while booking LCL shipments with a Freight Forwarder
137 What is consolidation of cargo What is LCL cargo less container load cargo
138 How can a Freight forwarder provide airfreight rates better than airlines
139 Advantage of a freight forwarder for exporters and importers
140 Bill of Lading procedures in triangular shipment What is switch Bill of Lading?
141 Documentation for triangular shipment
142 Can the goods be taken back for quality inspection after shipping?
143 What happens if your buyer rejects cargo? What are the major problems if consignee not taken delivery of cargo?
144 What is shipment Advice and what are the contents of shipping advice
145 Is Airway bill a documents of title?
146 Customs Inspection at exporter s factory. Is inspection of cargo required by customs for factory stuffing
147 Does exchange rate of currency effect export business?
148 How to overcome credit risk in export business?
149 Negotiation procedures and formalities of export bills
150 What does ECGC do on default of payment of any overseas buyer?
151 What happens, if Bank not received money from buyer after discounting of export bills?
152 Why labeling and marking in Export business?
153 How does comprehensive policy of ECGC work for exporters?
154 What is ECGC and how does ECGC protect exporters?
155 What is LC Letter of Credit in export import business
156 Advance payment the best way of terms for business
157 Who gets benefits from this website?
158 Introduction to this web site.

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