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Shipping and Customs Formalities
Shipping and Customs Formalities   According the Section 40 of the Customs Act, the person in-charge of the conveyance vessel, vehicle, aircraft, etc., cannot permit loading of export cargo at the Customs Station unless and until a formal permission to the export given by the authorised Customs Officer is presented. Before granting the permission, the Customs Officer ensures that the goods being exported are in accordance with different regulations, particularly in terms of the Continue reading »
Quality Control and Pre-shipment inspection
Quality Control and Pre-shipment inspection In order to promote exports of quality goods as per the international standards, the Government of India has introduced compulsory Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection for 90% of the items of export under one or the other system as per the Export (Quality Control & Pre-shipment Inspection) Act, 1963. Some of these items are:   (a) Food and agricultural products; (b) Chemicals and allied products; (c) Engineering go Continue reading »
Forfeiting scheme of EXIM bank of India
Forfeiting scheme of EXIM bank of India The term forfeiting comes from the French expression 'forfeit' which means 'surrender of certain rights: Forfeiting is a method of getting payment for exports by the exporter. The forfeiting agency discounts trade receivables of the exporter, without any recourse to him, in the unlikely event of the buyer not paying for the transaction. Trade receivables include bills of exchange, promissory notes, book receivables and deferred payments under le Continue reading »
Financial Assistance from Commercial Banks
Financial Assistance from Commercial Banks Commercial banks play an important role in financing the credit requirements of exporters at different stages of export, viz., pre-shipment and post-shipment stage. Granting of short-term finance for working capital requirements has always remained an area exclusively reserved for the commercial banks. Commercial banks also offer post-shipment finance against deferred payment at a concession& rate of interest together with the EXIM Bank. Continue reading »
CIF Contract of International Trade
CIF Contract of International Trade Under the Cost, insurance and Freight (CIF) contract. The seller has same obligations as under cost and Freight (C&F) contract but with the addition that he has to procure marine insurance against the buyer’s risk of loss or damage to goods during carriage. The seller contract for insurance and pays the insurance premium, However, seller is required to obtain insurance on minimum coverage only. The CIF term requires the seller to clear goo Continue reading »
6 License to export from India
7 Registrations-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) under Exports in India
8 Export Pricing
9 Assessing a Product's Export Potential
10 Reserve Bank of India guidelines to exports
11 Export of Sugar from India exemption
12 MEP for export of onions
13 FEMA declaration for exporters instead of SDF form
14 List of Export promotion councils and Commodity Boards
15 State wise address to obtain COO non preferential
16 List of All India Agencies to issue COO non preferential
18 How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Uttar Pradesh/Uttarakhand?
19 Office to contact in Tripura for Certificates of origin non preferential
20 How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Punjab?
21 How to get Certificate of Origin non preferential in Manipur?
22 Office to contact in Kerala for Certificates of origin non preferential
23 Guidelines to close an EOU, EHTP or STP units Part 2
24 Office to contact in Delhi for Certificates of origin non preferential
25 All India organizations to issue Certificates of origin non preferential
26 Who issues Certificate of origin for SAPTA and APTA agreements?
27 How to claim CST against supply to EOU, EHTP and STP
28 How to get End User Certificate
29 E BRC, Electronic Bank Realization Certificate
30 Procedures to apply online with DGFT offices
31 How to get GSP certificate of origin in India?
32 Packing credit pre shipment finance to suppliers for exports through other export agencies
33 Bank Running Account Facility for Exporters
34 How is packing credit/pre shipment finance be liquidated?
35 Bank Pre shipment Finance to exporters
36 What is crystallization of export bills? How does delinking of export bills work?
37 How to get Packing Credit Finance sanctioned?
39 How does CENVAT Credit work?
41 Procedure for Central Excise Clearance Under Claim of Rebate
42 Difference between shipping bill and GR
43 When does exporter get EP copy of shipping bill after customs clearance
44 Offices to obtain RCMC
45 How to set up an export import firm in India Part 1
46 Office to contact Phytosanitary inspection in India
47 How to re-construct EP copy of shipping bill
48 Difference between let export order and pass out
49 Material used for testing is eligible for Modvat
50 Declaration required for exports of woven garments
51 Drawback declaration form for Exporters in India
52 MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
53 SDF declaration form APPENDIX I
54 GR waiver form for goods under free trade samples
55 GR waiver form for goods under REPAIR AND RETURN
56 Quota Charge Statement
57 Single country declaration
59 DEEC Declaration
60 Amendment and Conversion of Shipping Bills in India - extract of notification 36/2010
61 The role of CBEC - Central Board of Excise and Customs in India.
62 Printing machine error with customs – Un able to hand over documents to carrier.
63 The role of Reserve Bank of India
64 What is LET EXPORT order in export trade?

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