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Difference between UTGST and SGST
  How to differentiate SGST and UTGST? UTGST Vs. SGST   UTGST and SGST is part of Goods and Service Tax in India.   UTGST expands as Union Territory Goods and Service Tax.  The full form of SGST reads as State Goods and Service Tax.  SGST is levied on Goods and Service tax meant for states in India other than union territories where as UTGST is for Union Territories of India.   //   The details about U Continue reading »
More Information about Migration to GST for existing tax payers in India
  Government circulars about GST Migration procedures Government of India, recently published guidelines about details of migration to GST for existing tax payers of VAT, Central excise, Service Tax etc. The latest government notifications about GST registration (Migration) is extracted below for your download: Information to existing tax payers for migration to GST Step by step guidelines for GST enrolment for existing Tax payers Guidelines Continue reading »
PAN,Provisional ID, Migration to GST; Guidelines to existing tax payers
  Guidelines to existing Tax payers on migration to GST   The extract of government information on guidelines to existing VAT,SERVICE TAX and CENTRAL EXCISE  tax payers for migration to GST is given below:   Click  here to download in pdf format:  GST enrolment guidelines by Governmnet.pdf     //   Step by Step Guide for GST Enrolment for existing Central Excise / Service Tax Assesses Continue reading »
GST Invoice format
  Specimen Tax Invoice of GST Click below to download GST Invoice specimen format in pdf format: Pdf format of GST Invoice  gst invoice pdf format.pdf     (specimen)   // We have alread discussed on how to make GST tax Invoice as per GST Law of India . Time of issue of GST Invoice and number of copies of GST Tax Invoice compulsarily as per GST Law also explained as per links mentioned. The details about prep Continue reading »
GST Invoice in India
All about GST Invoice in India Click below information links about GST Tax Invoice in India   How to prepare GST tax Invoice? GST Invoice for Export purpose When to issue GST Invoice in India How many copies of GST Tax Invoice to be issued? GST Invoice Reference number How to prepare Bill of Supply under GST? How to prepare a Suppleme Continue reading »
6 .
Schedule V of GST Law
7 .
IGST Draft Law of India
8 .
GST compensation to state for loss revenue bill
9 .
Revised GST Draft Law of India
10 .
Difference between Migrated and Active status under GST registration in India
11 .
Filling enrolment application for GST in India.
12 .
How to register a Digital Signature Certificate under GST in India.
13 .
Step by step procedure to login with GST common portal in India
14 .
Step by step procedures to create username and password in GST common portal
15 .
Various status of provisional ID under GST in India
16 .
Step by step procedures about e-signing under GST system in India
17 .
Step by step procedures to issue GST provisional ID in India
18 .
Process to issue GST Provisional ID to existing VAT payers in India
19 .
How to identify the steps in enrolment process of a tax payer at the GST common portal.
20 .
Navigation controls to enroll with GST in India for existing VAT payers in India
21 .
Enrolling an existing VAT taxpayers at the GST Common Portal
22 .
Migration procedures for existing VAT payers to GST online in India
23 .
GST rates in India at a glance
24 .
Importance and Significance of Proforma Invoice in Export Import
25 .
GST Tax calculation on returned goods in India
26 .
What happens, if I don’t file GST return within time in India?
27 .
Amendment of GSTR1 and GSTR 2 after filing GST Returns
28 .
Difference between annual return and final return under GST in India
29 .
GSTR4 for Composition tax payers
30 .
How to restore reversed ITC due to mismatch of GSTR1 and GSTR2?
31 .
ITC reversal if mis-match of information from GSTR2 to GSTR1.
32 .
How to fill GSTR2 by an Importer online?
33 .
Purpose of GST returns in India
34 .
Billing to a firm, shipping to another firm. Who is eligible for ITC under GST Law in India?
35 .
Is Input Tax Credit for Capital Goods permitted under GST in India?
36 .
No Input Tax Credit for non-business supplies in India
37 .
We have applied for GST registration, but not obtained registration certificate. Can we claim ITC in India?
38 .
GST under movement of Goods from a Job worker to customer in India
39 .
Can a GST taxable person dispatch goods to his job workers without paying GST?
40 .
Mismatch of outward and inward supply details under Ecommerce business
41 .
Online business and GST mechanism in India, handling input and output
42 .
How to claim TCS under online business?
43 .
When to collect TCS or deduct TDS under GST system in India
44 .
Pre-registration of credit card necessary for GST payment in India
45 .
TDS utilization and accounting under GST system in India
46 .
E-FPB under GST tax system in India
47 .
How does CPIN work under GST Tax system in India
48 .
Can we postpone this month GST tax returns filing for next month?
49 .
Payment of GST in India, an ease of doing business
50 .
Time of supply in Continuous supply of services under GST in India
51 .
How does Tax Return Preparer (TRP) work under GST system?
52 .
GST Registration for Job workers in India
53 .
Retired from business ownership. Fresh GST registration in India?
54 .
Input Service Distributor under GST in India
55 .
Difference between a Casual Taxable Person and Non-resident Taxable Person under GST
56 .
Is GST registration required for a public sector undertaking?
57 .
Who has to obtain GST registration in India?
58 .
Is digital signature option available under registration of GST in India?
59 .
I have no knowledge in IT. How to file GST returns in India?
60 .
Facilitation Centre (FC) for GST Returns filing in India
61 .
Procedures to obtain GST registration for non-resident taxable person
62 .
Latest date to file GST registration in India
63 .
Can a person without GST registration claim ITC?
64 .
Claiming ITC in India? Confirm, your supplier registered with GST
65 .
Difference between HSN number and SAC number under GST in India
66 .
Refund of Input Tax Credit (ITC) of GST, FAQ
67 .
Refund of GST paid in India, FAQ
68 .
4 Conditions when applying for refund of Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST
69 .
Difference between types of goods and services and types of GST
70 .
4 types of Goods and Services in India for GST rate
71 .
Difference between IGST on International goods and IGST on domestic goods.
72 .
How is IGST calculated under Imports?
73 .
How is IGST rate on imports treated?
74 .
GST and e-Commerce Business, FAQ
75 .
Definition of E-Commerce under GST
76 .
TDS under GST, Frequently Asked Questions
77 .
Does Interest attract on GST Tax payment delay?
78 .
Mechanism of Payment of GST tax in India
79 .
Levy of late fee for GST Tax returns filing in India
80 .
Notice to GST return filing defaulters
81 .
When to file Annual Return of GST online?
82 .
Procedures to claim reduction in output tax liability of GST in India
83 .
Procedures to claim Input Tax Credit under GST in India
84 .
When to file first Return of GST tax in India?
85 .
GST Tax returns filing – Who, How and When?
86 .
How is time of supply accounted under GST Tax Calculation
87 .
Valuation of GST under special cases
88 .
Valuation of GST Taxable supply
89 .
When to pay GST for supply of services?
90 .
When to pay GST?
91 .
GST on short supplied goods and services by nature
92 .
Goods and services exempted to pay GST
93 .
Who has to pay GST?
94 .
GST Composition Levy

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