Articles under Import

Difference between EPCs and CBs
Difference between EPCs and CBs   (a) Commodity Boards look after the export promotion of primary and traditional items of exports, While Ex Promotion Councils look after the export promotion of non-traditional items like engineering goods, computers, chemicals, etc., with promising export potential.   (b) While EPCs are export Potential, statutory bodies. registered under the Companies Act, Commodity Boards are statutory bodies.   (c) EPCs are concerned only with t Continue reading »
Warehousing of Imported Goods
Warehousing of Imported Goods   The facility of warehousing of imported goods in Customs Bonded Warehouses, without payment of Customs duty, is permitted under the Customs Act, 1962. In addition to that, the provision of the Warehoused Goods (Removal) Regulations, 1963 and Manufacture and Other Operations in Warehoused Regulations, 1966 are also applicable. Basically, goods after landing are permitted to be removed to a warehouse without payment of duty and duty is collected at the Continue reading »
Pre-Import Procedure
Pre-Import Procedure (a) Selecting the Commodity: An importer should select the commodity for import after considering various commercial factors as well as legal considerations including the regulations contained in the EXIM Policy. Imports may be made freely except to the extent they are regulated by the provisions of the EX1M Policy. Prohibited goods cannot be imported at all. Import of restricted items is permitted through licensing only while canalised items can be canalised t Continue reading »
Procedures at ICD in India for Imports and Exports
  PROCEDURE FOR EXPORT/IMPORT THROUGH ICD Exporters may take goods to the ICD/CFS and file the Shipping Bill and other documents. He The customs officers examine the goods and they are stuffed into the containers and thereafter the containers are sealed. The Container Corporation of India or any other authorized agency, either by rail or road, transports such containers to the seaports. Then, the containers are loaded into vessels for delivery of the same at the specified for Continue reading »
Container Freight Station(CFS)?
  Container Freight Station(CFS)? For the purpose of examination and assessment of the containerized cargo, both import and export container freight Station (CFS) are set up. They are appointed as custodians of goods by the Commissioner of Customs, under Section 45 of the Customs Act, 1962. The imported goods shall remain in the custody of such person as approved by the Commissioner of Customs until they are cleared for home consumption or are warehoused or are transshipped. Continue reading »
6 .
How does Inland Container Depot work?
7 .
Appointing C and F agent for Imports and Exports in India
8 .
9 .
EDI procedures if Import in India
10 .
11 .
12 .
Payment modes in Export and Import business
13 .
Stand by Credit
14 .
Deferred period of Credit
15 .
Assignable and Non Assignable Letter of Credit
16 .
Back-to-Back Letter of Credit
17 .
Red Clause and Green Clause Letter of Credit
18 .
Freely Negotiable and Restricted Letter of Credit
19 .
Fixed and Revolving Letter of Credit
20 .
Transferable and Non-Transferable Letter of Credit
21 .
Confirmed and Unconfirmed Letter of Credit
22 .
With Recourse or Without Recourse Letter of Credit
23 .
Disputes settlement in International business
24 .
Advantages of Arbitration in International Trade
25 .
Import product code of hygienic or pharm articles of unhard Vulcan rubber
26 .
How to import of Metallic Waste and Scrap to India?
27 .
When does Sanitary Import Permit require in India?
28 .
3 Mandatory documents required to import goods to India
29 .
Penalization under importation of hazardous material
30 .
What is Retail Sale Price, RSP under import duty calculation
31 .
Meaning of CVD ,Countervailing Duty under import duty calculation
32 .
Certification of Phyto Sanitary under exports and imports
33 .
Air emission standard under exports and imports
34 .
How to pack and label Hazardous wastes
35 .
Process of importation of Hazardous Waste
36 .
Duties and responsibilities of importer in handling hazardous wastes
37 .
Hazardous Wastes management, handling and Trans boundary movement rules
38 .
Certification from Pollution control Board
39 .
Maintaining quality under importation of goods
40 .
Process under import of weight and measures
41 .
How does Anti dumping duty work?
42 .
Obtaining No Objection Certificate from Plant Quarantine Department
43 .
How to differentiate Prohibition to import and restriction to import
44 .
Import of goods? mind noise!
45 .
Restricted to import designed ports only
46 .
Reasons for restrictions to import goods
47 .
Why Prohibition to import goods
48 .
Transportation of Hazardous waste
49 .
Test report of analysis from Laboratory to import hazardous waste materials
50 .
Difference between Bilateral Agreements and Unilateral Agreements
51 .
Difference between multilateral Agreements and unilateral Agreements
52 .
Difference between Multilateral Trade Agreements and Bilateral Agreements
53 .
Unilateral Trade Agreements
54 .
What is Multilateral Trade Agreement
55 .
Effect of Bilateral Trade Agreements
56 .
57 .
KINDS OF LOSSES in Marine Insurance
58 .
Why to insure export goods?
59 .
79 Top Major Shipping lines worldwide and their web links
60 .
Top 137 Airline names and their websites worldwide
61 .
How does Wire transfer work in international business?
62 .
Disadvantages of LC (letter of Credit) to Importer.
63 .
Advantages of LC - letter of credit to Importers.
64 .
Is Letter of Credit LC safe for an Importer?
65 .
How to minimize import cargo clearance time? An open logic proposal to WTO
66 .
How to obtain waiver on detention/ demurrage on imported goods/container from Shipping company/CFS
67 .
How to amend quantity of goods in Import General Manifest (IGM)
68 .
How to amend spelling error in IGM. in India
69 .
How to amend measurements in IGM (Import General Manifest) in India
70 .
Difference between MAWB and HAWB
71 .
How to amend container number in Import General Manifest IGM
72 .
Amendment of IGM with marks and numbers, Port of Loading, Port of discharges, size of container, seal number, type of packages
73 .
How to avoid two import DO charges at destination
74 .
HAWB/HBL number missed on Parcel. How to take delivery of imported goods
75 .
Difference between IGM and Gateway IGM
76 .
Amendment of HBL - House Bill of Lading
77 .
Amendment of description in HBL
78 .
Amendment of weight in Bill of Lading
79 .
Amendment of consignee in Bill of Lading
80 .
Judgement about Export,Import and Territorial waters of India -1
81 .
How to make delay in delivery of Shipment?
82 .
Delay in sending OBL / Telex release /OBL Surrender message
83 .
How to amend description of goods in Import General Manifest (IGM)
84 .
How to amend AWB number in Import General Manifest (IGM)
85 .
How to amend BL number in Import General Manifest (IGM)
86 .
How to amend number of packages in Import General Manifest (IGM)
87 .
How to amend consignee (importer) name in Import General Manifest (IGM)
88 .
How to amend shipper name in Import General Manifest (IGM)
89 .
IGM amendment (Import General Manifest Amendment)
90 .
What is ATA carnet and how ATA carnet works?
91 .
ATA carnet accepting countries. How many countries in ATA carnet.
92 .
Can an exporter obtain GSP after shipment of goods?
93 .
Who can inspect import cargo in US
94 .
How to know the quality, quantity or contents of goods before import customs clearance
95 .
Assessment / Appraising procedures of Imported goods
96 .
Why need Certificate of Origin
97 .
Difference between Demurrage and Detention in import
98 .
Can Bill of Entry be filed before arrival of vessel in India? What is section 46 of Indian customs Act.
99 .
How is assessable value calculated by customs for imports?
100 .
OBL not released OBL not surrendered no telex release
101 .
How to open an LC? Procedures to open a Letter of Credit
102 .
Who is a prime banker to check authenticity of letter of credit?
103 .
Import General Manifest (IGM)
104 .
Triangular shipment
105 .
Difference between Vessel arriving and Vessel berthing in export import trade
106 .
Shut out procedures to get back goods to exporter's place
107 .
What happens if proper tracking of goods not effected in export import business?
108 .
The role of bill of exchange in export business
109 .
What is DTA in export import trade?
110 .
What is customs bonded area in exports and imports
111 .
CFS Stuffing Direct stuffing Factory stuffing
112 .
How to solve exchange rate variation in export business:
113 .
How to cover the risk of Cargo loss or damage

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