Articles under GST

Legal provisions on Migration of existing tax payers to GST
  Migration to GST by existing tax payers;  Legal provisions and Law   The legal provisions relating to migration of existing tax payers to GST issued by Government is extracted below:   Click here to read Legal provisions on migration of existing tax payers to GST in pdf format:  Legal Provisions about Migration of Existing Tax payers.pdf     //   LEGAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO MIGRATION OF EX Continue reading »
Information to Tax payers on Migration to GST
  Migration to GST: Guidelines to Central Excise/Service Tax payers   Government circular to existing Tax payers of central excise and service tax payers have been issued about guidelines on migration to GST.  The extract of circular is given under:   Click  here to read in pdf format about guidelines to existing Tax payers for migration to GST:  Information to Tax payers on Migration to GST.pdf     // Continue reading »
Migration procedures to GST, guidelines to dept officers
  Government guidelines to department officers about  migration of existing tax payers to GST     The Government of India has issued circulars and notifications to concerned departments and public about migration of existing tax payers to GST.   The extract of   guidelines issued to government to migrate existing tax payers details to GST is given under:   Click here to download details in pdf format:  Guidelines fo Continue reading »
How to prepare GST tax Invoice?
Contents of GST Tax invoice GST Tax invoice This post explains about the method of preparing GST Tax Invoice, Contents of GST invoice, process on how to make a GST Tax Invoice etc. An invoice is prepared under a sale transaction. If any sales occur, invoice is issued by seller to buyer. The details of seller and buyer with registration number if any, details of sales and other information are mentioned in a sale Invoice. However, if a Tax Invo Continue reading »
GST Invoice for Export purpose
Endorsement in GST Tax Invoice under Exports How to prepare Invoice for export if GST involved? Is Invoice prepared as normal for export purpose also? Are there any changes to be effected in Export Invoice, if GST involved? As you know, export of goods from India attracts nil GST. However, if GST is paid at any point of time against exports from India can be either refunded or can be exported under bond without paying GST. If IGST is involved on any exp Continue reading »
6 .
When to issue GST Invoice in India
7 .
How many copies of GST Tax Invoice to be issued?
8 .
GST Invoice Reference number
9 .
Bill of supply under GST
10 .
How to prepare a Supplementary tax invoice?
11 .
Can a Tax Invoice be revised under GST Law?
12 .
Credit Invoice on Taxable supply of GST
13 .
Input Service Distributor’s GST Invoice
14 .
GST Invoice of Financial institutions
15 .
GST Invoice of a Transport Company
16 .
GST Tax Invoice of a Passenger Transporter
17 .
GST RFD 10, Refund Application form for Embassies, International Organizations
18 .
Schedule 4 of GST Law of India
19 .
Schedule II of GST Law of India
20 .
SCHEDULE I of GST Law of India
21 .
GST impact on Special Economic Zones, SEZ
22 .
Impact on EPCG scheme after introduction of GST in India.
23 .
What happens to export Drawback scheme after GST implementation in India?
24 .
Impact of GST implementation on Advance Authorization scheme for exporters in India.
25 .
Impact of GST on exports in India
26 .
Active Provisional GST registration certificate
27 .
Migrated Provisional GST registration certificate in India
28 .
Provisional Pending Signature under GST registration
29 .
I pay Service Tax on my services. But I am not sure how do I pay the new GST?
30 .
All about enrolment with GST common portal for registration in India
31 .
Step by step help for using GST common web portal for GST enrolment in India for existing VAT payers
32 .
Guidelines for existing GST tax payers in India for enrolment
33 .
Difference between SAC Code and HSN Code under GST tax system in India.
34 .
Difference between Principal Place of Business and Additional Place of Business under GST tax system in India
35 .
What is DIN under GST tax payment system in India?
36 .
Documents and information required to enrol with GST in India.
37 .
ARN number under GST tax payment system in India
38 .
Aadhar number and e-signature under GST system in India
39 .
How to track application status of GST enrolment registration online in India
40 .
Can I retrieve uncompleted data from GST online registration for enrolment in India?
41 .
Procedures to update DSC under online GST filing in India
42 .
Registration of DSC under online GST Registration procedures in India
43 .
How to change password under Online Application for GST registration in India
44 .
Online Registration of GST in India with new username and password
45 .
How to retrieve password under GST registration online in India
46 .
Guidelines for GST online registration enrolment for existing tax payers
47 .
How to retrieve user name under GST registration online in India
48 .
Revenue Neutral Rate under GST in India
49 .
Online application filing guidelines for GST registration in India, FAQ3
50 .
Guidelines to apply for GST online enrolment in India, FAQ2
51 .
Enrolment guidelines for GST registration, FAQ
52 .
GST enrolment schedule in India opens for tax payers
53 .
5 Slabs rates under 4 categories of GST in India
54 .
Is amendment of GST return permitted in India?
55 .
When does mismatch of information occur under GSTR1 and GSTR2?
56 .
Supplier has missed out a GST tax invoice. Can recipient add in GSTR 2?
57 .
How to fill GSTR 1 under GST?
58 .
Mismatch on Supplier’s details and Recipient details. How to settle ITC under GST in India?
59 .
Categories whom ITC not permitted under GST in India
60 .
Date of GST registration and date of eligibility to claim ITC
61 .
Is Cross utilization of IGST, CGST and SGST permitted?
62 .
Procedures to claim Input Tax Credit from Job worker under GST in India
63 .
Is GST Registration required for a Job worker in India?
64 .
Who is a Job worker under GST system in India?
65 .
When to deposit TDS collected amount to government by e commerce operator under GST in India
66 .
Who is an Ecommerce operator under GST Law in India?
67 .
Mechanism of TCS under GST payment in India
68 .
Difference between CPIN and CIN number under GST Tax in India
69 .
CIN under GST Tax payment system in India
70 .
GST Payment mechanism between GSTN and authorized banks
71 .
e-account mechanism under GST Tax payment system in India
72 .
How is date of GST tax deposit accounted in India?
73 .
Can we file GST return without making GST tax payment?
74 .
Am I liable to pay GST in India?
75 .
What are the GST related taxes in India charged on goods and services?
76 .
Transaction value for GST calculation in India
77 .
Computation of GST after change in tax rate
78 .
How to determine time of supply for GST payable under reverse charge in India
79 .
FAQ on Time of Supply of services under GST in India
80 .
81 .
GST registration mechanism in India
82 .
Responsibility of Facilitation Centre (FC) under GST in India
83 .
What are the procedures for GST certificate for existing tax payers in India?
84 .
Centralized GST registration of services permitted in India?
85 .
Is amendment of GST registration allowed in India?
86 .
What is aggregate turnover under GST Law in India?
87 .
3 Advantages of GST registration in India
88 .
Who is a Tax Return Preparer (TRP) under GST in India?
89 .
Who has to register with GST compulsorily?
90 .
Why separate Registration of GST in each state in India, for each business.
91 .
Duel GST in India, what does it mean?
92 .
3 commodities not fall under GST in India
93 .
GST, India FAQ
94 .
Situations when IGST is payable
95 .
IGST,CGST and SGST payment procedures
96 .
Does export incentives and benefits affect GST mechanism?
97 .
What is the mechanism for valuation on related party transactions under GST?
98 .
GST on Imports and Exports, FAQ
99 .
Cancellation of GST Registration in India, FAQ
100 .
Collection of CGST and SGST
101 .
102 .
All about registration of GST in India, FAQ
103 .
Cancellation of registration of GST
104 .
Re-registration of GST, Goods and Service Tax.
105 .
Difference between Central Excise Tax and CENVAT
106 .
Difference between VAT and CENVAT
107 .
Difference between VAT and Central Excise Tax
108 .
Difference between CST and CENVAT
109 .
How to distinguish between Central Excise Tax and CST
110 .
Difference between CST and VAT
111 .
Difference between SGST and CENVAT
112 .
Difference between SGST and Central Excise Tax
113 .
Difference between SGST and CST
114 .
Difference between SGST and VAT
115 .
Difference between CGST and CENVAT
116 .
Difference between CGST and Central Excise Tax
117 .
Difference between CGST and VAT
118 .
Difference between CGST and CST
119 .
Difference between IGST and CENVAT
120 .
Difference between IGST and Central Excise Tax
121 .
Difference between IGST and VAT
122 .
Difference between IGST and CST
123 .
Distinguish between GST and CENVAT
124 .
Distinguish between GST and Central Excise Tax
125 .
Difference between GST and VAT
126 .
Difference between GST and CST
127 .
Difference between GST and SGST
128 .
Difference between GST and CGST
129 .
Difference between IGST and GST
130 .
Difference between SGST and Central Excise Tax
131 .
Difference between SGST and CENVAT
132 .
Difference between CST and VAT
133 .
Difference between CST and Central Excise Tax
134 .
Difference between CST and CENVAT
135 .
Difference between VAT and Central Excise Tax
136 .
Difference between VAT and CENVAT
137 .
How does Central Excise Tax work?
138 .
CST, Central Sales Tax
139 .
VAT, Value Added Tax
140 .
Difference between IGST and SGST
141 .
Types of GST in India
142 .
Difference between CGST and IGST
143 .
GST on Imports in India
144 .
Difference between CGST and SGST
145 .
What is SGST in brief?
146 .
What is IGST in brief?
147 .
What is CGST in brief?
148 .
A very brief description about GST
149 .
Goods and Service Tax Law 2016 (Model)
150 .
Refund of CENVAT credit to exporters of services
151 .
GST for Exporters in India
152 .
GST refund for deemed exporters
153 .
Documents required for GST refund for service exporters
154 .
Verification of documents for refund of GST to exporters
155 .
Refund of GST to Exporter, Documents required to be enclosed
156 .
Process of GST refund to Exporter
157 .
How to get refund of GST tax paid by an Exporter?
158 .
What is GST Tax rate for Exports
159 .
GST and Exports, how is taxes reimbursed on Exports?
160 .
Adjustment of GST refund amount
161 .
Does GST refund amount attract interest?
162 .
How to get sanctioned GST refund amount
163 .
Are there any minimum amount fixed under GST refund?
164 .
How long will take to get refund of GST
165 .
How many copies to be submitted for refund of GST
166 .
Proof of receipt of GST refund application
167 .
Documents required to claim refund of GST tax
168 .
Time period to file for GST refund
169 .
GST refund forms
170 .
GST refunds to International Tourists
171 .
Refund of GST on year end or volume based incentives
172 .
Refund of GST on carry forward input tax credit
173 .
Refund of GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) in India
174 .
Refund of GST to CSD canteens, para military forces canteen etc
175 .
Refund of GST tax on deposit under investigation
176 .
Refund of amount deposited for GST appeal
177 .
Finalization of provisional assessment under Goods and Service Tax refunds
178 .
Refund of GST tax on excess payment due to mistake or inadvertentce
179 .
When does GST tax to be refunded?
180 .
GST payments, list of Banks authorised in Centre and States
181 .
GST payment errors between GSTN and RBI
182 .
GST payments, claim of non delivery of service
183 .
Double payment error in GST tax payments
184 .
Payment of GST tax through fraudulent use
185 .
Issue of charge back in CC/DC Payment in GST payments
186 .
Challan Format of GST Tax payment
187 .
GST Tax payment, error in Total amount, How to solve?
188 .
GST Tax payment error in major head, how to solve?
189 .
GST Tax payment error in GSTIN
190 .
Challan Correction Mechanism under GST Tax payments
191 .
Recording by Tax Authorities on GST payments
192 .
GST Tax payments, communication between RBI,GST and Accounting authorities
193 .
GST tax paid but no SMS confirmation or credit in ledger
194 .
GST amount received in a tax head different from the one specified in the challan
195 .
Error in GST reciepts under transaction reported to RBI
196 .
GST Tax reciepts transaction reported by Bank to RBI but not to GSTN
197 .
Error in transaction between GST,authorized banks and RBI under GST tax collection
198 .
Communication between GSTN and RBI on GST tax reciepts
199 .
Discrepancy in GST tax payments by CPIN,GSTIN,CIN,NEFT/RTGS UTR and Challan amount
200 .
How to reduce errors in GST payments by IT system of authorized banks
201 .
The legs of communication of data under GST payments
202 .
Reconciliation of GST tax collection by Accounting Authorities
203 .
Reconciliation by GSTN on GST Tax collection
204 .
Process of BRN,CIN,CPIN by RBI and Government on GST fund transfer
205 .
Fundamental changes GST from existing Tax System
206 .
Reconciliation of Reciepts under GST Tax
207 .
GST tax accounting code for CGST,SGST,IGST and Additional Tax
208 .
Details of Challan for GST Tax payment
209 .
CGA suggestions under GST Tax system in India
210 .
Accounting system under GST Tax payments
211 .
How many major heads of accounts in GST Tax
212 .
Recommended instructions to bank for collecting GST Tax
213 .
GST collection Banks
214 .
Penalty for Erring Banks under GST Tax collection
215 .
GST Payment across departmental counter
216 .
The role of RBI under GST tax payments
217 .
Role of Branch of remitter bank under GST tax payments
218 .
Role to be played by each stakeholder under GST payments
219 .
Failure of matching CPIN under GST tax payments
220 .
Pooled GST account under GST tax paypment
221 .
Validity of CPIN in GST Tax payments
222 .
CPIN and Account name under GST tax payment
223 .
Procedures of GST tax accepting bank
224 .
Co-ordination of GSTN with RBI on GST payments
225 .
The details of NEFT or RTGS form for GST payment
226 .
How to pay GST through NEFT RTGS
227 .
GST Payment through NEFT RTGS from any bank (including other than authorized banks)
228 .
Functions of Branch of Authorized bank under GST Tax collection
229 .
Functions of Branch of Authorized bank under GST Tax collection
230 .
Mechanism of GST payment between GSTN and bank
231 .
GST payments of Cheque or DD from another bank
232 .
GST payment by Cash and same bank Cheque or DD
233 .
Validity period of Challan under GST tax payments
234 .
Howmany copies of challans for GST tax payment?
235 .
How does Bank work on GST tax payment?
236 .
How to pay GST tax through Bank?
237 .
Cash, Cheques or DD payment under GST, Goods and Service Tax
238 .
OTC system in GST tax payments
239 .
GST tax payment through Bank counter
240 .
Functions of Pr.CCA,CBEC AND AG of the States under GST Payments
241 .
e-PAOs of Centre and e-Treasuries of State Governments under GST
242 .
Functions of RBI (e kuber) under GST Tax payments
243 .
Functions of e FPBs of Banks in GST tax payments
244 .
Functions of GSTN under mode of payment of GST
245 .
Procedures of GST payment through Internet Banking
246 .
GST payment through Internet Banking
247 .
How does e-payment of GST work?
248 .
Modes of GST payment
249 .
How to fill GST tax challan online?
250 .
Is Commissionerate,division or range of jurisdiction mentioned in GST challan?
251 .
Process involved in e-payment of GST
252 .
Stakeholders involved in GST e-payments
253 .
GST tax payment through internet banking, debit card, credit card and authorized banks
254 .
e-Kuber System payment for GST
255 .
Modes of payment for GST payments
256 .
Features of GST payment process system
257 .
Types of Challan in GST payments
258 .
Process of GST returns
259 .
GST Annual Return (GSTR-8)
260 .
GST Return for Casual and Non-Resident Taxpayers
261 .
Short filing of GST returns
262 .
Non filing and Late filing of GST returns
263 .
Revision of GST Return
264 .
Where to file GST returns?
265 .
GST returns for Input Service Distributor (ISD)
266 .
TDS calculation under GST returns
267 .
GST Returns, Advances received against a supply to be made in future
268 .
Post sales discount under GST returns
269 .
Procedures to assess credit note and debit note under GST Act
270 .
Bills of Entry relating to Import under Goods and Service Tax (GST)
271 .
Invoices pertaining to exempted including Nil rated supply under GST
272 .
Invoice pertaining to Export and deemed export supply
273 .
Invoices pertaining to B2C transactions
274 .
Invoice level information details for GST returns
275 .
How to obtain acknowledgement for filing returns with GST
276 .
How to file GST returns?
277 .
Components of a valid TDS Return (GSTR-7):
278 .
Components of a valid ISD Return (GSTR-6)
279 .
Non-Resident Foreign Taxpayers (GSTR-5)
280 .
Quarterly Return for compounding Taxpayers (GSTR-4)
281 .
Components of valid GST Return (GSTR-3)
282 .
GST Return for Inward Supplies received by the Taxpayer (GSTR-2)
283 .
Monthly Return under Goods and Service Tax
284 .
GST Return for Outward Supplies made by the Taxpayer (GSTR-1)
285 .
Different Tax returns under GST Goods and Service Tax
286 .
GST registration and returns filing procedures for PSUs and Government entities
287 .
What is RETURNS in terms of Goods and Service Tax?
288 .
How to fill application for GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number)?
289 .
Application for registration under GST Act to obtain GSTIN
290 .
Different application Forms for registration under Goods and Service Tax Act (GSTIN)
291 .
Process of application for registration under GST Act to obtain GSTIN
292 .
Procedures to get GST Registration number for IT exempted proprietorship firms.
293 .
How to apply for GSTIN by new applicant?
294 .
Procedure for obtaining Registration number of GSTIN
295 .
Procedures to switch from Compounding scheme to normal under GSTIN
296 .
Would multiple registration be allowed under Goods and Service Tax (GSTIN)?
297 .
How many digits in GSTIN under Goods and Service Tax registration
298 .
Registration procedures and formalities to obtain GSTIN
299 .
How to get GSTIN? (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number)
300 .
Advantages of registering for GSTIN under Goods and Service Tax Act
301 .
Goods and Service Tax (GST), a simple tutorial part 1
302 .
Goods and Service Tax (GST), easy understanding part 2
303 .
Difference between Indian GST and GST of other countries?
304 .
What happens to Economy after introduction of GST
305 .
3 major obstacles on Goods and Service Tax implementation (GST)
306 .
GST, Frequently asked questions (Goods and Service Tax)
307 .
Goods and Service Tax (GST) Frequently asked Questions Part 2
308 .
Purchase Tax and GST in India
309 .
How to register with GST in India?

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