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Indian GST Acts
  GST Laws of India The following are the links of CGST Act 2017, IGST Act 2017 and UTGST Act 2017. The SGST Act 2017 is being published, once after SGST Acts come in to force: CGST Act 2017 IGST Act 2017 UTGST Act 2017 The above links are about CGST Act 2017, IGST Act 2017 and UTGST Act 2017. GST refund for deemed exporters Documents required for GST refund f Continue reading »
GST rates for Goods and Services
  GST rates for services and commodities The following links explains about GST tariff rates for goods and services in India. Click below for details: GST for Commodities in India GST for Services in India The above links explains about GST slab rates for services and goods in India. How to get GST refund amount sanctioned Are there any minimum amount fixed under GST Continue reading »
UTGST Act 2017
  UTGST Act 2017 Sections The sections under UTGST Act 2017 is furnished below.  The information furnished here may be reconfirmed with the authorities before proceeding with any business transaction.   Sections under UTGST Act 2017 UTGST Act 2017 Sections Section 1 Short title, extent and commencement Section2 Definitions Section 3, Officers Section 4 Authorization of Officers Section 5, Powers Continue reading »
IGST Act 2017
IGST Act 2017 Sections   The sections under IGST Act 2017 is furnished below.  The information furnished here may be reconfirmed with the authorities before proceeding with any business transaction.   Sections under UGST Act 2017 Section 1 short title, extent and commencement Section 2 definitions Section 3 Appointment of officers. Section 4 Authorisation of officers Section 5 Levy and Collection section 6 Power to Continue reading »
CGST Act 2017
  CGST Act 2017   The sections under CGST Act 2017 is furnished below.  The information furnished here may be reconfirmed with the authorities before proceeding with any business transaction/   CGST Act 2017 Sections Section 1 Short title, extent and commencement Section 2 definitions Section 3 of CGST Act, 2017 section 4 Appointment of officers Section 5 Power of officers Section 6 of CGST Act, 2017 section 7 Levy a Continue reading »
6 .
GST for Services in India
7 .
GST rate tariff for Commodities in India
8 .
GST tariff rate for Services of providing of accommodation in hotels, inns, cubs, guest houses, campsite for a continuous period of less than three months
9 .
GST on Services of Air-conditioned restaurants having license to service alcoholic beverages in relation to service of food or beverages
10 .
GST duty for Services provided by Builder in relation to preferential location, internal or external development
11 .
GST rate for Copyright Services
12 .
GST rate slab for Electricity Exchange Services
13 .
GST duty for Services of Permitting Commercial Use or Exploitation of any event
14 .
GST tariff rate for Promotion of Brand of Goods, Services
15 .
GST rate for Maintenance of Medical Records services
16 .
GST rate for Promotion, marketing or organizing of games of chance including lottery, bingo etc. services
17 .
GST duty for Legal Consultancy Services
18 .
GST tariff for Transport of Coastal goods, Goods through National Waterways or Goods through Inland Waterways Services
19 .
GST rate for Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Services
20 .
GST tariff for Supply of Tangible Goods services
21 .
GST tariff rate for Clearing and Processing House services
22 .
GST tax for Recognized Associations-Commodity Exchange Services
23 .
GST slab rate for Recognized Stock Exchange service
24 .
GST rate for Investment Management service for ULIP
25 .
GST tariff for Information Technology Software services
26 .
GST tariff rate for Telecommunication services
27 .
GST tariff rate for Design Services
28 .
GST tariff rate for underwriters services
29 .
GST tariff for Travel Agent other than Air and Rail Travel
30 .
GST tariff rate for travel by cruise ship service
31 .
GST slab rate for air travel services
32 .
GST tariff for transport of goods through pipeline or conduit services
33 .
GST tariff rate for transport of goods by rail service
34 .
GST tariff rate for Transport of goods by Road services
35 .
GST tariff rate for Transport of goods by Air
36 .
GST tariff for Tour Operator service
37 .
GST rate applicable for Technical Inspection and Certification Agency
38 .
GST tariff rate for Technical Testing and Analysis Service
39 .
GST rate for TV and radio Programme Production Services
40 .
Is GST applicable for Survey and map making service
41 .
GST tariff rate for Survey and Exploration of Minerals
42 .
GST tariff for Storage and warehousing services
43 .
GST rate for Stock broker services
44 .
GST tariff rate for Steamer agent service
45 .
Is GST tax applicable for Sponsorship service to corporates other than sports event
46 .
Is GST rate applicable for Sound recording service
47 .
GST tariff rate for Site preparation services
48 .
GST tariff rate for Ship management service
49 .
GST rate for Share transfer agent service
50 .
GST tax for Security agency services
51 .
GST tariff for Scientific or technical consultancy Services
52 .
GST slab rate against Advertisement for sale of Space or Time Services
53 .
Tariff rate of GST payable for Rent a cab Operator Services
54 .
Tax of GST for Registrar to an issue Services
55 .
GST slab rate for Recovery Agent Services
56 .
GST tariff rate for Real estate agent services
57 .
GST tariff for Rail travel agent Services
58 .
GST tariff for Public relations Services
59 .
GST tariff rate against Port Services other than major ports
60 .
GST tariff for major ports Services
61 .
GST rate for Photography services
62 .
GST tariff rate for Pandal or Shamiana Services
63 .
GST rate for packaging activity services
64 .
GST tariff rate for Outdoor Caterer
65 .
GST tariff for Opinion Poll Service
66 .
GST rate on On-line information and database access or retrieval service
67 .
GST rate for Market research agency services
68 .
GST tariff rate for Manpower Recruitment or Supply Agency
69 .
GST rate for Mandap Keeper services
70 .
GST tariff for Maintenance or Repair Services
71 .
GST rate for Management Consultant Service
72 .
GST tariff rate for Mailing List Compilation and Mailing services
73 .
GST tariff for Life Insurance
74 .
GST rate for Internet telecommunication service
75 .
GST rate for Internet Cafe service
76 .
GST tariff for Interior Decorator services
77 .
GST tariff rate for Intellectual Property Service
78 .
Rate of GST payable for health club and fitness Centre services
79 .
GST rate for insurance business services (general insurance)
80 .
GST rate for Foreign Exchange Broker
81 .
Rate of GST slab for franchise services
82 .
GST tariff rate for Forward Contract Services
83 .
GST rate for Fashion Designer Service
84 .
GST slab for Event Management Service
85 .
GST tariff for Erection, Commissioning or Installation Service
86 .
GST tariff for Dry Cleaning Services
87 .
GST rate for Dredging Services
88 .
GST tariff rate for Custom House Agent's Services
89 .
GST duty for Credit Rating Agency's Services
90 .
GST tariff for Credit Card, Debit Card, Charge Card or Other Payment Cards Related Services
91 .
GST duty for Courier Services
92 .
GST duty for Practicing Cost Accountant service
93 .
GST slab rate for Convention Services
94 .
GST rate for Consulting Engineering services
95 .
GST tariff for construction of residential complex service
96 .
GST duty for Commercial Training or Coaching Centre
97 .
Goods and Service Tax tariff for Commercial and Industrial construction service
98 .
GST tariff for Club or Association
99 .
GST rate for clearing and forwarding agent
100 .
GST for Cleaning Services in India
101 .
GST for Chartered accountants, cost accountants and Company Secretaries
102 .
GST for Cable Operator services in India
103 .
GST for Business support services in India
104 .
GST rate for Business Exhibition Service
105 .
GST rate for Business Auxiliary Service
106 .
GST rate for Broadcasting Radio and Television Services
107 .
GST tariff payable for Beauty Parlours services in India
108 .
GST rate for Banking and other financial services
109 .
GST tariff for insurance auxiliary services concerning life insurance business
110 .
GST Tax for insurance auxiliary services concerning general insurance business
111 .
GST rate for Authorised Service Stations for Motor Vehicles Servicing or Repairs
112 .
GST tariff for Auction services
113 .
Rate of GST applicable for ATM Operation, Maintenance or Management Services
114 .
GST rate for Architect services in India
115 .
GST tariff for Air travel agent and booking services
116 .
GST for Cargo handling services
117 .
GST rate for Advertising Agency Service
118 .
GST rate for sale of Art Work, Antiques
119 .
GST charges for sale of Brushes, buttons, crayons, carving materials, brooms
120 .
GST tariff rate payable for sale of Toys, sports and games accessories
121 .
GST payable for sale of Furniture, lamps, bedding, mattress
122 .
GST for Arms and ammunition parts, Arms and ammunition accessories payable in India
123 .
Rate of GST payable for sale of Musical instruments, parts and accessories
124 .
GST payable for Watches, clocks, watch parts and clock parts
125 .
GST for Medical, Surgical, optical, photographic and cinematographic products
126 .
GST payable for sale of Boats, floating structures and ships
127 .
Rate of GST applicable for Aircraft and parts, spacecraft and parts
128 .
GST rate for tramway rolling stock and parts, Vehicles other than railway
129 .
GST applicable for Railway fixtures and fittings, rolling stock parts
130 .
GST rate for Electrical machinery, Television
131 .
GST for Machinery and Machinery parts in India
132 .
GST rate payable for sale of Base metal mountings, filing cabinets, of base metal falls
133 .
GST for sale of Spoons, Forks, tools and base metal parts
134 .
GST for Base metals, articles of base metals, cermet’s
135 .
GST payable for sale of Tin and Tin products
136 .
Zinc and Zinc products, GST tariff rate in India
137 .
GST for Lead and products of Lead
138 .
Applicable GST for Aluminium and products made of aluminium
139 .
Rate of GST payable for Nickel and products of Nickel
140 .
Tariff rate of GST payable for Copper and Copper articles
141 .
GST payable for Steel articles and Iron Articles
142 .
Tariff rate for sale of Steel and Iron in India
143 .
GST for Precious Metals, Precious Pearls and Precious Stones
144 .
Rate of GST for Glass and Glassware
145 .
Ceramic products, GST payable in India
146 .
GST rates for Cement, mica, asbestos and stone
147 .
GST tax for Feather articles and prepared feathers
148 .
GST rate for Umbrella, walking sticks, whips, seat sticks etc.
149 .
Rate of GST for sale of headgear and headgear parts
150 .
GST for Gaiters, Footwear parts, gaiter parts, footwear
151 .
GST rate for made up textile articles, clothing and worn textiles, sets
152 .
Tariff rate of GST for articles of not knitted or not crocheted apparel and clothing
153 .
GST for knitted or crocheted clothing accessories, articles of apparels.
154 .
GST rate tariff for Crocheted fabrics and knitted fabrics
155 .
GST for textile articles, laminated textile fabrics, impregnated or coated textile fabrics, textile articles
156 .
Rate of GST for embroidery, special woven fabrics, tufted textile fabrics
157 .
GST for Carpet industries and sale of textile floor coverings
158 .
GST rate for ropes, twine, wadding, special yarns, felt etc.
159 .
GST for manmade staple fibres in India
160 .
Percentage of GST imposed for manmade textile materials, filaments, strips
161 .
Rate of GST for woven fabrics of paper, Paper Yarn, other vegetable textile fibers etc.
162 .
GST Tariff rate for Cotton and Cotton articles
163 .
GST rate for wool, animal hair, yarn of horsehair, woven fabric
164 .
Rate of GST payable for Silk and Silk products
165 .
How much rate of GST for printed books, newspapers, pictures etc.?
166 .
GST applicable for Paper, paper board and paper pulp articles
167 .
Tax payable for wood pulp, fibrous cellulosic material, waste and scrap paper as GST in India
168 .
Goods and Service Tax for straw manufacturers, basket ware and wickerwork
169 .
GST for Cork and Cork products
170 .
GST payable for Wood, wood charcoal, wood articles etc.
171 .
Rate of GST payable for fur skins and articles of fur
172 .
GST tax payable for saddlery products, articles of animal gut, leather articles
173 .
GST for Leather industry in India
174 .
Rate of GST payable for Rubber and rubber products in India
175 .
Percentage of GST payable for Plastic
176 .
GST rate payable for wood tar oils, fire-extinguisher preparations
177 .
GST rate payable for photographic goods and cinematographic commodities
178 .
Rate of GST for pyrotechnic products, matches and pyrophoric alloys
179 .
GST rate for glues, enzymes, modified starches and albuminoidal substances
180 .
GST tax for Soap, lubricating preparations, washing preparations etc.
181 .
Rate of GST for Perfumes, cosmetics, essential oil, toilet preparations
182 .
GST rate slab for Paints, varnishes, putty, mastics, inks and dyeing extracts
183 .
Goods and Service Tax for sale of fertilizers
184 .
Tariff rate of GST payable for sale of Pharmaceutical products in India
185 .
Organic chemicals, GST tariff rate in India
186 .
GST for Inorganic chemicals in India
187 .
Rate tariff of GST for mineral fuels, waxes, bituminous substance etc.
188 .
Rate slab of GST for Slag, Ash and Ores in India
189 .
Tariff of GST for sale of Salt, plastering materials, cement, lime etc.
190 .
GST tariff rate for Tobacco, cigarettes, cheroots, tobacco products
191 .
GST for Animal Feed and Residues from Food Industries
192 .
GST rate for Beer, wine, rum, brandy, whisky, vinegar etc.
193 .
GST tariff for aerated water, mineral water, non-alcoholic beverages
194 .
GST schedule rate for essences, concentrates of tea, mate, soya sauce etc.
195 .
GST rate for vegetable preparations, fruit preparations, nut preparations
196 .
Slab rate of GST for preparation of starch, cereals and flour
197 .
GST payable for sale of Cocoa and Cocoa preparations
198 .
GST rate for Sugar Industry in India
199 .
GST rate for preserved meat, fish, crustaceans etc.
200 .
GST payable for sale of animal oil, waxes, fats, vegetable oil etc.
201 .
GST rate for Vegetable Plaiting Materials
202 .
GST rate for sale of Gums, resins, lacs etc.
203 .
GST for oil seeds and medicinal plants in India
204 .
GST for Milling industry products in India
205 .
GST for Rice, Oats, Millets, Maize etc.
206 .
GST rate for Coffee and Tea in India
207 .
GST rate for Fruits sales and nut sales in India
208 .
GST rate for sale of Fresh Vegetables in India
209 .
GST for sale of Live plants and trees, nurseries
210 .
GST slab rate for sale of animal origin products
211 .
GST rate for Milk, Cheese, Egg, Honey etc.
212 .
GST for Fish in India
213 .
GST rate for sale of Meat in India
214 .
GST rate for sale of Live Animals in India

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